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Sealing Wax and Other Fancy Stuff

I am the Dragon Immortal

By Tina D'AngeloPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 3 min read
Sealing Wax and Other 
          Fancy Stuff
Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

Glittery balls of tin foil stacked to the rocky ceiling tumbling down in a shower of shine when the ocean gypsy pushes the waves, filling the cave. Frothy tendrils reaching into the darkness, pulling her collection out to sea. Even swiftly moving scales and monstrous tail cannot retrieve them all. Some are lost, adrift on the pale, moonlit bay, bobbing in the surf. Memories floating away. Perhaps it's better that way.

Yesterday's prizes stacked neatly in the sandstone nooks, just above the high water mark. All the precious trinkets collected in a lifetime of an immortal life. A fantasy life created by the loneliness of a friendless boy. Chocolate scales and cotton candy wings living in a dank, dark cave by the seashore. Sleepy eyes of copper glowing in the moonlight, counting the precious trove and wishing for more delights that will never arrive.

By Tim Peterson on Unsplash

Tinkling chimes clanking softly in the sea breezes. Garden gnomes, fancy strings and fountain pens from years long gone. Golden jewels and goblets line the sandstone shelves. Paper airplanes, now wilted by the mist- memories of days best forgotten. Toy boats moored to the lichen covered wall of her rookery. Wooden boats built with bent nails and scraps by a little boy with freckled face and scraped knees.

The boy. Her friend. The provider of all that glitters in her cold, rocky home by the sea. His silent offerings she accepted with dignity, giving each a grand spot on her walls, and thanking him with a silent midnight ride to the stars and back upon her chocolate covered tail. She sighs and regrets the memories as she is alone now, left only with his offerings of sundry trinkets. Fancy doorknobs from every castle they explored together. Candle sticks and shared secrets from days long ago.

She silently pulls the collections down from the sandstone and inspects them for water damage, shining and lovingly stroking them. Finding the wooden swords from their fencing matches brings tears to her coppery eyes, dripping down her chocolate scales and turning into delicious rivers. Will he ever return to her? Has he forgotten her in exchange for his grown-up world? Skinned knees and toy boats exchanged for suit and ties and nine to fives.

By Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

With the spyglasses he brought to her she keeps watch over the bay, scanning, always searching for signs of his return. They were so close- best of friends. He, too shy to speak. She, the only one who understood him. A fantasy friendship that suited them both. Silent exchanges in the foggy seashore.

Rather than sadness and regrets she wishes all she had was lonely days without the boy. Lonely days had no regrets. Lonely days were preferable to anguished memories of joy from days before.

Fingering the waxy impressions on the parapet of her rookery, made lovingly with the melting colors of sealing waxes and stamps from kingdoms far away, she wishes for mortality. But, for dragons there is no such thing. Her life in the watery cave, visited only by the ocean gypsy is all she has left. Over and over every day, soul crushing emptiness.

Stay with me, ocean gypsy. Stay with me, but please, don't take away my treasures. Tell your frothy fronds to leave my prizes be. They are all I have left from my boy. My boy. So changed. I've been forgotten and left behind in his childhood. Sentenced to these sweet memories forever. My cotton candy wings will never melt away in the mist. My chocolate scales will never fall away. I am the Dragon Immortal.

Rain falls from my coppery eyes and joins the high tide as it is swept out to a dappled sea.


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Tina D'Angelo

My first book, G-Is for String, is now available on Amazon!

The sequel is coming out in the fall, as is my first novel, Save One Bullet.

I've dubbed my author brand: Broken Human Books

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