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Scientists Terrifying New Discoveries In Australia That Changes Everything!

Mind-Blowing Revelations: Scientists Unearth Terrifying New Discoveries in Australia That Rewrite the Rulebook!

By HalintonePublished 9 months ago 14 min read

Scientists Terrifying New Discoveries In Australia That Changes Everything!

Unveiling Australia: A Continent of Astonishing Discoveries that Defy Expectations

Prepare to be Astonished: Delving into the Enigmatic Wonders of Australia

Beyond Expectations: Unearthing Australia's Baffling Secrets that Leave the World Awestruck

Australia Unveiled: Unraveling the Mysteries That Astound the Globe

Journey into the Unknown: Australia's Unexplained Marvels that Stun the World

Unmasking Australia's Secrets: Exploring the Uncharted Territories of Discovery

Australia's Enigmatic Treasures: Unveiling the Unconventional and Unforgettable

Cracking the Code of Australia: Unveiling the Bizarre and Unexplained

Uncharted Territories: Australia's Unbelievable Discoveries that Defy Convention

Australia's Enigma Unveiled: Puzzling Discoveries that Leave the World Spellbound

number one ancient Egypt hieroglyphics

the term holy Engravings are where the

world hieroglyph comes from in the

beginning the Egyptians only utilize

hieroglyphs for inscriptions that were

carved or painted on the walls of their

temples this particular type of graphic

writing was also utilized on tombs

sheets of Papyrus wooden boards coated

with a stucco wash poachers and pieces

of limestone not only are hieroglyphs

found in locations other than Egypt but

not all hieroglyphs can be traced back

to Egypt there was a contentious

discovery of hieroglyphs in Australia in

the 1970s these hieroglyphs came to be

known as the Gosford hieroglyphs later

on this discovery caused quite a Ruckus

among historians and archaeologists for

a while as it was a contentious matter

that was a topic of a great deal of back

and forth argumentation during that time

despite this investigation has yet to be

successful in establishing either the

genuineness of the hieroglyphs or their

connection to ancient Egypt number 2

Jose perania this castle in the middle

of the rainforest was the dream of an

ambitious Spanish immigrant who left for

Australia in 1913 with the intention of

building a life for himself and his

fiancee who was still living back in

Spain at the time he was employed in a

location that was not his native country

for more than 10 years after beginning

his career as a laborer in the sugarcane

harvesting industry he went on to

acquire improve and eventually sell cane

fields in order to amass a great Fortune

after spending the previous 11 years

building his riches he returned to Spain

in 1924 to claim his bride only to find

out that Matilda had married someone

else in the meantime

after that he married her younger sister

in 1925 The Newlywed sailed off for

Australia with joy on their faces this

undeveloped plot of land in the woods

next to a waterfall would be the happy

couple's future house in 1929 while the

couple was on their honeymoon he came

across it because the perinea family was

determined to make their childhood

fantasy Castle a reality they

laboriously constructed it by hand over

the course of the next decade because it

was the perfect place for weddings and

other social locations back in the day

and the perfect place for a day trip

with a family the legacy is still around


spooky yet beautiful plan to get married

here think twice

number three pyramid in the ocean a

large natural pyramid is located around

350 miles off the coast of Australia

this pyramid is one of a drowned

continents few remaining dry vestiges

with a stunning height of 1844 feet

above the water in the Pacific Ocean

Ball's pyramid is the tallest sea stack

in the world

the monolithic natural structure was

created over years of erosion from an

ancient shield volcano approximately 7

million years ago and it is currently

the only known habitat for what is

considered the rarest insect in the

entire world

number four Shell Beach on this

breathtaking Beach that stretches for

more than 50 miles and is made up of

billions of tiny shells that may be

discovered up to 25 feet deep there is

not a single grain of sand to be seen

anywhere on the surface

shells are found in a piece of sand on a

select number of beaches around the

world including this one Shell Beach is

unlike any other Beach you've been to

since the entire Beach is made up of

shells that were shed by the Shark Bay

cockle you are not the only person who

is clueless about what that is it's a

marine bivalve mollusk that lives on the

shallow Seas off the coast of Western

Australia and can be found in those


when the waves are calm the sea at Shell

Beach transforms into a kaleidoscope of

the deepest emerald and Cobalt blues and

greens because of the high concentration

of salt in the water even individuals

who are not particularly skilled

swimmers will have an easier time

staying afloat this phenomenon which is

known as excessive salinity is

advantageous to the continued existence

of several species because of this there

are plenty of cockle shells in this

location in fact in the early 1900s the

shells were quarried cut into blocks and

used to construct several historic

buildings due to the fact that the

volume of shell matter produced here is

so large that it becomes so compressed

into a distinct type of limestone the

shells were used for this purpose

looks kind of similar to the Pirates of

the Caribbean movie

number five wave Rock wave rock is an

impressive rock that has been there for

27 million years and is composed of both

gray and red granite strips wave rock

appears to be an enormous wave that is

50 meters high and is about to shatter

additionally Aboriginal Rock drawings

can be observed in the vicinity of Bates


wave rock is 15 meters high and 100

meters long and it looks like a tall

wave poised to break its creation is one

of the many curiously shaped Rocky

outcrops in the area

it has been a source of Fascinations for

geologists and the general public for


Granite has been eroded into the shape

of an insilver at wave rock over the

course of millions of years by the

action of wind and rain

the granite was gradually transformed

into the deep gray red ocher and Sandy

striped wave that can be seen now as a

result of the forces of erosion

the incredible colors of this rock are

due to minerals being washed down on the

Rock which causes the granite to be


number six gnomesville gnomesville is

without a doubt one of the most

recognizable locations in all of Western

Australia but you want to know that over

3 000 gnomes have settled in the

Enchanted town of gnomesville after

migrating here from various parts of

Australia and the rest of the world make

a plan to spend a few hours strolling

Among The Villages and Glades full of

jovial mischievous and sentimel gnomes

who are playing Cricket flying planes

climbing logs and hanging out in trees

I never want to spend a night here never

in a million years

number seven the longest fence in the

world the dingo fence in Australia is

the longest fence in the world and one

of the numerous world records that

Australia has

the dingo barrier fence covers a total


5531 kilometers beginning in eastern

Queensland and continuing all the way to

the coast of South Australia in order to

prevent rabbits from eating crops the

barrier was built between the late 1800s

and the early 1900s

dingoes pose a threat to the animals

particularly the Sheep thus it was later

renovated to protect them an ongoing

dispute in the scientific Community has

been sparked by the dingo fans

specifically the question of whether or

not the exclusion of dingoes has any

negative consequences on the environment

dingos are able to keep smaller

Predators like exotic red foxes and

feral cats in control this in turn is

beneficial to the native species since

it lowers the overall predation burden

that is placed on them

then goes have the potential to control

feral goat populations in addition to

those of native herbivores like

kangaroos and emus all of which when

present in large numbers contribute to

over-grazing dingos may also control

goat populations

number eight forest in a shipwreck an

old military ship that was put to use

during the second world war can be found

in the waters close to the harbor in

Sydney Australia Its primary function

was to provide supplies to the U.S

forces that were actively involved in

combat in the Pacific Ocean the name

floating Forest has since been given to

this location the vessel in question is

known by the moniker SS Airfield it was

constructed in England in 1911 and in

1972 it was discovered abandoned in the

shipyard debris located in homebush Bay

it would appear that nature has selected

this specific wreck out of the many that

have been left behind in this area as

the location to house one of its most

beautiful wonders the ship is now nearly

covered in Plants this has caused it to

become a source of interest for

photographers and a tourist attraction

for tourists from all over the world the

rusty Hull of this lovely floating

Forest has recently been given a second

chance at life despite the fact that it

has been through some trying

circumstances in the past it has come to

indicate one of the great examples of

how Nature has a way of teaching us a

lesson by leaving its imprint on even

the most stalwart of ships

this example has come to signify one of

the great examples of how Nature has a

way of teaching us a lesson number nine

tunnel of glow worms this Subterranean

passageway which was constructed in the

1880s is referred to by its official

name the Metropolitan tunnel after years

of soot and smoke building up within the

space and making it dangerous for trains

Crews and passengers to travel through

it was closed in 1915. its function was

short-lived because of this fact

in order for one end of the tunnel to be

converted into a reservoir it was sealed

off completely the filthy garbage that

had been piling up outside for years

eventually shut off The North Door as

well the entirety of the passageway was

nearly obscured by a dense screen of

verdant vegetation before it was drained

and partially cleared in 1995 the entire

passageway was completely filled with

water that had ceased to move this is

absolutely something out of a science

fiction movie scary but beautiful

nevertheless throughout this time period

the tunnel wasn't entirely unoccupied

the glowworm Colony that moved in and

made its home on the roof is one of the

largest in all of New South Wales it was

discovered on the roof the insects give

the stagnant murky air the appearance of

being illuminated by a constellation of

blue-green Stars

number 10 oldest acts in known history

it's about the size of a thumbnail and

might look like any old piece of Rock

still scientists say it is part of the

oldest ax ever Unearthed which was

produced up to 49 000 years ago they

found it in a cave in South Africa it

was discovered in Australia further

undermining the assumption that Europe

was the birthplace of Technology it

reveals that people develop complicated

tools not long after they set foot in

Australia this is significant because

Europe has been considered the

birthplace of Technology the piece was

discovered in a cave in The windjana

Gorge National Park in the Kimberly

region of Western Australia back in the

early 1990s still it wasn't until very

recently that it was studied Recent

research and dating results indicate

that the object in question is a piece

of a cutting edge of an ax that was used

between 46 000 and 49 000 years ago and

would have had a handle the date at

which people first arrived in Australia

is currently thought to have occurred

anywhere between 50 000 and 55 000 years

ago number 11 UFO spotted in Broome if

you can believe it a video of the Town

taken during a midnight storm was

uploaded to the Facebook page of the

Western Australian police force

this video can be found among hundreds

of images of stolen motorcycles and

alcohol that have been confiscated that

are posted on the Twitter feed of the

Broome police the video captured on the

surveillance camera shows a lightning

striking a tree and a piece of a parking

lot on the other hand A peculiar

Apparition appears in the sky and then

vanishes into the corner of the screen

almost shortly after it appears it was

said unjust by the Broome police that

they weren't alone that night and that

it could be a UFO however many

conspiracy theorists and

extraterrestrial zealots regard this as

a legitimate UFO sighting conspiracy

theorists and zealots believe that life

exists in other worlds however many who

are knowledgeable about filming

technology such as director JJ Abrams

believes that the phenomenon known as a

lens flare is the most likely cause of a

bizarre object that was seen in the sky

ufologist Scott weering asserted that

seeing the triangle light up caused him

to re-evaluate his previous beliefs and

persuaded him that the object in

question was most likely an alien


there is a glowing formation in the

lower right corner and if you look

closely you can see what appears to be a

car backing up since the car's actions

are consistent with a glowing formation

this explanation is generally accepted

number 12 the oldest intact rock

painting researchers in Australia have

uncovered a rock painting of a kangaroo

that is 17 300 years old this makes it

the oldest piece of rock art ever found

in the country the artwork measures 2

meters in length and was painted on the

roof of a rock shelter using red ocher

it is unusual according to researcher

Damien Finch who was a Pioneer in the

development of the mud wasp dating

method to uncover mud wasp nests both on

top of and underneath a single piece of

artwork however the team collected

samples of both kinds to determine the

earliest and latest possible dates for

the artwork

according to the researcher's

calculation this makes the painting the

oldest complete painting ever discovered

in Australia the Kimberly region of

Western Australia which is famous for

its Aboriginal Rock paintings is where

it was discovered

number 13 pterosaur

scientists have recently discovered two

new extinct flying animals they were

discovered in Outback queensland's burnt

red clay and it has been shown that the

bones of those are pterosaurs the

scarring on the bones would suggest that

one of the pterosaurs may have actually

been bitten by a crocodile because they

are among the earliest vertebrates known

to have evolved powered flight the bones

of a fossilized pterosaur are thought to

be from the early to mid Cretaceous

Period or roughly 145 million years ago

in 1991 a field Mission led to the

discovery of the first bone a

fragmentary femur around 2006 the second

partial femur would be discovered more

than a decade later the Australian age

of dinosaurs Museum and Melbourne Museum

made the announcement about the


the Winton remnants of these creatures

are extremely rare because just four of

these ancient flying reptile species

have ever been discovered in Australia

Australia is home to the largest known

flying reptile with a wingspan of

approximately 7 meters and a previously

unknown species

academics are Overjoyed by these

unexpected discoveries because they can

provide invaluable evidence of how

prehistoric reptiles interacted with one

another millions of years ago

number 14. Boomerang attacks 800 years

ago a man known as kakucha died when a

deadly blunt object struck his forehead

recently kakucho was found very well

preserved in New South Wales shedding

light on the Aboriginal conflicts of the


fighting was a major part of kakut just

life he had two other head injuries that

had partially healed the wounded killed

him was a 15 centimeter gash across his

head that resulted from being hit by the

sharp edge of a wooden boomerang

boomerangs were long used by aborigine

tribes as for its Effectiveness kakucha

serves as a chilling example there is

very little knowledge of aborigine

conflicts in the past still kakucha at

least shed some light on certain tribe's

vicious lethal tactics

guess not all boomerangs fly back some

just stick to your enemy's head

number 15 7 000 year old Discovery in an

encouraging sign that Aboriginal

artifacts and Landscapes may have

actually been preserved offshore

archaeologists have discovered a 7 000

year old site submerged along

Australia's continental shelf the first

of its kind their Discovery is outlined

today in the journal plus one

at the end of the last ice age about 12

000 years ago when glaciers melted and

sea level Rose Waters inundated

one-third of Australia's habitable land

as part of a project called Deep history

of sea country Jonathan Benjamin a

professor of Maritime archeology at

Flinders University in Adelaide led a

team that searched for the submerged

sites off of maruhuga also known as a

dampier archipelago a dry and Rocky

coastal region in the Northwestern of


this area has a wealth of Inland

archaeological sites including more than

one million examples of rock art

that's it for today what are your

thoughts on the UFO that was spotted in

Broome let us know in the comments

section if you enjoyed it be sure to hit

that subscribe button before you go

thanks for watching

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