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Sanctuary in Snow

A wanderer treks through snow and discovers something magical

By Shelby R PerezPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

The snow appeared more gray than white. The shadow of trees and the twisting thorns didn’t help. Icicles hung from branches and thorns like jewelry. It would have been a beautiful sight, if only I had not seen the foliage beside the road and blocking my path ever since I had lost my footing along with the trail. Like creepers, the vines seemed to coil closer. Some had even formed a wall like structure as high as my ankle. Stepping over them was easy enough but I had grown weary from the ominous thorns.

I didn’t known how long I had to go before I found the trail, or any sign of people. To keep my blood flowing and keeping my toes from freezing I would kick snow and try to remember simpler times. However, I was hungry and if I did not rest soon I would fall to fatigue and hypothermia. I trudged on and tried to keep my spirits up, kicking at the snow and thorns.

It was then, that I saw a clearing and what was standing in the middle. At first I was sure it was a dream. What was before me was simply impossible! A tree as green as late spring, surrounded by a small patch of fresh grass. Fruit so red they could have been rubies. And hanging from branches were strips of fabric. People had been here! The bark emitted warmth and I knew I was safe. It was a sanctuary in snow.

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About the Creator

Shelby R Perez

I am a college student and lover/writer of fiction and poetry, especially Fairytails and mythology. I am working to become a published author, using my love for myths and legends to reintroduce gods, spirits, demons and heroes.

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