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A Manila Fairytale

By Noisy QuarkPublished 22 days ago 3 min read

In the city of Maynila – a dark and supernatural world that exists parallel to the ‘normal’ Manila – a centuries-old truce between vampires, mages, and humans teeters on the edge of collapse as power-hungry factions threaten to plunge the supernatural world into chaos. "Salamangkero" tells the story of an epic struggle between vampires, mages, and humans, exploring the intricate web of alliances, betrayals, and unforeseen consequences that bind their fates together.

"Ang mga salamangkero" (The Mages)

The tale begins with the imprisonment of Mirabella, a vampire whose vampiric blood holds a secret that could shift the balance of power. The Ordo Hermetis, a group of young mages, discover the magical potential within vampire blood and attempt to harness it for their own families’ economic and political gain, breaking free of the traditions practiced and protected by their ancient mentors. As the family fortunes of these young mages wax, Mirabella languishes in captivity, purposefully kept on the brink of final death through torture and starvation. The young mage Livia, charged with guarding the vampiric prisoner, struggles with her conscience. On the one hand, she understands the potential of the power of vampire blood. But on the other, she sees the corrupting effect of that power on her fellow mages.

Livia seeks the advice of her family’s baron who explains to her why the various families had, for centuries, drawn power only from the Land. “After all this time, did you really think that no one figured out that vampire blood gave more? But at what cost? That is the question we answered centuries ago – the question you still do not even realize needs to be asked.”

Discovering that Livia is harboring doubts about the treatment of Mirabella, the mage Titus – hailing from a low-level mage family – challenges Livia to a duel. In the ensuing duel, Livia trounces Titus, injuring him across the face. Defeated, Titus skulks away.

Finally making the choice between power and integrity, Livia breaks Mirabella free, setting off a chain of events that will forever alter the dynamics of Maynila.

"Apokalipsis" (Apocalypse)

Mirabella returns to her vampire council, torn between seeking revenge and maintaining the fragile truce. Gabriel, Mirabella’s childhood friend and post-vampiric embrace lover, defies the council's decision and forms a formidable alliance known as the Four Horsemen: Mirabella as the White Horseman – ang Mananakop na Naghihiganti (the Vengeful Conqueror); Gabriel as the Red Horseman – ang Mandirigmang Umaapoy sa Galit (the Ignited Warrior); Zabal as the Black Horseman – ang Manlulupig (The Oppressor); and Asha the Pale Horseman – si Kamatayan (Death). Together, the Four unleash chaos upon Maynila, embarking upon a series of assassinations and terroristic attacks against mages, their families, and their families’ economic interests, in a sustained campaign to draw out the members of the Ordo Hermetis.

The activities of the Four Horsemen and their familiars threaten to expose their existence to the world, stirring their Elders to action. Meanwhile, the attacks on them drive the mages to desperation, forcing the ancient mentors of the Ordo Hermetis – known as Barons to intervene. But as the city trembles on the brink of war, a last-minute sacrifice by Mirabella opens the door to negotiations, leading to an uneasy truce that leaves the supernatural factions teetering on the edge.

"The Hounds of the Master"

In the aftermath of the narrow escape from an all-out supernatural war, a new threat emerges from the shadows. Padre Tomas Ramada, a charismatic priest fueled by a personal vendetta, forms the Domini Canes - the Hounds of the Master - a group of fanatical militant priests united in their desire to purge Maynila of what they perceive as demonic forces. Unleashing targeted attacks against both mages and vampires, the Hounds put tremendous pressure on the fragile truce between mages and vampires, causing it to unravel. From each side emerge discontents who, prohibited from acting against each other, turn their fury onto to unsuspecting humans, leading to what humans report ignorantly as a “crime wave.”

As the attacks and violence escalate, vampires, mages, and humans alike are forced to confront the consequences of their actions. "Salamangkero" weaves together a tale of power, morality, and the enduring struggle for survival in a world where the boundaries between darkness and light blur.

Prepare for a spellbinding journey into a realm where alliances are shattered, loyalties are tested, and the line between friend and foe is as thin as a razor's edge. "Eclipsed Realms" invites audiences to immerse themselves in a riveting, supernatural drama that explores the complexities of coexistence and the price one must pay to maintain the delicate equilibrium in a world where ancient rivalries refuse to be buried.


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Noisy Quark

Noisy Quark was born in the high energy collisions of a particle accelerator. NQ crashes into other particles at near-light speeds, creating a cacophony of new particles in the process.

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