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Smoke and tears

By RiamsukafePublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Mukund Nair on Unsplash

Hiii, this is a small clip from a story I was writing sadly I never finished it/ran out of motivation. I change the names so that it flows better out of context please let me know if you enjoyed it .




You heard the explosions. You watch as people are getting rolled away on crutches. Your eyes widen as they land on tre. You ran to him.

“Where is he?” your voice shook.

“He’s there,” were the only words he could get out. lifting his hand to the battlefield. Your heart sank. You knew what was awaiting you but you refused to believe it. You pushed through the crowds. Everything was blocked off. You ripped through everyone. Getting in trouble was the last thing on your mind.

You ran. Past everyone. You run as fast as your legs could carry you. You told yourself he was fine. He will be ok. But the closer you got to the battle field. The more you see people running away. People crying out for family members. All you could do was pitcher his smile. The smoke was like fog. You could barely see or breathe. You ran from building to building looking for him.

He was ok, he had to be ok. He was a hero; this was an everyday thing for him. You search for hours. No matter how long you looked you couldn't find him. Your mind was screaming that he was home waiting for you. He's not here. And as you were about to lose all home you spotted yellow from the corner of your eye. Your heart filled up as you screamed his name.

The smoke finally started to clear as you ran towards with him. He didn't move to you. Your vision finally cleared. You met with him. Your legs began to shake as you reached out to him. He did not do the same. You fell to your knees. Bloodstained his clothes. His eyes were dull and blank. He didn't even get to close them. He was impaled by the body. As his blood formed into a puddle on the floor.

“justin-” was the only thing you could get out as you sobbed.

He looked so peaceful. You grabbed his hand. It was cold but you didn't let go. He died all alone but you couldn’t stop thinking of everything he said. How he was so happy to be with you. How he helped you study. You loved him so much but you didn't get to make a future with him. It ended too fast. It's not fair. This was supposed to be the beginning. He was so kind and caring. He fought for everyone's happiness.

He wanted everyone to be happy and put everyone first. In the end, no one was there when he needed them most. Who could do this to someone? You didn't let go of him. You didn't know how long you were there but you do remember being taken to the hospital. You barely remember crying with his mother. Being driven by Darin . It was the first time you saw him cry.

You watched as his hands shook. To be honest, if you were not a mess in that car. He probably would have ended it all. He tried to keep it together for you. You remember getting home and crying with him for hours. You don't even remember falling asleep but you did know you didn't want to wake up.

Your body was warm but you felt ice cold. You snuggled into the warmth wanting it to swallow you whole. You felt it grab you dragging you inside. You felt it rubbing your head and humming sweet sounds in your ears. You didn't know the song but it filled you with joy. As you remember the way justin would snuggle into you.

You never had someone captivate you in a hug. Your body felt light and safe; You wanted to stay there forever.


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With a passion for weaving narratives that captivate hearts and minds. Join me on my literary journey as they continue to explore the endless possibilities of the written word.

I like frogs :3

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