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Royal Treasure Heaven Master

by yue hao 2 months ago in Humor
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Chapter 6 It's a matter of success or failure

Royal Treasure Heaven Master
Photo by Andrew Valdivia on Unsplash

After a long time, Zhao Menfeng sighed and said, "No."

"What? !"

Zhou skin such as by lightning sitting there, face of can't believe.

How could it be fake??

He went to a lot of trouble and a lot of money to buy it. It's not fake.

He dare not accept, also cannot accept, immediately looked to Zhao Menfeng, looking forward to Zhao Menfeng's answer.

"It is indeed false."

Zhao Menfeng also said with some regret: "Although the momentum is very strong, the workmanship is also very fine, but it is really fake, neither antique nor law, can only be regarded as a very good handicraft. Well, my promise has been kept, and I'm going."

Say that finish, Zhao Menfeng stood up to walk towards the door, leaving only a week such as lightning has not reacted to the skin.


Wang Ke walked into Shang Baoxuan, looked around and found that there were all kinds of artifacts on the shelves around, which seemed to give people a sense of magnificence and wealth. Standing inside, he felt very comfortable.

"Hello, can I help you? Antiques or artifacts? The artifacts and antiques we have here are definitely the most cost-effective and will never let you be cheated."

One of the boys came up to him at once.

The words of the friend LET WANG Ke feel very interesting, the most cost-effective, rather than say are genuine, which is very fishy.

"I'm here to sell artifacts."

Wang Ke said, in fact, whether it is the law of his heart also have no bottom, but he believes that the old gentleman will not be aimless.

"Then please go inside."

Hearing that he was selling artifacts, he immediately became more enthusiastic and welcomed Wang Ke into the VIP room, saying that there would soon be a special master to talk about artifacts.

Sitting in the VIP room, Wang Ke can not help but sigh that the biggest artifact shop is not ordinary, much higher than Jubao Tang, not only in the decoration but also in the service attitude, if this is a five-star hotel, Jubao Tang is at most a guest house.

Soon, a middle-aged man in a suit and tie walked in, two people exchanged greetings and made a self-introduction, WANG Ke knew that the middle-aged man in front of the eyes is here the master of the law, Liu Gang.

"Mr. Wang, what artifacts are you selling?"

"Liu Gang asked with a professional smile.

Wang Ke took the PI xiu jade from his pocket and put it on the table.

See Wang Ke took out a quality is not good how to look like fake jade, Liu Gang's eyes in a look of expectation completely disappeared, at the same time a flicker of disdain.

But out of professional habit, he still picked up the jade pendant, pretended to look at it carefully.

Look MORE, THE DISAPPOINTMENT IN LIU GANG'S EYES IS BIGGER, THIS IS a copy completely, DON't SAY it IS law, even antique is not.

Wang Ke will Liu Gang's eyes, but he does not worry, if the biggest law shop of a palm eye master even antiques do not see, here do not go on, the name is not true.

As expected, see jade wear behind the time, Liu Gang slightly Leng, immediately in the eyes flash a trace of excitement. However he HIDES VERY WELL, DID NOT SHOW IN THE EXPRESSION AT ALL, BUT STILL CAN not escape WANG Ke'S KEEN OBSERVATION.

After watching for a while, Liu Gang put down his jade pendant and shook his head. He said with a look of regret, "It is a modern imitation, not true, nor a legal instrument."

"A copy?"

Wang Ke corners of the mouth showed a trace of a smile, as expected the world merchants generally black AH, genuine goods into fake goods, good goods into bad goods. He had already seen the clue from the expression of the other side, he must be antique is also the law. Did not expect to pick up really, let his heart can not help but a burst of excitement.

"In that case, I'll go to another one.

Wang Ke just stood up and left.

Liu was Wang Ke under the action of a jump, didn't expect the other to word to go, he prepared a pile of rhetoric could use, when the ducks flew to the mouth, and he quickly stood up and stopped Wang Ke and said: "although it is modern replicas, but the quality is good, still have a certain value, five hundred dollars? If you go anywhere else, you won't even get five hundred dollars."

"Of course they're not going to give me five hundred dollars. Tell me the truth. Do you want me to go to another store, or do you want to keep looking?"

Wang Ke did not give face to the other side, dealing with the black businessman should be more ruthless.

Hearing Wang Ke's words, Liu Gang felt the sweat on his forehead came out. Originally, he still felt that the other side was young, certainly not an insider, even if the insider is not much powerful, originally wanted to cheat the other side to buy this jade pin 500 yuan, did not expect that the other side actually know.

It seems that he is really wrong, this boy is not simple ah!

"Well, if you're so confident, I'll look again. Maybe I didn't look carefully."

Liu Gang took brave Xiu jade Pei again, put on an act of seeing up, do they this line will be thick-skinned, not surprised, otherwise how to earn fool's money.

After a while, Liu Gang again put down the jade pendant, a very embarrassed appearance, apologetic say: "Sorry, is I just neglected didn't see carefully, THIS is really an antique jade pendant, is the Ming Dynasty, eight thousand yuan you think? The QUALITY OF THE JADE is not so good. Eight thousand is already a very high price. If you don't believe me, you can go to other shops to ask."

This time, Wang Ke did not speak at all, stood up and walked out.

"Wait, Mr. Wang, what are you going to do?"

Liu Gang quickly stood up to stop Wang Ke again, anxiously asked.

"You told me to go to the other store and ask me, I'm going to go now, why? Won't I go again?"

"Wang Ke asked, looking directly at Wang Gang with stern eyes.


Liu Gang hurriedly reparation way, now he has some regret, he did not think of the young people at the moment was so powerful, the brave jade Pei at the back of his hand, he must know this is the law.

If I had known, I wouldn't have talked so much and played so many tricks.

"How do you know I'm not in a hurry for tea? Do you want me to go now or keep looking?"

Wang Ke gave a cold smile.

"Look again, look again."

Liu, wiping sweat from his forehead, said his back was drenched with his own sweat, even with the air conditioner on.

This was the most stressful time in his career, and also the most embarrassing time. The young man seemed to have an invisible powerful aura, which made him afraid to look directly at him.

The third time had taken jade peppa, Liu Gang pretended to be very careful of the inspection, this time he really dare not say lie.

"I'm sorry, but I was wrong again. This is an artifact. Fifty thousand, what do you think?"

Liu put down the mythical Xiu Yu Pei said.

"Just NOW someone told me very clearly that this jade pendant is worth at least 100,000."

Wang Ke said faintly.

Smell speech, the sweat on Liu Gang's forehead flows out again.

Who? Who the hell told this kid the highest price?

Or did he make it his own?

If he had chosen it himself, it would have been extraordinary. This young man was a genius! And must be very understanding of their industry, to know that this month with more than one hundred thousand is not much profit, buy the store can not earn much money, one hundred thousand is the highest purchase price.

It burned him to think that he had just clowned in front of an absolute connoisseur.


Liu Gang seems to have made a huge decision, suddenly raised his head and asked.

Seeing this, WANG Ke knew that this was indeed the highest price, so nodded and said: "Deal."

Hear "clinch a deal" so kind of two words, Liu Gang immediately relieved tone, finally clinch a deal, today he is to throw adult.

Asked for Wang Ke's bank card, Liu Gang went to transfer the money with the bank card and the jade pin, leaving Wang Ke with a receipt.

Looking at the receipt in his hand, Wang Ke realized his shortcomings. He only had some knowledge of antiques, and it was easy to pick up antiques. If he came across artifacts, he did not know how much they were worth. If you PICK UP THE law, when the time comes to sell to others, the other side deliberately underpricing he does not know ah, is it not to lose a lot of money do not know?

It seems that we still need to supplement the knowledge of the law.

Thinking of this, Wang Ke can not help thinking of the old man Zhao Menfeng this morning, the old man seems to be very interested in him, it seems necessary to go to Changji in a few days to visit Zhao Menfeng, Changji is the country's famous antique market and artifact market, he will certainly show his feet to that.

But before he goes over there, he's gonna take care of business here.

Soon, Liu Gang took the bank card and accompanied Wang Ke to the ATM to verify the money in the account.

Looking at the figures on his bank card, Wang Ke felt that everything was unreal. He had been fighting with Zhou for a few hundred yuan in the morning, but now he had become a small millionaire, the transformation was astonishing.

After sending Liu Gang away, Wang Ke immediately remitted 50,000 yuan to his parents. It was time to repay them for their hard work in raising him.

The rest of the money will be his starting capital, he will work hard in the antique market and the artifact market.


After the meal, Wang Ke sat on a rock up the hill with a piece of grass in his mouth to rest, thinking about what to do next.

Think over and over, he feels he still cannot rely on ABILITY EYE completely, WHAT THIS ABILITY eye comes IS some STRANGE, in case which day strange disappeared how to do? Cannot DEPEND ON ABILITY COMPLETELY SO, STILL MUST ONESELF ONESELF HAVE ENOUGH STRONG DISCRIMINATING POWER, SO even IF DID NOT HAVE ability, ONESELF STILL CAN SMILE PROUD WHOLE antique BOUND AND LAW INSTRUMENT bound.

Thinking of antiques, Wang Ke couldn't help but think of Zhou, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but show a wicked smile.

If I pick up in Zhou's leather shop, and is picked up the magic, how will he react?

You're gonna wish you were dead!

Thinking of this, Wang Ke jumped down from the mountain and ran toward Jubao Xuan, this time he wanted to make Zhou skin bleeding, for those who had been skinned and skinned by Zhou to export evil.

At the door of Jubao Hall, Wang Ke walked in with a swagger.

"The king... Wang Ke? What are you doing here? What are you doing here?"

Sun Ming, who was sitting in front of the counter, saw Wang Ke come in, shaking his legs.

He's not looking for himself, is he?

"What do you think I'm doing here?"

Wang Ke blunt Sun Ming Yin Yin smile.

This smile frighten Sun Ming almost pee pants, hurriedly raise a mobile phone panic of say: "you...... Don't come here. If you come here, I'll call the police. Stay back."


Wang Ke saw Sun Ming this kind of chicken, disdainful OF SKIMMED MOUTH, morning RETURN a PAIR OF swagGER APPEARANCE, NOW HOW?

A pussy!

"I'm not looking for trouble. I'm looking for antiques."

Saying this, Wang Ke ignored Sun Ming and went straight to the shelf to look at it.

He was familiar with the place, familiar with the price of each porcelain, familiar with the profit inside, he wanted to find the real antique is easy, Zhou peel to cheat him of money, it was difficult.

Seeing Wang Ke seems to be really to buy antiques, Sun Ming can not help but breathe a sigh of relief, but still some dare not take it lightly, eyes closely staring at Wang Ke, the phone in his hand has not been put down, ready to press at any time.

Soon, Wang Ke found a few real antiques to carefully look up, in the mind has been thinking about Liu Gang is how to judge his jade pendant is law, ready to imitate, but think for a long time also did not come up with a exactly.

He want to use power and is not willing to give up, this morning the time made clear to him that the power of time up to hold ten seconds, it'll not hold out, may even shorter, because for the first time is in him there is no consciousness of outdone, actual time may be shorter, perhaps only five seconds, and most can be used twice a day, and must be the science of uniting the rest. A series of restrictions prevented him from using the Eye.

He had used it once this morning, and now he had another chance, ten seconds at the most, and he didn't want to waste his precious powers.

But there was no way, he could not see with naked eyes which is the artifact, but he had no choice but to hand three authentic antiques, a golden toad, a treasure pot, and a golden arowana moved together.

Make or break it!

Wang Ke took a deep breath, his eyes glistening, his whole body moving and gathering around his eyes.

As soon as it gathered a little, the sharp stabbing pain reappeared. Wang Ke clenched his teeth and tried to endure it.

The pain around the eyes became less and less as the true breath became more and more concentrated, until finally it disappeared completely.

Wang Ke knew it was this time, the rapid mobilization of true gas in the gathering.

Power Eye, open it!

For a moment, Wang Ke felt his eyes like a television screen, twisting a few times before returning to normal.

Knowing that the power had been opened, Wang Ke immediately cast his eyes on the three curio


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