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Royal Chess

Royal Chess

By joelien Gerber Published 2 months ago 41 min read

The wind outside the castle was cold and icy but I didn’t care ,my white coat kept most of the wind out , my grandma said I can go outside a little bit ,I am aloud to go and play so long I promise her to not go near the fence of the garden .After a whole day I begged her and tried everything to just go outside and go play , I was only 7 years old and have a lot of energy inside me .I was on cloud 9 when my grandma say I can go outside ,the walls of this castle was driving me crazy ,I wasn’t allowed to play outside because it was too cold and our winter here in Green land get extreme cold ,only my father who was the Alpha king of the north was allowed to go outside .As soon I step inside the garden , I left both of my arms up and pretend to be an airplane then started to make like a air plane .My grandma was taking a sit by the garden chair , I wasn’t paying attention to her, all I care that moment was the amazing feeling of the wind through my hair while I run around the garden in the snow .I was just glad that I can come outside to play a little bit, even if it was only for few minutes. The air around me suddenly got more cold while I was running through the snow ,it made me stop in my tract , my heart started to beat faster and I could see my own breath in front of me .It was then when something caught the corner of my eye ,something red ,I turned to my right to see what caught my attention and saw the most beautiful red rose I ever saw, it was a rose on a small hill at the garden, the rose was almost blood red and stood out from all the other flowers in the garden .I couldn’t take my eyes of the red rose ,it felted like the rose was calling my name out and had the most beautiful calm deep voice .My feet started to move by itself and drag me closer to the Rose on the small hill ,before I knew it ,I was standing in front of the red rose .I could heard the voice who was calling my name clear now “Aliya….Aliya” .Who ever it was had the most calming voice and made me feel save. I step the closer to the rose and place my hand over the sting of the rose, I was in a trance and wasn’t even paying attention what was going on, the voice who called my name out sounded like a melody to my ears. I heard my name again but this time it come from my left by the fence of the garden ,when I looked up to my left my eyes caught some one eyes ,it was a man who looked like he was in his 18 .His eyes was silver blue and he had a strong face futures ,the little what I could see , most was cover up with his black coat what he was wearing. His eyes were so blue it felted like he could see right through my soul, he made me nervous, and I found myself gasping for air, I wasn’t paying attention what I was doing, one of the thorns pricked my thumb deep. My attention was immediately on my thumb, it started to burn like fire and blood was coming out were the rose sting me, I looked at my thumb and I swear my hand turn red, like an allergic reaction of a bee sting. It hurts so bad making my whole body goes into pain, I couldn’t breathe all what I could do was screamed of the pain, what was running through every vein and very part of my small body. I felted so weak and was acne of the pain that I fall to my knees on the snow ,I could heard my grandma voice calling my name out ,the sound of her voice come more closer by the minute ,I try to look to the my right and saw my grandmother who was running up to me and before I knew it everything before my eyes turns Black.

I open my eyes and found myself on a cold floor , I looked down at the tile floor ,it looked like the game what my father used to play with one of his beta wolfs when they come over to the castle some time .It looked like chest board ,yeh that is what my father used to called it chest now I remember the name .The white and black floor looked like chest. I heard some one was calling my name again; it was the same voice what called my name earlier. I looked up and saw something running towards me. I tried to wipe my eyes ,I don’t know if I was dreaming but there was a the most beautiful white wolf running towards me .It looked like a friendly wolf what was running towards to me , I get up from the floor and the wolf come and stand still in front of me .She was definitely a friendly wolf because she liked me and started to lick me all over my face .It was tickling and I started to laugh then I overheard the wolf said “my name is Lilly” .I look at the wolf our eyes met for the first time she had the most beautiful eyes ,her eyes was light blue with a little purple around her pupal “Lilly ….that is a beautiful name “ I started to smile. Lilly was really one of the kindest and friendly wolves I ever met. I started to path her at her head, she had the most beautiful white fur I ever saw, and it felted so soft, her fur was almost silver, white.” I am your wolf Aliya we are one “I overheard her say. My eyes widen, was she really my wolf. She was so beautiful, and I know my father told me about the wolf story at bedtimes stories and told me I will get my wolf when I am 16, but I never thought I had the most friendly and beautiful wolf like this.

“I see you have met your wolf my Queen “I overheard a strong male voice coming from the darkness cross the chest floor. It caught my attention immediately and I looked up form were the voice come from and soon I saw a man what step out of the darkness. When I notice his silver blue eyes I knew immediately it was the same man I just saw few minutes ago .Except this time he wasn’t wearing a black coat what was covering his face .I could see his face clear know ,he had strong face futures of a man ,dark brown hair and silver blue eyes with dark long thick eye lashes .Something inside me made me feel save to this trance man even if didn’t know him, I felt love by him ,the more he come closer to me the more could I feel my heart beat started to raise making me nervous , my breath started to hatched .I take a step backward and hide behind Lilly my beautiful wolf “Don’t be scared of me Aliya … can trust me “ said the man while walking slowly closer to me .”Who are you ?” I fired him up with questions “what do you want from me?” I asked him. I was maybe 7, but I suddenly felt a strong power come over me, made me feel confident and I take a step forward and stand next to Lilly with my hand rest on the wolf back.” I am your king and soon you will be my queen “

I started to frown at what he said, I didn’t get what he was saying I was a princess my mother was the queen, and my father was the king, I looked up and my eyes caught his. He was standing in front of me and kneeled on one knee to be with my level. He looked at me with so much love in his blue eyes, I felted a power connection to him. It felted like a strong bond and his presence make me feel save. He took my one hand what was next to side into his hand ,it almost felted like he electric me “I will never hurt you Aliya because you are my Queen and soon you will be joining me here with our kingdom to rule over the supernatural world my love “His voice was like a melody to my ears ,but I was more confused when he said I will rule over the supernatural world. I tried to open my mouth and wanted to say something when something started to pull on me, I could hear my grandmother was calling me, my hand slept out of his hand and drag me throw a big hall. I was screaming like a mad dog when I suddenly falls and every were around me was white.

“Aliya can you hear me sweat heart “I overheard my mother voice. Her voice was like a ego far away. I wanted to open my eyes, but I dint know how to, I could hear them calling my name but every were around me was white.” Grandma where are you? Mommy? I started to call. I am wink of an eye I found myself next to the street. It looked like the street outside the castle, something caught my eye it was a person who was lying next to the road. I run up the person who was lying on the street and notice it was a boy ,he looked like he was 2 years older than me .”hello “ I tried to say but there was no response I .My body was had a mind of his own .Before I knew it , I was next to the boy .I kneeled down next to him and notice there was two bite marks in his neck .Was this boy dead ,my heart jump a beat ,I never saw a dead body .He looked so cold his skin was white ,I found myself looking at the boy’s face and couldn’t notice how beautiful he was .My heart break in to million pieces bringing tears in my eyes, maybe I didn’t knew him but I could felt his pain and he didn’t deserve this. A calm feeling started to flow over me, I didn’t know how but I knew what I must do, and I place my one hand over the boy back and

suddenly a flash of memory went through my mind. It was the man who I saw with those blue eyes, he was the one who bite him and drain all the blood of his body out of him until there was nothing left of him. Tears started to roll down my face, he didn’t deserve to die ,I need to save him , I have to do something .I looked down at his beautiful face what was I life less then started to spoke in Slovak “dajte tomu svetlo “ after I spoke those three words I could feel how my blood of my body started to drain from my body .I looked down and saw both of my hands was on the boy body and my hands was glowing “Svetlo “ I whispered under my breath and notice the boy wasn’t life less any more and started to open his eyes .It was blue like my wolf Lily eyes were.

I Culp for air and looked around the room frightened, it took me a while to notice I was back in my room then I saw my grandma and my mother who looked at me worried. They looked frightened and relief at the same time to see me awake. My mother pulled me closer and hold me tight and close to her “I thought we are going to lose you …. You scared me my little Aliya “I don’t know what just happened but that was the strange thing ever what happen to me in these 8 years I lived .I hold on to my mother, I could feel her hurt and fear .”I love you mommy “ I said against my mother chest whit tears in my eyes .”I love you so much my sweat heart “ I overheard my mother said with a crack in voice ,tears was dripping down her face and falls on my hair.

My parents, and my grandmother and so the rest of the castle was like hack over me that night. I wasn’t allowed to go any were without they permission .It was the next day and the whole day I could heard my grandmother whispering to my mother about someone by the name Ethan or sometimes she would say king Ethan .I don’t know how I could overheard they whispered but I had this since I was 3 years old .I just never told my Dad or any one about it because I don’t know what they are going to say. I know my daddy was a wolf and my mother was also, and then my grandmother was a wolf but decided to at young age she wanted to be a witch like her grandmother, it was only my grandfather who wasn’t a wolf or a witch, he was a vampire and lived down at the city by the lake with his wife now. I wonder if this Ethan was the man I saw yesterday as I lied in my bed, who could this person be. Maybe will my grandfather know, he lived a long life already and knew everyone. My family was weird and confusing, but I love my family. My door went open of my room and my mother enter the room, I rise my body a little bit higher where I was lying on the bed. My mother come to sit next to me on the side of the bed and take my one hand into hers and give me a small smile.” I could hear you and grandma keep saying some one name “I started to speak. My mother eyes widen when she heard me say that, I figured she didn’t have a clue I could hear them “Who is Ethan? Is it the man I saw earlier.” I asked her .My mother face suddenly turned in to a worried “Sweaty …..were did you see this man Ethan “ she asked me concern .I look down at my hand what was in my mother hand then close my eyes for second and flash of his blue eyes come to my mind .I open my eyes quickly and looked up to my mother” I saw him when I was asleep , he keep calling me his queen and told me he will see me soon “ I told my mother .My mother eyes went from soft to cold and scared .She let go of my hand instantly and looked at me scared ,then she gulped my face into her hands and looked at me “Sweaty promise me that Mather what happen you wont leave this room ,Me and your father would do anything we can do to protect you “

I nodded my head “I promise “ I told my mother ,She was so worried and intense ,her hands against my face was cold and sweaty .She leans in and give me a kiss on the temple of my head “Mommy love you

so much “ I pulled her closer and give her a hug then told her that I love her to “Now get some rest ,I will be back later with supper “ said my mother and give me another kiss on my temple of my head. Later that day I saw my grandmother by my room, she didn’t say what she was exactly doing all I could heard from her was like a protector spell. She was busy lightening candles in my room and calling names out, all weird kind of things. I quest I was used to it; I watch her and wish I could do things like that one day; all I can do if how to make a fire in my hand and how to move objects.

The king’s office doors flew open, and my mother Anima stormed into the office with a frightened look on her face “Were is my mother “She asked. Alex Alpha gets up from beyond his desk and walk over to his wife and pulled her closer to him then hold her “Your mother is at Aliya room busy putting the protection spell on that no one can take her, “said Alex.

There was a little relief in Anima body but in second started her body to tightened in her husband hold. Anima pulled away from her Alex “he is coming for her, I don’t know when but Aliya told me she saw him “said Anima with tears running down her face .Alex left out a growl , it made him mad when Anima said that .”His not coming any were close to my daughter “ said Alex out load in his Alpha voice .Anima looked up to her husband and could she her husband eyes was dark as black “We don’t know when he is coming but we can not left her out our sight at all cost .” said Anima while placing her hand on her husband arm to calm him down .

“Mather what he cant get in to her room, the protection spell will keep him out of her room “ said Rose while entering the room .Both of them turned around and looked at the Rose .”are you sure I don’t want my daughter to be near that beast “ asked Alex .”I am sure ….so long she stay in that room “ answer Rose. Anima left out a heavy sigh and take the nearest chair she could take to her. “If he come for my little daughter, I will be ready for him, and make sure he won’t take her “said Alex while folding his arms cross his chest. Anima looked worried up to her husband , she just hope the spell work and it will keep King Ethan away from their daughter ,she could not loose her daughter to that king ,he was a beast and was the king of the unnatural world , they didn’t have a change to defeat him but at least they could protect they daughter against him for now until she was old enough to protect herself and make her own decision if she wanted to be his queen. Anima just hopes that Aliya would be safe, she knows her husband he would guard his daughter with his life.

My door went open and my mother Anima enter with a silver skin board in her hands, she brought me my supper and sit with me while I ate my supper. She hadn’t said a word, and I could see she was intense and worried. I could smell fear in the air and all over my mother. I tried not to ask any questions because I am scared, I will upset her more. I tried to eat most of my dinner what I can until I was full .When I was finest my mother give me a glass of water and a small purple pill .She told me the pack doctor said I must take the pill before bed time .I took the pill and place it in mouth then swallow it with the glass water ,when I was finest my mother say good night to me and give me a kiss on my cheek .”I love you mommy “ I say “I love you more “I overheard her say .My mother give me one more last kiss then left the room and close the door beyond her . I overheard she her saying to the guard outside my bedroom to keep an eye on me and no one was allowed to come through this door except she and my father and my grandmother. It was strange that there were guards outside my door to keep me save, this person really has something on them I thought

It wasn’t long I started to feel sleepy and could barely hold my eyes open ,I don’t know if I was imagining but I swear I saw that man Ethan standing next to my bed holding my hand into his ,he had a concern over his face “Don’t worry my love I am coming for you “ I heard he said and before I could say anything I falls into a deep sleep. I don’t know how long I slept but I wake up with a bang .I jump up from my bed and looked frightened around my room it was pitch black ,I couldn’t see a thing there was only a little light what was coming from my open window .I tried to turned my night light on but it wont go on then I remember what my grandmother told me and held my hand up and spoke the words ‘ oheň ”and there was instant a small flame in the palm of my hand .I get up from my bed and can now see that my door was wide open of my room .I wonder were the guards was what was in front of the door . I walked over to my window and overheard wolfs what was growling and fighting .When I looked outside my window I could saw wolves what we’re fighting against something .I screw my eyes and try to focus more to see what was going on down there and didn’t know if my eyes was playing tricks on me but the people they were fighting against didn’t have any face or futures on their body it was cover in white and with a sword ,there was black ones and white ones busy fighting against the wolves. I tried to wrap my eyes maybe I was still sleeping because I swear that looked like my daddy chess games pawns, I watched him allot of times play and that didn’t look like humans. Something distracted me and caught my attention; it was a big black wolf it wasn’t a normal wolf like my father. This wolf was bigger than all the wolfs around them ever he beat my father and my father was Alpha who supposed to be bigger than a betas wolf. My eyes couldn’t leave the big Black wolf who was standing in the middle of the field. He must have saw me and started to look towards me with his blood red eyes “Aliya” I overheard a man calling me. I take a step away from the window and started to look frightened around the room, why was I alone? Where is everyone?

I could hear my own heartbeat , my whole body started to shake when a cold wind come up to my back .I turned around to see who is it but there was no one then suddenly I heard something come crashing through my window making me scream for my life and without thinking twice I ran towards my door and run out of my room .I needed to found my daddy or my mommy ,I was scared to dead and the flame in my palm started to grow weaker make it harder to see in the hallway of the castle were I was running .I run as fast as I can without looking back at once.

I finally made it to the front of the castle; this wind was cold against my skin. I froze in my own tracks ,when I saw a big black wolf was standing in front of me ,I looked scared up to the big black wolf , I was scared to death ,I could latterly feel my heartbeat that moment .He was huge and I was so small to him ,I swear my heart wanted to jump out of my chest that moment how frightened I was. I couldn’t stop staring at his glowing red eyes ,he was so close to me that his breath blow out the flame in palm of my hand .Suddenly it was all around me dark , I started to panic and something snapped inside of me, I started to scream .My legs started to move by its own and I started to run as fast as I can towards the garden were I was the other day with my grandmother .I run and run ,I never knew I could run so fast that night, I didn’t care how cold it was outside , I run for my life and while I was running I started to heard a man voice calling me again then I overheard the same voice said I must stop running .I am not stopping at all I thought there was a big black wolf after me .Until something stopped me makes me fall

and I slide with my knees against the snow making it bruise. “Stop running …please “I overheard a man through his breaths. I looked scared up were the voice come from and saw it was the man of the other day who keep calling me his queen. “What do you want from me? “Slept the words out of my mouth before I could think.

The man didn’t say anything ,I looked at him while he started to walked toward me ,he had bold shoulders and was only wearing what it looked like sweat pants .He walked toward me until he was in front of me and bent down in front of me and sit on his legs in the snow and looked at me .I finally got my breathing under control “I am not going to hurt you Aliya like I said before you don’t have to be scare of me? “he said, his voice was calm and soothe, it brings piece to my soul and it takes all of the fear out of me what I was feeling towards him.” then what do you want from me? “ I asked him softly while looking up to him in his blue eyes .He looked down at my hands on my lap and take both of my hands into his big warm hands “ I needed to make you as mine “ he started to speak then looked back up to me with a earnestly in his blue eyes “ I have to mark you Aliya …” he left out a heavy sigh “They leave me with out any choice and your are to young to be marked but I don’t have a choice now“ he said while looking at me worried “Who says I am yours to take “ I asked him in a husky voice .I was only 7 years old and he was a man in his 18 ,how can I be his .My question give him a small smile at the conner of his mouth ,he looked at me and his eyes started to warm up with love inside of it “The moon goddess and faith made you for me Aliya we aren’t like any normal supernatural, like your parents you know …….me and you was made for each other for a purpose “ he said while letting go of my and capture the side of my face with his warm hand.” My blood runs through your veins and you are the one I suppose to be with…... you are my queen Aliya “ he said warmly ,his voice was soothing me made me that I close my eyes , I could feel his warm soft hand against my cold cheek .There was so much love I felted from him that moment ,I knew I was save and he wouldn’t hurt me but it all was soon over when a suddenly footsteps of wolves come running towards us and before I knew it grabbed he me into his bold strong arms holding my back against his bare chest that I face my front .He place a soft kiss on left sight of my neck sending chills all over my body “I am sorry my love but I have no choice “Breathe He the words against my neck “take a big breath this is going to hurt my love“ He said warmly against my neck and before I knew it he sunk his teeth canines in to my bare cold skin making me scream of his bite , his bites deeper into my neck making me lose my vision and everything in front of me went pitch black.

It was like a crowd of wolfs come running towards the fountain of the garden were Aliya lied on the cold snow .Rose was the first one there , thank full of her magic she could be there faster then a wolf .Rose run up to Aliya and falls down next to her on the snow .The first things what went through her mind was to check if she was still breathing but there wasn’t any breathing coming from her grandchild .Rose gasp and tears started to run down her face ,she can’t believe the prophecy was true, Rose picked Aliya up then saw her left side of her neck .”Oh no “ cried Rose out ,the one thing they all didn’t wanted to stopped happening just happen .Ethan marked Aliya as his queen ,a picture of the king wolf Max started to appear on the side of Aliya neck with a king grown with it .The ink tattoo means now that she belong to the king Ethan the king who rule all the super unnatural worlds. No one had a change to defeat him because he was too strong.“No! my little girl” cried Anima out while running towards her daughter, she just shifts back and was still naked. Rose swings her one hand towards Anima and put clothes on her body to wear. Anima kneeled next to Aliya and take her cold hand in to hers “Why have it to be her “cried Anima out.

“she is so young and still have her whole life in front of her “ cried Anima out .Rose looked down at her granddaughter face “She isn’t dead “ said Rose quickly when she saw Aliya chest started to move up and down again “I know what to do “ say Rose while looking up at her daughter .With Aliya in her arms rise Rose from the snow “I am going to bring her back ….that is what the prophecy was trying to tell me all long “ Anima looked confused at her mother ,she didn’t know what she was talking about .”mother what do you mean “ asked Anima her mother but it was in second and her mother poof in to the air and was gone .

Rose POV

I exactly that moment what I must do, I could felt the moon goddess was calling my name out and show me what I must do in a vision .I took Aliya to my cabin room where I did all my magic, I enter the room with one swing of my hand and turned all the candles on in a blink of a eye then I started to make my way over to a big round wooden table in the middle of the room and lied my granddaughter Aliya softly down on the table. I didn’t want to waste any time and grabbed my spell book ,the thirst step what I have to do isn’t going to be fun or easy but I was left with no choice .I must summon King Ethan back and took his blood from him to help Aliya .I knew my daughter Anima was on her way to the cabin thank full was the cabin the other side of the castle, it would take them at least 30 minutes to get here . Before Anima and her husband Alex burst through that door and king Ethan who was the last person their wanted to see now. I took a big breath in and out then spoke the words from the spell book “predvolať King Ethan “. A cold soothes wind went through the room and blow all the candles out of the room instantly. When I wanted to light all the candles again, I notice King Ethan standing next to the table looking down at Aliya with so much love and sadness in his eyes “Why did you summon me, Rose? “Asked Ethan me not taking his eyes of Aliya. Every witch in the supernatural world feared King Ethan and they knew he could take they power away from them and crush them instantly if their mist behaves, but this was in mater of dead and Aliya was his queen.” You know the reasons King Ethan why you are here? “ I answer while walking up to the table were Aliya lied hopeless .King Ethan looked up to me with so much sadness in his blue eyes “You left me with no choice ,your people wanted to keep my queen away from me who was exact made for me through the moon goddess” he said with a cracked in his voice ,tears was burning in his eyes when he looked up to me ,I started to gasp when I saw the hurt in King Ethan eyes ,my heart acne of the pain ,I could feel his pain that moment .I could see in his eyes that he meant every word what he said ,he would never hurt Aliya , he wanted to love her and protect her .I grabbed a knife from the shelf and walked over to King Ethan and hold it up to him .”I need your blood to save Aliya …….I can bring her back with your blood and cast a spell on a necklace to make her a Tri bird until she is 18 then she doesn’t need it any more “ I said while rising one Brow at him.” When the moon goddess Created Aliya, she was made from your blood and your heart … only you could wake her up” King Ethan didn’t word, he left out a heavy sigh then took the knife from me, he knew I was right “What if this spell is too dangerous and won’t bring her back” I heard him asked. I stopped in my own tracks then turned around and looked at him “It won’t kill her; it will help her because her tri bird power is supposed to kick in when she is fully 18 years old, but I am going to lock the powers of the tri bird into the necklace to keep her alive”. I walked back to my Spell book and open to one page in the book “Okay I am going to spoke the words then I needed you to cut your left wrist …. because you marked her on the ….” I said but King Ethan cut me short “I know what it means Rose “I took a big breath in and out, I could see that he was already on the edge where he was standing ,he looked intense , and I could smell fear all around him. I never thought that he would care so much for Aliya ,when we found out of the prophecy we tried to keep Aliya away from him because he was a monster and every one fear him .”Are you ready “ I asked him , he give me a light nod and start to hold the knife ready .Time wasn’t on my side , I have to do it now “ z tejto krvi partnerského zväzku vstaneš zo smrti Aliya “ I spoke the words out loud and clear ,I repeat the words again while King Ethan cut his left wrist deep and take his left hand and place it on Aliya chest were her heart was .

Ethan POV

Blood was dripping down from my writs on Aliya body and despair when it falls on her body. It was almost like her body was thirsty for my blood and was sucking it in “Are you sure this would work? “ I called out to Rose .The cut on my wrist started to burn and was getting deeper by the minute ,I was bleeding like a fucking pig and it hurts so much ,I tried to hold on as much I can .I tried to remind myself that I was doing this for the love of my life ,I am the reason why she is here because she was made for me in every perfect way. Everything around me started to flow in to the air ,there was a strong bright light coming from Aliya were she was lying on the table .I could see my love got her color of her cheeks back, her skin wasn’t any more pile it looked more alive now .I remember the first time when I saw her when the moon goddess come to visit me at the castle and told me that she have something for me .She show me show me my queen look like ,I remember how I fall head over hills in love with her when I saw her standing next to the moon goddess , I felt immediately connected to her, I felted weak and warm inside of me for the first time in my life ,I wanted to grab her and kiss her but I couldn’t .My queen wasn’t really there it was only a vision how she looked like .The moon goddess told me that she was burry inside a women wound and will be born soon ,I have to wait for my queen that she could grow up until she was 18 then I can crown her and make her mine. But I couldn’t stay away of her, of the women what was made for me ,my perfect other half .She looked so peaceful sleeping , I knew if the moon goddess found out about this she would be furiously of me and take Aliya away from me but I couldn’t stay away from her .I even search each castle in the world to found out were my queen was born , I needed to found her until when I felted her heartbeat the first time ,I eventually found my queen when she was only 3 weeks old baby and I sneak in to her nursery room and I couldn’t believe how perfect she was , that was the first time I ever cried when I picked her up and hold her in my arm .The feeling of her smell was over whelmed and I could feel our bond between us ,she was perfect in each every way ,she had a small noise like a mouse and had the beautiful full soft lips ,those lips would be mine one day .I needed to put her back and force myself to leave , I couldn’t stop staring at my perfect Angel. For long time I just watched her and never come close to her, I always made some time in the day to go by the castle and make myself invisible to watch her ,I saw how she took her first steps and then I was there when she started to talk even there was some night I could hear her cried then when I get to her nursery room and no one was around I would picked her up and sing a song to her until she fall asleep. You could say I become a parent to my future queen, that is why I shouldn’t meet her until she was 18 years old. But the foolish of me couldn’t stay away from her, she had the most beautiful big green eyes with long thick eye lashes like me. I overheard some idiot was talking about a prophecy and wanted to keep her away from me. That is why I marked you my Love ,I bring lips closer to where I marked her and kiss her softly on the ink of my wolf on her neck .I looked up to her and place my one hand around her cheek and started to cherish her cheek with my finger tips .I wanted to kiss her but decided against it ,she was to young and I will wait my time when she was a grown women and ready for me . I could hear her heartbeat and look around me and saw everything was back to normal, the cut on my wrist was healed again.” She is going to be okay now “I said with a small smile and take my hand of her chest while looking up to Rose “You know what to do I believe the moon goddess told you what to do “ I already know what must happen because I saw this in a vision in my dreams .Rose nodded at me ,she didn’t say a word. I looked one more last time back at Aliya who was sleeping piece full, she looked like an Angel, my heart felted warm and fussy when I looked at her, she brings the weakness out of me, I felted like everything inside of me to protect her. There was so much love inside me I wanted to give her, but the time wasn’t.

right “King Ethan you need to go …. there are on the way “I overheard Rose said .I didn’t want any trouble now and was tired , I give Aliya a kiss on her temple of her head then take a step back wards and look last time at my queen then click my two fingers and despaired into thin air .The room door slammed open and Anima fallow behind her husband Alex burst into the room ,their started to looked around the room frightened when they catch King Ethan sent “Where is he “ growled Alex out while clenching his fist ,king Ethan sent make him want to go on full range and burn this place down until he found him ,he was ready to fight .”he is already gone Alex “ said Rose quietly while stepping closer to the table were Aliya was lying fast asleep .”Why was he here mother” asked Anima scared “ ….are you okay …..did he hurt you ?”asked Anima while looking back at her mother .”I am fine my dear , he would never hurt Aliya don’t worry but I need your necklace my Dear “ asked Rose her daughter .Their looked confused back at Rose .Anima take of her necklace and hold it in her hands it was a silver necklace and the charmed on the necklace was in a shape of a heart .Anima walked over to her mother then give the necklace to her mother “Why do you need my wife necklace ,it I our necklace what I give her ?” said Alex while walking up to the table .”that is why I need it the necklace it is a symbol of your love and I need this to wake your daughter “ said Rose .She place the necklace gently around Aliya neck .Anima and Alex didn’t know what she was talking about they exchange looks and the both of their focus was back on Aliya . “This spell what I am going to do isn’t going to be easy is going to be painful but tried to pull through for Aliya shake.” Explained Rose while placing her one hand on Aliya body.” I need you to place one hand on her body asked Rose nicely .Their did what she said and place a hand on Aliya body .Rose looked up to them and take a big breath in and out then start to speak t he words out of the spell “ s touto krvou ti koluje v žilách .Vlkolak ...čarodejnica .....upír budeš naša kráľovná z nadprirodzenej bohyne” a sharp pain went instantly through each of them when Rose start to draw blood from her and Alex along with his wife and from her ex-husband who was a vampire .She needed three deferent blood lined to awake Aliya .She needed her father and mother wolf blood line and her own bloodline as a witch .When Aliya was created by the moon goddess for king Ethan ,she made Aliya out of three deferent blood lines so that when she become queen ,she would be strong enough to rule over the supernatural worlds that Is why she the moon goddess told her in a vision what she must do .She needed to awake Aliya with her three blood lines how she was created in begin .Rose tried to take much as she cand and saw the silver heart charm started to turned red ,it looked like it was melting .Rose tried to move the necklace away when she saw the necklace charmed burnt her skin into a shape of a heart .Aliya open her eyes and jump up siting straight trying to gasp for air , her eyes was glowing and her hair was white as snow .She looked around the room and confusing didn’t knew where she was until she saw her parents and her whole face went soft .the color of her eyes faded away and went back to her normal green hazel color so did her hair turned back to her normal brunette blond color “Aliya “ cried her mother happily out and hugged her daughter tight. Fallow with Rose and Alex. There was so happy to see her again.


I wake up next morning in my own bed with a sharp pain in my head .It felted like something took my brains and scramble it .I sit up straight in my bed when I started to hear a strange voice in my head “Aliya how are you feeling “ This was weird ,I was alone in the my room and there was no body “Hello “ I called out and got out of my bed .My room was quit all I can hear was the birds chipping “How are you feeling my love ?” I heard again. I walked over to my wooden closet and grab a baseball bat “Who are you and show yourself?” I called out ,my confidents was sky high and I was ready to defeat this person who ever he was ,calling me “Love” .I started to laugh at myself ,but it soon went away when suddenly out of no were there stands a man in front of me .He appear out of no were and my door was still close so he couldn’t come through there , I grab my baseball bath tighter .”Aliya “ called he out .When I heard my name ,I remember started to remember the sound of his voice and let go of my baseball bath that it falls down to the floor next to me ,I looked up and notice my eyes was purple from the side mirror on my wall ,I gasp of how I look and close my eyes instantly .”Is okay Aliya you don’t have to be scared of yourself “I heard him say then I could feel his warm hand taking my hands into his .I slowly open my eyes and found him kneeling in front of me with a smile on his face .My eyes drift back to my reflection on the mirror and I could see my own green eyes had return ,even my sharp headache I had was gone .”were you the man who talked to me this morning “ I asked when I realize his voice matched up with the one who talked to me earlier” Yes it was me” he said and hold my hands a little more tighter “with our made bond can I talked to through a mind link and our emotions is also connected to each other “ I overheard he said ,I suddenly felted a connection to him and pulled my hands out of his and throw my hand over his neck then hugged him .My heart felted warm and I could feel his love that moment and he smell like my favorite smell flavors between lilies and roses .I pulled away and looked at him when I notice there was a tear rolling down his face .I tried to wipe of the tears when started to overheard footsteps coming towards my room .He looked at me ,then give me a kiss on my cheek then just like that he despaired into thin air in front of me .When my door went open and my mother enter the room ,I looked surprised back at her .I didn’t know if I was happy or sad that she was in my room .All I know ,I wanted to be with that man who was here ,and I wanted to feel save again .My mother didn’t say a word and run up to me and picked me up then hold me tight against her while kissing me all over my cheeks. I started to giggle of her kisses “I love you mommy” I said while smiling back at her. It made her happy to hear those words and she kiss me more on my cheeks.

Young AdultMysteryFantasy

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