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Right Now

Second by Second

By Isis Lyons Published 3 months ago 2 min read
Right Now
Photo by Yoal Desurmont on Unsplash

The wind is blowing, and the trees are flowing, but they stay grounded. I’ve always found the most mundane aspects of life the most wonderful. Being a little girl and also a 5th grader has taught me that life is fleeting. “Lawaila, be careful out there! Watch out for the bees!” My mom shouts at me after only being out here for five seconds. “I’m okay, mommy! I’ll be inside in a minute!” I shout back. I’m under this thick, beautiful tree and I’m looking up wondering how it feels to be so tall. The rigids on this bark reminds me of the scars I have on my knees. I look down at my knees to take a look at my scabs, but instead I see a caterpillar just laying on me. “Hey little buddy. How did you get right here?” I gently pick him up and I watch him move around my finger. He swirls around and it seems like he’s having the time of his life. It’s funny how the experience I have with him is completely different from the one he’s having with me. I’m still while he’s squirming around. I’m big to him, he’s tiny to me. There’s so many wonders to this world, more wonders than people realize. My mom was fearful of me being stung while I was excited to see the flowers bloom. I wonder if a caterpillar is aware of danger or if he’s only aware of what is happening here and now. I wonder if he misses his family or if he’s just having a good time on my finger. Time is fleeting, but right now lasts forever. All the right nows in my life look different, but there’s always a right now. There’s always a present. I’m a part of this caterpillar's present; I’m a part of a moment he had in time. He may not remember me after this, but I sure will remember him. I will remember the day he taught me stillness. My hope is that this moment brings him joy, my hope is that when he begins to fly he remembers me and comes to visit me more often. My hope is that he’ll continue to feel safe around me. I gently travel him over to my other finger. He stops twirling and he begins to look at me. His orange body with black spikes makes its way up my arm; I trust him. I don’t move, I just allow him to come closer. I feel tingling down my back as he makes his way to my neck. He goes towards my forehead and lays in between my eyes. I fall back on the tree and I close my eyes. My mom should be calling me soon. It's been a minute. I’m sure of it and my mom takes everything I say literally. I told her I’d been inside in 60 seconds and I’m sure she’s been staring at the clock this whole time. Goodbye Caterpillar; it’s been sweet hanging with you.

Short Story

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Comments (2)

  • Novel Allen3 months ago

    Short and sweet in a minute cute childlike view of life.

  • Andrea Corwin 3 months ago

    Oh, what a sweet story from a child's perspective and I hope it comes back as the butterfly to visit too!

Isis Lyons Written by Isis Lyons

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