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Revenge of the Siberian Tiger

In the village of Soboloin in Russia's Far East, the Siberian tiger is seen as a symbol of great wealth and prey hunted by villagers in the region.

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In the village of Soboloin in the Russian Far East, the Siberian tiger is regarded as a symbol of great wealth and a prey that villagers in the region scramble to hunt down. However, one day, the Soboloins were horrified to find that the roles of hunter and prey had reversed, and the Siberian tiger actually fought back under the pressure of humans step by step. Thus, a bloody game and fierce battle broke out!

★ Bizarre Hunt ★

Trush is a zoologist in the Russian Far East who works on the conservation of Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East. Trush's work is full of danger, not from ferocious tigers, but from humans. Poachers have weapons in their hands, and they are all outlaws.

On December 5, 1997, Truche received a disturbing call that a man named Markov, a veteran poacher, had been attacked and killed by a tiger in the village of Sobloin.

Truche and Markov have been dealing with each other for decades, and they can be described as old rivals. Markov is flexible and can make his own guns. Initially, his hunting targets only focused on small and medium-sized animals such as wild deer, exchanging them for necessities such as tobacco, alcohol and sugar. In recent years, lured by the huge interests of Siberian tigers, Markov turned to tigers.

Hearing the news of Markov's death, Trush's first reaction was that when Markov was hunting tigers, the frightened tigers "killed in self-defense". However, when he arrived at the scene of the incident, he found that the truth was not so simple.

Markov's body was found about 30 metres south of the hut where he lived.

Trushy and two colleagues followed the footprints in the snow back to Markov's hut, where Trushy found something more shocking than the cannibalism scene. The hut is surrounded by huge footprints of Siberian tigers, which can be seen from their depth and the extent to which they are covered in snow, the tiger has been wandering around the hut for a long time.

After carefully surveying all the details of the scene, Trush said solemnly: "The purpose of this tiger is very clear, it did not meet Markov by chance and eat him, but it has been snooping for a long time, specifically targeting Markov. Husband, it was premeditated!"

Why did the tiger premeditate to eat Markov? Under normal circumstances, Siberian tigers do not actively attack humans and animals, and in most hunter-tiger conflicts, unarmed tigers are often at a disadvantage. And like this time, it is indeed very rare for a tiger to spy on a person for so long before finding the right time to bite him to death.

★ Dangerous "Hunter" ★

Trush visited other villagers with questions.

"He provoked a tiger, and the tiger always followed him." The villagers' account confirmed Truche's guess. What did he do? Truche asked why, but people became a little evasive, and finally someone reluctantly said that Markov had killed a tiger cub a few months ago. Everyone guessed that this was the mother tiger avenging her son.

However, the tiger footprints left at the murder scene were huge. According to Trushy's experience, it was not a female tiger, but a more ferocious male tiger. There should be some details that people ignored. Under Trushy's guidance, people began to think carefully. After a while, someone added: "He stole a tiger's food."

The incident happened about half a month ago. The tiger had just caught a wild boar and was about to enjoy it when Markov, who was hunting in the mountains, saw it. Markov wanted to kill two birds with one stone, but the bullet missed and the tiger fled into the forest. But Markov is also very happy that he picked up a wild boar in vain, and his life has been extremely bad recently. He exchanged the wild boar for food, tobacco and alcohol, which temporarily solved the problem of food and clothing. But since then Markov has always found tiger footprints near his home. Markov's wife was very worried and took the child to the house of relatives and friends. And Markov stayed, ambitious to catch the prey he had brought to his door.

Just, can an accidental tiger's mouth grab lead to such frantic revenge from a tiger? Trush told people that male Siberian tigers are extremely possessive and vengeful, especially when it comes to their significant other and food.

Trushy hoped that this tragedy would wake up the Soboloins and allow them to live in a friendly symbiosis with the surrounding wild animals. However, the nightmare was only just beginning...

About a week after Markov was killed, the remains of 20-year-old Andre were found by the Takhalo River. He went to the river to check out his hive, which also had two simple traps he set up to catch small animals.

The scene was as miserable as when Markov was killed, and even cleaner. Terrible tooth marks and huge footprints in the snow suggest that the killer is likely the same guy.

Truche was speechless, and now he had to recognize a reality that he was most unwilling to accept, that is, Markov's reckless behavior forced the Siberian tiger to change its habits and become a hunter, but The target of the hunt is humans! "We must kill it and avenge Markov and Andrei!" someone shouted, and the villagers were all gearing up, and the crowd was excited.

★ Tragic contest ★

Under Trushy's strong persuasion, the angry villagers finally agreed to let the "murderer" live and send him to the zoo. Everyone set up a trap together. Trushy bought a lamb, Trushy buckled the sheep under a large iron cage, and the trap was changed into a more concealed set-foot mechanism.

At dawn, Trush, who lived in the house of the villager Yukov, was awakened by a shrill howl of sheep and wolves. It seemed that a wolf had strayed into the trap, and Trush hurried out the door. Before reaching the trap, the hounds at their feet suddenly barked in horror at the woods. Trush raised his gun alertly and shouted, "That's it!"

It was a huge Siberian male tiger, about six years old, in his prime, standing beside a big tree and staring at Truche. Could it be that its hunting target was not the bleating lamb in front of it, but him? The two of them faced off so nervously, and the air was extremely tense.

After a while, the tiger gave up first, and it retreated slowly. Trush found that it was limping as it walked, probably hit by Markov's shotgun while hunting him.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten days passed, and another villager unfortunately became a tiger's delicious meal. After a fierce ideological struggle, Trush had to make a difficult choice: in order to protect the lives of the villagers, kill the object he wanted to protect - the Siberian tiger!

The hunting team consisted of six people: Trush and his colleague Razuzhenko, as well as three local forest patrolmen and Sheriff Krasny from the town.

The hunting team began searching downstream along the frozen river from where Andre was killed, where they found the footprints of the tiger's recent infestation. Following the tiger's footprints, several people followed all the way down a steep, rocky hillside, where they lost their target. After consultation, several people decided to divide their troops into three ways, and Trush and his colleague Razurenko searched up the middle of the hillside.

"Hey! It's nearby, be careful..." Trush turned and shouted to Razurenko not far away, but he stopped halfway through his words, and the scene in front of him made the blood all over his body solidify.: The beautiful "big cat" was slowly approaching Razurenko sitting on the stump at this time. Its huge body was so light, its thick soles stepped on the snow silently, and Razurenko, who was close at hand, was unaware.

Trushy raised his gun, and the tiger also sensed the danger at the same time, and jumped up suddenly. The second he pulled the trigger, Trushy's heart was torn and stinging, but he couldn't hesitate, only Decisively and continuously withheld, fired bullets.

With a deafening tiger roar, the forest returned to calm. Only the dying Siberian tiger and the terrified Lazurenko were left on the blood-stained snow. Trush's heart was heavy, he knew that this tragedy was not over, as long as the hunting of animals continued, those animals in the forest that should have kept the well water from humans might still be forced to fight with the people who had been trying to chase and hunt them. Humans fight to the death, and even become tragic and terrifying killers, and that will bring a new round of fear and pain to the people here.

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