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Land of terror

There is a desolate place called Altaïrhan in the west of a large country, with a radius of more than 1,000 kilometers and no one.

By ThomasPublished about a year ago 11 min read

There is a desolate place called Altaïrhan in the west of a large country, with a radius of more than 1,000 kilometers, and no one is there. More than 60 years ago, many nuclear tests were carried out here. How has this abandoned nuclear test site changed after so many years? This is what many scientists are eager to know. At the end of the last century, the country only allowed scientists from all over the world to conduct a joint expedition to Altaïrhan. But the five scientists who entered for the first time quickly cut off contact with the outside world; then organized a second expedition, which also never returned. Undoubtedly, this is a horrific place of death. But the more so, the more interested many scientists are in this mysterious place.

In the first summer of the new century, scientists are preparing to investigate this terrifying place for the third time. The expedition was led by Professor Ma En, a nuclear physicist in his 60s. The team members included ecologist Fording, atomic energy expert Ida, journalist Rollin and female doctor Heidi. The staff were very capable and professional. To prevent another tragedy, they brought flamethrowers, anesthesia guns, and each wore high-strength protective clothing woven from special fibers. The expedition team learned the lessons of the first two rounds and used a helicopter with excellent performance, with the skilled Gerson as the pilot. In case of any danger, it can evacuate at any time.

On this day, there were no clouds in the sky over Altaïrhan, and the mountains, forests, meadows, and swamps on the ground showed all kinds of wonderful colors in the sun. More than two hours later, the helicopter carefully flew over various complex terrain and came to the center of the nuclear test that year. A grassland with a bluish-brown luster appeared in front of the expedition team members.

The grass should be green, how could it turn blue-brown? This spectacle attracted the attention of the expedition team. Reporter Rollin raised his digital camera and photographed the rare grass spectacle from the air.

The helicopter roared and slowly landed, and the huge propeller fanned the two or three-foot-tall blue-brown grass up and down. The helicopter had just landed, and Professor Ma En asked the pilot, Gerson, to stay behind and stand by to take off at any time. He jumped out of the plane with the expedition team and started working according to the division of labor. The first thing they did was observe the blue-brown grass. They were surprised to find that not only was the color of the grass different from ordinary grass, but the leaves were needle-shaped and felt as hard as wire. Professor Ma En finally folded one and held it on his palm for deep thought. Ecologist Fording analyzed: "Due to the hurricanes caused by multiple nuclear explosions, all the broadleaf herbs were destroyed, while the coniferous plants escaped disaster after disaster. But their genes mutated, and this became this appearance."

After collecting the specimens of the coniferous clover, the expedition team walked cautiously into the depths of the grass. They walked more than 500 meters vigilantly on the high and low, sometimes dense and sparse blue-brown grass, and the surroundings were very calm and could not smell any unusual breath. Professor Ma En wondered why the first two investigators disappeared here? When this question was bothering him, he suddenly heard a screeching sound like a cold winter wind passing through the woods, coming from far and near. The sound was like a metal strike, sharp and cold, frightening. As the needle-like grass swayed violently, dozens of monsters the size of small goats emerged. Their coat is the same color as the grass, all brown-blue, but their eyes are blood-red and bright, like burning charcoal fire, and their teeth are white and sharp like steel files. What animal do they belong to? Professor Mann turned his astonished eyes to the ecologist Fording. Fording had carefully studied the pristine ecology here before this expedition and knew that it was once the hometown of a gray hare. Judging from their appearance, these goat-sized monsters look like rabbits except for their coat color and size. Their big ears, flat noses, and crystal-clear eyes all look like rabbits. He told Professor Ma En in a hurried voice: "It should be that the gray hares here have mutated genes after being irradiated by nuclear radiation. Only by mutation can they chew such hard grass and survive."

Professor Ma En's heart trembled, and he felt that he couldn't stay here for a long time, so he immediately shouted, "Get out!"

They turned around and ran in the direction of the helicopter stop. As the news reporter Rollin ran, he turned back and used his digital camera to continuously photograph the mutant hares chasing after them. Rollin thought that if a photo of this scene was published in a publication, the world would be shocked that animals after nuclear radiation would have such terrifying mutations.

The ecologist Fording also seized this rare opportunity to slow down and take a closer look at the catching mutant hares. Professor Mann was worried about Fording's safety and shouted: "Fording, don't linger!" However, when Fording realized the dangerous situation in front of him, it was too late, and he was jumped up by a mutant hare that jumped to the front. Bite his thigh. Although his trousers and socks were made of special fibers that couldn't even be scratched by the blade, they were still bitten through by the mutant hare's sharp teeth "click" and cut into his leg bone. He felt a piercing pain and struggled desperately. Soon, five or six mutant hares rushed up and bit his head, arms, and abdomen.

Professor Ma En was stunned. Heidi, the female doctor, screamed and wanted to run over to rescue Fording, but was immediately caught up by Professor Ma En, who had woken up, and stopped her sharply: "Can't go there!"

Heidi shouted, "Let me go, it's my job!"

Professor Ma En knew very well that the current situation was critical. Not only would he not be able to save people if he went up, but he would also be bitten by the mutant hare. He immediately raised the anesthesia gun at the mutant hare besieging Fording and fired continuously.

Who knows, a series of anesthesia bombs is like throwing dozens of mud pills to these mutant hares, and it doesn't work at all. Professor Ma En couldn't watch Ferdin be bitten to death by the mutant hare, so he decided to risk his life and rush to rescue him. Fording knew that he could not escape this catastrophe, and he used the last strength of his life to shout to Professor Ma En: "Professor Ma En, I can't do it, you must not come here, run away! Be sure to tell the world about the mutation of the gray rabbit. Friends, goodbye..."

In the blink of an eye, dozens of mutant hares caught up, and in just ten seconds, Fording was gnawed so much that he didn't even leave any bones.

Reporter Rollin, with tears in his eyes, captured a heroic scene of a young scientist giving his precious life for the survival of mankind.

Atomic energy expert Yida's eyes spurted fire and clenched his fists. The female doctor Heidi failed to rescue Fording at the critical moment, and she couldn't help crying when she saw him being swallowed by the hare. Although Professor Ma En was in tears, he was clear-headed and understood the reason why the first two groups of investigators did not return. But now is not the time for grief, they must return as quickly as possible to board the helicopter. This is not only for their lives, but also to reveal the truth of what they have just witnessed, so that people can know that the nuclear explosion not only destroyed the environment where human beings live, but also caused terrible mutations in animals and plants. Look, this grass should be green and soft, but now it has mutated into a blue-brown color, as hard as a steel wire. The hare was originally the kindest and most cowardly herbivore on the grass, but now it has mutated into a tall, ferocious and greedy carnivore. What would the world be like if humans and more animals and plants were one day mutated by nuclear radiation genes? Professor Mann didn't dare to think about it any longer, he shouted to the remaining people in a hurried voice: "Quick, withdraw the helicopter!"

After those mutant hares gnawed Fording away, they screamed like a cold wind blowing through the woods, chasing the expedition members running towards the helicopter. Seeing this, Professor Ma En ordered to use a flamethrower to breathe fire to stop the crazy group of mutant hares. The able-bodied atomic energy expert Ida raised the flamethrower, stared at the blood-red eyes and turned to breathe fire at the hare. The flame spewed out by the flamethrower was like a fire dragon with a bowl-thick mouth, and the temperature was as high as a thousand degrees, which could melt steel. Immediately, the fire dragon whirred and jumped, and the mutant hares that rushed up fell down before they could struggle, emitting a disgusting burnt smell. Reporter Luo Lin hurriedly raised his digital camera and captured the world's first desperate struggle between humans and mutant animals.

Just when Professor Ma En wanted to catch his breath, he suddenly heard an even more frightening screeching sound, and hundreds of mutant hares swarmed over as if they had come out of a hole in the ground. As Ida stepped back, he raised the flamethrower to block the attack of the hares and cover the retreat of the expedition team to the helicopter. Seeing that they had retreated to a distance of only twenty meters from the helicopter, Professor Ma En found a mutant hare running in the front rolling on the grass, his limbs shaking violently, obviously injured. He thought that if he could go back alive to conduct research, it would be the biggest gain of this expedition. So he shouted to Ida, "Cover me, I'll go grab the hare with a wounded head and come back."

Ida didn't have time to stop Professor Ma'en, so he had to hold a flamethrower to cover him. Professor Ma'en rushed to the injured mutant hare, leaned down and just stretched out his right hand, the injured hare suddenly opened its mouth, bit his right wrist with a "click", and swallowed it again stomach. Atomic energy expert Ida and female doctor Heidi were stunned, and ran towards Professor Ma'en with a loud cry. Ida pulled a sharp dagger from his boot and stabbed the injured hare fiercely. A taupe liquid spewed out of the injured hare's throat, and it didn't move after a few kicks. Heidi quickly bandaged Professor Ma En to stop the bleeding. Professor Ma En held back the pain and dragged the dead hare back with his left hand, and the female doctor Heidi also helped him run. Ida stayed at the end, using a flamethrower to spray the mutant hares that were chasing after him frantically. But these hares seemed to be slaughtered endlessly, and a batch fell and a batch came up.

The expedition team was only seven or eight meters away from the helicopter parked on the grass. The pilot Gerson had already started the plane, waving his arms anxiously and calling for them to board the plane. However, just as Ida caught up with Professor Ma En and the others, the fire-breathing liquid on his back had been sprayed out, and the mutant hares swarmed again. The situation became very serious. If they were surrounded, they would all be buried here like the previous two groups of expedition team members. Ida dropped the flamethrower, drew his dagger, and prepared to fight with the mutant hares that came up. At this critical moment, the female doctor Heidi shouted with all her strength: "Professor Ma En, Ida, Rollin, get on the helicopter!" But she turned around and rushed into the group of mutant hares with teeth and claws. The crazy hares quickly surrounded Heidi who was sent up, competing for the delicious food in front of them, and temporarily stopped attacking the other expedition members.

With tears in his eyes, Rollin filmed the brave female doctor Heidi being swallowed alive to lure away the hare. Heidi's heroic dedication bought Professor Ma En and the others a precious ten seconds to withdraw the helicopter. The helicopter had just taken off, and more mutant hares had rushed below the fuselage, showing their teeth to the expedition team members who had escaped death.

With a loud roar, the helicopter took Professor Mann, atomic energy expert Yida, and reporter Rollin out of this terrifying place of death. Full of tears, they paid deep respect to the ecologist Fording and the female doctor Heidi who paid the price of their lives for this expedition...

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