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Resurrected Dream

by Rowan Finley 8 months ago in Mystery · updated 7 months ago
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Isn't as it seems...

Photo taken by Ben Mack

The frantic man and woman ran to the enormous mound of tightly packed sand. It was already dark outside and the stars were just settling in to their nightly shining glory and routines. No one else was in sight, and only the sound of the lapping sea waves could be heard and the occasional whistle of the wind.

The woman wheezed, "We don't have much time... this is about where it should be... in this vicinity."

The man began to dig into the sand wildly. All he had was a plastic toy bucket. The bucket was yellow and a bit flimsy. It was slow work carving away at the sand which was damp and compressed down. Both the man and woman were out of breath from running to the mound and the sweat from their brows continued to trickle down their faces. The woman joined in the digging, but all she had were her hands.

"It's a good thing I never cared for having long finger nails. Never saw the use..."

"Here... take the bucket for a while, I'll use my hands now," throwing her the bucket like it was a baton handoff in a relay race.

Still digging as quickly as they could, the night air fell in on their heads, attempting desperately to cool their sweaty bodies. Sand was flying everywhere. The sound of their heartbeats hammered loudly in their ears and their muscles began to moan and complain.

The woman stopped digging for a minute. "This is not good... we're never gonna make it... I've done this before and it took hours and hours. We don't have enough time to get to the bottom to find it."

The man never once looked up from his digging, but then noticed that the bucket was lying idly by, so he quickly grabbed it and continued to scrape viciously at the sand like it was a mortal enemy. The woman resorted to sliding down the side of the sand mound and began to pace around while trying to think of a better plan. Spotting a few trees, she ran over to the trees, in search for any fallen tree branches that could be used to dig up the sand. Not noticing, or altogether concerned about where the women went, the man continued to chip away at the sand with laser focus and drive.

The woman found a sizable branch and ran back up the sand mound with it as if she were charging into battle. The man noticed that the sand had become less damp and easier to move larger amounts. Gasping in shock and surprise, "I see part of her sweater!" he yelled.

"It's a miracle!" the woman yelled back.

They continued to dig, but more carefully now around the edges of the body in the sand. Before long, more and more of the body could be seen. They brushed the sand away from her pretty, delicate face. Then, they both grabbed the arms on either side of the body. Pulling the body up from the sand fully now, they struggled down the sand mound and laid the body down near the gentle ocean waves. The man took off his t-shirt, ran it through the water, and squeezed it out. Then the woman took it from him and used it to wipe away as much sand from the body as possible.

The sand-woman became more visible in the light of the moon. She breathed in, "My water has already broken and the baby will be born soon." She rested her hands on her large abdomen and prepared to push.


About the author

Rowan Finley

Father. Academic Advisor. Musician. Writer. Aspiring licensed mental health counselor.

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