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Reigniting the Flame: The Fighting Spirit of My Dreams

Start writing.When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming a martial

By Jessen ArdiansahPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Start writing.When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming a martial artist. Not just any martial artist, but one who could move like Bruce Lee, with speed, precision, and power. I’d spend hours in my room, practicing punches and kicks, imagining I was taking down bad guys and defending the weak. Those were the days when my fighting spirit was at its peak, fueled by endless energy and boundless imagination.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and life had other plans for me. I ended up in an office job, crunching numbers and attending meetings. The dreams of martial arts glory were boxed up, tucked away with my old nunchucks and karate magazines. But, that fighting spirit never really left me. It just went into hibernation, waiting for the right moment to reawaken.

One day, after a particularly grueling week at work, I found myself walking past a new dojo that had opened up in the neighborhood. The sounds of grunts, the slapping of feet on mats, and the rhythmic chanting of martial artists caught my ear. I stopped, almost mesmerized by the scene. It was like a call from my younger self, urging me to step inside.

I joined the dojo the next day. At first, I felt out of place, surrounded by people half my age, their movements fluid and practiced. My punches were rusty, my kicks wobbly, and my stamina, well, let's just say it needed some serious work. But, there was something invigorating about sweating it out, about pushing my body to its limits again.

Training became my escape from the monotony of office life. The dojo was my sanctuary, a place where I could reconnect with that fighting spirit of my childhood. Slowly but surely, I improved. My punches became sharper, my kicks stronger, and my endurance grew. It wasn't just about the physical training; it was about reigniting that inner fire, that drive to push through challenges and come out stronger.

There was one moment that solidified my journey. It was during a sparring session with one of the younger, more experienced students. He was fast, really fast. I took a few hits, and for a moment, I considered tapping out. But then, something inside me clicked. I remembered all those years of dreaming, of believing in my own fighting spirit. I steadied myself, focused, and gave it my all. I didn't win the match, but I held my ground, earning a nod of respect from my opponent.

That night, as I walked home, sore but satisfied, I realized that the fighting spirit of my dreams had never really faded. It had always been there, waiting for the right moment to come alive again. And in that realization, I found a new sense of purpose. Life might not always go the way we plan, but our dreams, our passions, and our fighting spirit remain a part of us, ready to be reignited whenever we choose to embrace them.

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  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    Loved your awesome work.

Jessen ArdiansahWritten by Jessen Ardiansah

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