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"Red Mist: The Threat from the Depths of the Earth"

By ~ Mikail ~ Published 7 months ago 3 min read
"Red Mist: The Threat from the Depths of the Earth"

That morning in what seemed like the last days of Earth, the sky suddenly darkened. At first, people thought it was just a solar eclipse. But as darkness fell and a red mist began to envelop the entire planet, they realised that this was no natural phenomenon. People were facing a threat not from the sky, but from deep underground. Creatures emerged from the cracks and pits beneath the ground, disguised as the people they had once known as friends. The invasion came silently and deeply.

Each continent was plunged into chaos. People were alienated in the streets where they had once felt safe. The creatures had infiltrated their midst in human guise and waited for years. Now it was time to take over their world. No radar, no satellite had been able to detect this invasion beforehand, because the threat came not from above, but from below.

The resistance began to take shape, led by a group of brave men. Jacob, a former miner, had discovered the creatures' weaknesses. Having spent years miles underground, Jacob knew the enemy's anatomy and way of life. He knew the labyrinthine tunnels of their underworld, the temperature differences, and most importantly, he knew the one thing they feared: Sunlight.minds.

With the instincts of years of working in the mines, Jacob understood how the enemy hunted in the dark and how light weakened them. He proposed that instead of going underground to defeat the creatures, humans should lure them to the surface. When resistance leaders around the world heard of this plan, they all united to take action at the same time.

On Earth, major cities were now empty and in ruins. People had abandoned their settlements to create safe zones and sought refuge in the mountains, high altitudes inaccessible to the creatures of the underworld. There, they gathered around Jacob's plan: To use sunlight as a weapon.

The resistance gathered mirrors, magnifying glasses and all kinds of reflective materials to create a gigantic network of light. The plan was simple: Lure the creatures into a huge trap. And this trap would be sprung when they least expected it, when they were most vulnerable.

This elaborate trap was set to lure the creatures into a valley covered in light, known as the last human stronghold. The creatures waited for sunset to hunt the humans in the valley. But humanity was waiting for them at dawn.

At first light, the reflectors switched on and, like a laser show, focused the sunlight on the creatures. The light burned the creatures' skin, making them writhe. The enemy could not withstand such powerful light.

At this stage of the battle, people were not only watching, but also banging on musical instruments, pots and pans, making loud noises. The creatures became even more frightened by these sounds. The sensory attacks disrupted their coordination and forced them into a chaotic flight.

This chorus of human beings confused the minds of the creatures. The united humanity was singing a song of victory over the creatures. Everyone was a warrior standing against the invasion of the creatures. And at that moment, the resilience of the human spirit was announced to the universe.

Jacob, the symbol of resistance, crowned this victory of humanity with the song he had once sung for his brothers in the mines. On the battlefield, as he watched the creatures retreat, with eyes filled with tears, he sang this victory of humanity for every life they had lost.

The creatures were defeated and the world once again belonged to humanity. In the rebuilt world, people decided to close the door on the secrets of the depths of the underworld, the places where the creatures once lived. From now on, only the stories of the earth would be written, the stories of humanity.

And so, freed from the invasion of creatures, the world stepped into a new era. An era in which it was possible to live in peace, unity and solidarity. Humanity had passed this difficult test by holding on to each other tightly and never giving up...

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~ Mikail ~

My name is Mikail, I am reaching you from Türkiye. My articles will generally continue as fiction and fantasy, and I will do my best to make you, my readers, enjoy them.

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