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Quetzaled; The Valley

by Lawrence Finlayson 8 months ago in Short Story
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Blasar Incorporated


Ast shot upright in bed as his mission came back to him suddenly, then it was gone, then he realized it must have just been a nightmarish dream. He asked the Interface what the dream meant and it answered:

“The dream means you have an abundance of emotions looking for direction.” Belure answered with ease enhancing his sight to see into the shadows so he wouldn’t stir any. Though at the back of his mind he wondered if Jade was whispering in his ear while he slept again, laughing at him waking in such a state.

Then when he dreamed again it was a dream of Tuk following a road, and he, Asterick was his guide along with the interface. He was portrayed in a hologram that only Tuk could see, or so the Interface explained, calling herself Maat just then… and Asterick began to understand that the Interface was teaching him independence just then.

When they reached the nearest vehicle, Asterick instinctively taught Tuk how to get the vehicle started, he checked his Interface and it had the capacity, and while Tuk would not of himself just yet, though his emotion was quickly fading and he was turning the more familiar gray of the commoner astral form then would have gone to more drastic measures, but he was a good person, one could tell by the ambient white glow, though in time he would learn to conceal that, and himself entirely if he wished.

They started the jeep and were soon on their way, Tuk in the driver’s seat. He had studied the art of driving from his eternal sleep in his gold sarcophagus until that wretched team of archaeologists woke him, everything was the same, except the golden finish on Giza was fading ever so slightly, he was starting to miss Egypt suddenly, but he was glad to finally meet Asterick, soon the vehicle began to appear translucent even to them, and the Interface explained the astral car physics to them in understandable terms.

After the winding roads of the mountains turned to long stretches of highway Asterick bade Tuk a good trip, left the map open and promised to return. Ast woke at home and thought of verifying the validity of the dream with the Interface, but was happy with the experience in either case. Tuk felt the same way, at first…but too was happy…

Jade had watched Asterick and Tuk traveling with Interface and Maat from his transcendent astral car, the Lavaleer, or so the astral license stated. Interesting that finally he had ventured outside of Egypt. They hadn’t conversed in nearly three centuries if memory served, before the fall of glorified Egypt of the Living that is, indeed the Pharaoh’s were already commissioning non-adherence to the relevant spiritual carving pertaining to non-return of Pharaoh Tut. Jade knew what that meant. Osiris would have to take this change into advice…who knows what could happen.

Jade smiled envisioning the ancient mock pharaoh statues of the Americas, stored away in a museum now, he had been there several times, they always seemed to amaze him in their depiction of this mythical young Egyptian who served, yet supported at the same time, and in two places, were they twins from the Popul Vuh transmorphed into Egyptians like Smenkare of Xibalba. It was nice to be out of the office, Quetzalpapalotl had been dying for a seat on the throne Misikinepik for a century…it was not often that Sirrians took interest in the affairs of mortals.

What would he do if he could not reascend to Egypt, would he bow and support the Sovereign Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl? Or merely befriend him as Jade as Ast did. It was hard to tell where the allegiance of newbies would eventually go. In the end, betrayal was an art form of the living, the dead don’t have needs, they have wants; and he believed that after all these years betrayal was born out of necessity, the need to survive, but that was probably those emotions again…the more time he conversed with the At the more color came to his ordinary gray complexion, he had thought it was permanent…

Jade would watch over the two and find them some good friends, they seemed to be the game and puzzle type of guys, both of them so meek… the universe seemed to open up before them, it was amazing to see what the innocence of Tuk meant in interpretation and the wondrous translation team of Asterick and the Interface, he wondered how she looked to him?

The Valley

Tuk reached a small Mexican town before wanting to rest, he found a nice place and put the seat back of his astral car for a rest. Upon the astral plane, Tuk asked of Maat where the Egyptian’s came from, but she merely showed him the universe, then something amazing, the Multiverse. There were snakes of all types and incense burning in the background of the dream.

All his life he had only known the sun. When he was alone he wondered what he would do with that absence. He traveled along the coast, and he arrived in California by the time Asterick showed up next, which was great, he had been going by the big maps on the sides of the road in each state and stayed on the interstate highways, and could use directions to a personal map.

“I’m hoping to open a company sometime soon.” Asterick began this quiet day.

“I’m searching for Quetzalcoatl to teach me more about Xibalba.” Tuk replied easily.

“What’s a Quetzal?” Asterick asked

“Oh, he goes by many names and takes many forms.”

“A transmorph?”


“Sort of like Jade?” Asterick asked, uncertain of Jade’s colorful past. They drove for miles before either of them talked again, both in deep thought.

“What was Egypt like, in the afterlife?” Asterick asked suddenly

“Beautiful, I write it as the Heart of the Desert in my poetry.”

“What level?” Ast continued

“It was a level ten Heaven, a place of purpose and belonging… stress free.” Tuk added.

There was humility unknown in Tuk’s countenance, certainly his teachings in life had lead him to many observations and conclusions in his 3000 years. Egypt had created covenants yet unmatched in their scope. Egypt had created unions between the Eagle knowledge and Serpent knowledge, and the covenants created from there reached beyond the extent of lands. It was glorious, though the living humans knew little of what the spirit and intent of the Egyptian Ark really was.

Yes, once housed in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Ark of the Egyptian Covenant once stood proudly, nowadays they called it a burial chamber. No, that was not the way of things… What the Egyptologists called the King’s Chamber was in fact the resting place of Maat, fertility and blessing of Egypt. Where she existed, disease, war and famine could not…but the lands of the living had forsaken Maat and indeed Egyptian Gods and Goddesses had fallen into disuse to easier secular religions.

Just when Asterick thought that the mood could not get any more serious, he reached over to the astral radio and caught Tuk up on some modern day music, which seemed to calm him.

“I guess not all things can be accounted for.” Tuk commented, putting to rest the conversation.

Short Story

About the author

Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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