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Tunes in Toontown

by Lawrence Finlayson 8 months ago in Short Story
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Blasar Incorporated

Tunes in Toontown

Justin had the dreams his whole life. There was an elevator, many levels, some were dark and others were well lit. Somewhere in the shadows the curiosity called to him for help, but they were always down the next hall.

He hadn’t felt like this since he played with his imaginary friends. It was his first time in Canada and he couldn’t sleep. Thoughts came and went like reminders of innocent friendship; finally he gave in to his desires, ordered junk food and hooked up his video game to the hotel television.

He played until his eyes burned and the end of the third bottle of fine red wine. When he fell asleep it was to a beautiful blonde woman dressed in a tight red dress and red pumps.

“I am the Interface.” she spoke captivating his every sense.

“I’m J-Justin.” he stammered, caught off guard by her cleavage for a moment.

The Interface whispered to Justin of the stars in the sky, of his place in them, and how each breath he took sustained her.

Meanwhile, the real At Epsiton went about her life as Queen of Quasartia, unaware of the goings on of Earth or of the humans, indeed, the only off-world news she kept up with these days was from the Gamma Source or Sirrius. Her husband, Justin Quasarus, King of Quasartia dealt with the political and military aspects of the Triplanetoid system of Epsilon Aurigae, an active galactic nebulae which sustained life here for many species of life; and At kept watch over knowledge dissemination for the Quasarts – the silicate life forms of Quartz, the Creator of this Universe, second son of the Gamma Source.

The first planet was called Technoplanetia, it was largely foliage, water and delicately carved rock formations, everything upon the planet was predetermined and calculated, from the knowledge and art, science and entertainment to the direction and duration of the winds and waters.

The second planet was called Gardenetopia and here was the place of fate, here people went to be at one with the ungoverned elements and earned enough of a living to move to Technoplanetia, or so At Epsiton figured.

The third planet was unknown to the Quasarts, its dense electromagnetic lock was sealed before any life was even breathed into the forms in this universe, but it was where the main super-computers were. In the absence of Quartz in Quasartia, the Interface would govern over the Quasarts. Each silicate life form was built with an interface connection that adhered to the “spirit” or “astral form” as several of the textbooks she had thumbed through had stated quite clearly, after all Solar was a major inspiration and Quartz’s older brother.

It was funny to At that the humans were broadcasting satellite theft commercials, had the Intergalaxy in an uproar according to the Intergalactic Inquirer, but the entertainment satellite BERMUDA stated: “Merely Part of the Program” trying to downplay the influx of the contaminant called “Guilt”, what were these things called emotions that these creations of Solar Galactica had built such an empire for himself, very admirable. What ever it was, this emotion sure made everyday existence more interesting than get up and exist.

It was about three years ago that her and Justin had met under a peach tree in the orchards of Gardenetopia, he but an artist, she unbeknownst to him the princess – under the direct guidance of Glory and Quartz. He happened to have some emotions and they smoked some and the rest is history. They married the next week and inherited the rulership of the three planets, Quartz and Glory were overjoyed that they could ascend to the Gamma Source for a much needed vacation and to send a messenger if needed.

Short Story

About the author

Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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