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Proof of real love

have been sitting in the living room for a long time, but I have no news of the groom. This boy will be very unromantic.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

I have been sitting in the living room for a long time, but I have no news of the groom. This boy will be very unromantic.

A sort of

Anyway, he finally came.

He came in and said--

"I can't sleep in bed with anyone."

I am no longer ignorant; I have fully understood what was not said. I got off the bed, saluted, and sat on that bed again.

I don't think he expected that. Maybe that's why he frowned at me and said "Didn't you hear that word??"

I say hello

- "If the ear is gone, you do one thing.. Lie down and sleep. I'm going to make the bed."

I couldn't hear what he was saying, and saw my reluctance.

He seemed angry.

It's about getting angry. If I were in his place, I would probably break up.

Before marriage, if a girl said to her future groom, "Are you born half-blind?" then there would be anger.

I speak openly about this.

She came to see me with her father, mother, brothers and sisters.

At one point in the meeting, he and I were sent to speak individually.

Oops! How long will he be doing.. I will tell his name.

His name is Suffero.

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. "

But I have reason to ask these weird questions. The girl came to Tao to wear glasses! If you don't wear glasses, you can't see me. That's why I say semi-blind.

When he heard my question, Gunla said, "Hmm."

That's when I realized that the boy was semi-blind and a bit of a bullshit.

My speech, my thoughts are a little strange. So before marriage, Ambakat often said: "If you get married, the next day after marriage, people from the in-laws will take you out through the back door."

I once said without hesitation: "Then marry me in a house without a back door, hihihi."

My mom would get annoyed and say, "You don't call me mom anymore."

I used to laugh and say, "Okay, Auntie".

I lay in bed thinking about it all..

Suddenly, the lights in the room went out. No, it didn't happen by itself. It did. I smile and think

- "Now I have to sleep next to him. How long will it last?

It's been a while. But I can't get any response from Shuvro! What's up

I look for him in the dark, but I can't find him! Where is my groom!

Are you still standing by the bed? !

I took my phone out from under my pillow and turned on the flashlight.

Emma! ! This kid is really a genius. Lying on the ground, but getting nothing.

- Hey, get up (me).

: - .. (no response)

- I told you to get up..

This time he got up. He picked up the glasses that had been open beside him and put them on his eyes. Then he looked at me and said,

- You might wonder why I lay down without any protest. I think you are just a temporary guest in this house.

Hearing this, a sudden fear surged in my body. It feels like we're "running out of oil" emotionally.

He frowned and said,

- I know you are not satisfied with this marriage. That's why you're asking such a bizarre question to break up, isn't it? ?

I lost faith in his words. Normal thoughts also seem random. I hold back tears with great pride.

But he didn't understand all this. Silence is considered a sign of consent.

That day, although we lay side by side for the night, there was a distance between one hand outwards, how much distance was there in terms of mind.

It's been a few months since our married life.

Over time, the emotional distance between me and Shuvro became smaller and smaller. Of course, my mother-in-law and nun played a special role in it. Together, these two helped me win his heart by training Shuvro's likes and dislikes.

By now, Shuvro had understood that I was speaking out of mischief, not with ulterior motives.

My mom told me the other day that no matter how monogamous she and her husband were, their beds shouldn't be separated. Because the separation of the bed is the beginning of a family breakdown.

I try to listen to my mother. So far, Shuvro and I have had a lot of arguments, but at the end of the day, I'm spending the night with the two of us, resting our heads on the pillows.

I wasn't actually in love with anyone before marriage, but I had one in my imagination. He has a lot in common with Shuvro, but also a lot of differences.

If fictional characters that have been ingrained in the mind since adolescence are somehow discovered in adulthood, it seems that special affection for him is more effective.

Maybe that's what happened to me. Or how did that once-unknown, invisible boy take all of me? ! Sleepy, but now I wake up at night and want to talk to Shuvro. I used to start eating as soon as I was hungry without any discrimination, and now I'm the one sitting in Shuvro eating.

I understand that if I don't eat for Shuvro, I'll be happy even if my mom scolds me. One day, my mother tricked me into telling a story. All the boys want to sit in front of his wife and serve her food. Even in these little things, the love between husband and wife grows. I said to my mother that day, "Don't tell me what else to do, love will grow." He smiled and said, "Fazir's daughter has come to her mother-in-law for love training."

As someone said, when you fall in love, you discover everything about the person you love; now I have found my truth.

I found something different in his little work.

So, did Shuvro know me this way?

Ask yourself a question, I can't find the right answer. Sometimes he seemed to love me, and sometimes he seemed suspicious after all this time.

She is sitting on a white cradle. I lay on his lap.

Bud seemed calmer this afternoon.

Breaking the silence, I said to Shufreau,

- Well, you never misunderstood me, did you?

Souffalo was silent for a while and said:

:- If what you're doing is misunderstood, then I may be misunderstood.

I don't like Shufra's outspokenness. What's the harm in telling innocent lies in order to make a loved one happy?

Arrogance too. I playfully said I was going to make him angry,

- Brother Shamim is much better than you.

I'm shocked to say that.

He is the brother of one of my girlfriends. As a teenager, she wrote me many times in colored envelopes. By then, the circulation of letters had risen. However, it is beyond my comprehension for anyone to write. I did not reply to any of the love letters. I told him only once in person, "Brother Shamim, you will never send these letters again." He never actually wrote a letter again. After so long, why suddenly remember his name? !

: ——This lady, where did you lose? (Shuvro whispers in front of him)

Sambit looked back at Shuvro. It looks like a sack wrapped in a drawstring.

I'm a little ashamed of my stupidity. I hugged Shuffero and said,

- You're the best. Sorry, I said this to make you angry.

Humphrey smiled and breathed a sigh of relief, hugging me tightly.

After a long time, I traveled with Shuvro.

Suddenly he asked for leave, and I used it.

I am wearing a sari. Of course, not herself, but her mother.

Today, two people stood on the street, shared a plate of fuchka, and ate. It feels so good to walk around with Shuvro.

I forbid him to greedily take his hand and walk the rickshaw.

Now she feels like a shy teenager who just fell in love, holding her boyfriend's hand and walking down the street, a little in love and a little scared.

- This is Swanari.

Someone called my name from behind. The throat appears to be recognizable. Stop and look back, Brother Shamim!

He walked up to me, squinted at Shuffro, then looked at me again and said, "Wow! Forget me, I'm fine. If only I could forget the past like you do..."

Sufferer and I were both speechless at the sudden incident. I saw Shamim Bhai leave.

Humphro looked at me and said in a trembling voice:

- "You never said you were in a relationship with Shamim..."

I said in an uneasy voice,

- "You misunderstood. Has nothing to do with him. I don't know why he lied."

Shuffero said in disbelief: "You're lying. You had so many boys that day, why did you only mention Shameem's name? I thought you were really naughty, but now I know I was wrong. You just forgot tell me."

I stared blankly and saw Shuffro leaving me on the street. I follow him. Suddenly, I saw a bus coming from the opposite direction. But by then I was already scared. I lost my way and glanced at Shuffro, then at the bus that was rushing towards me.

Then I called Shuvro's name..

[The bloody body of a girl lies in the street. A boy sits next to the girl with his head on her lap. So, do boys trust girls? Of course, even if you don't believe it, the girl doesn't care, she's above everything.

Not all pranks promote love, but some pranks can make a relationship miserable.

Short Story

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