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A short arrogant love story

Taking so long to reply to messages? Heard you were chatting with a girl? - Which girl? Why are you bringing another girl? I

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

A short arrogant love story

Taking so long to reply to messages? Heard you were chatting with a girl? - Which girl? Why are you bringing another girl? I don't like it so I'm writing this story so it's too late to reply...! Mehrab, whether you're writing a story or chatting with a girl, I know it very well. However, the other day I saw a girl commenting on your story and you spoke to the girl very politely in the comment box. who is the girl? After listening to my mother's gossip, I was in a bad mood. I thought I could settle down by entering Facebook. But I forget there's more turbulence here too, and it's hard to tolerate Mihir's behavior in every topic. - Why is your heart so small? - What did you say? My brain is small? - Yes, your mind is like those useless third-class girls. Why did he comment? ? Why chat with him? ? Why is he calling? ? Why did he reply? ? Change that mentality, Michy...! ! - You say I'm a useless third-class girl? You are a useless third-class boy yourself, you bitch, do your whole family understand? Very bad mood, Michier's words made it worse, Mihir's last message came out of the scene, out of Facebook...I said in my heart - whatever you do in life bro, but always Don't have sex with an angry girl, you're going to scold a thousand times a day, you'll scold a thousand times, but if you're just talking nonsense, it's over! ! 4 minutes later, my phone called. If caught, would you sweep it again? Thinking of all this, I grabbed my phone and said—well, start cursing. I don't get any answer from the other side of the sentence আসছে, just sobbing and crying sounds আসছে I repeat - Mihi are you crying? What's weird, I should cry, why are you crying? The girl sighed and said - you won't call me again in this life, don't send any messages, don't try to communicate in any way, understand? As of today, your relationship with me ends. - Listen, hello, hello, hello. Oops, the phone was cut off লাম I hurried to Facebook to see Mihir's name blacked out, I quickly dialed Mihir's number, but he kept saying the number was busy...that's why he put my number in Blacklisted. I was in a bad mood and had another sad relationship with this grumpy girl. He'll scold him a thousand times a day, that's okay, but you can't say anything - say something and break up. It's been 2 days since I lost contact with Mihir, I don't know why it's so beautiful these 2 days মতো is like a very independent bird, chatting with everyone as he wants, replying to comments, no one said why you chatted He is in the inbox inside? How did the girl reply? ? I said in my heart - then let that thing called para disappear from life - well done, I can live the rest of my life like an independent bird. . It's been 4 days since Mishi left, and although these 4 days have passed completely independently, I don't know why I'm in a bad mood today...I don't know why I think of Mishi again and again, why chat with that girl? Why are you replying to that girl? I miss these words so much...I don't know why I want to hear his angry voice again and again কি Should I be calling from any other number? Well, of course, yes, I know this and why it was known in advance. Why do I have to call? Why do guys get angry every time? He can speak ill every day, is it a crime if I speak ill one day? I left my phone in my hand, boys shouldn't accept this speed in every relationship... Babu, I shouldn't say boys every time...! !

One thing to always remember is that where doubt goes in, the word love becomes helpless there…! It's been 6 days, Mihi is gone, I haven't logged into Facebook for the last 2 days লিখ I haven't written any stories, everything seems boring...I can't even call Mihir's number again and again, I can't in the message box Type in and press the send button until the end বার I don't know why I lost the bar, everytime the same question comes to my mind, why me? Why do I have to call? Why boy every time..?? 12:30 pm: When I was going to spend a sleepless night in bed, that's when Mihir's number called. No, boys have to explain to Mishi, this is very important. Why call? Mishi sighed and said - there aren't that many bows...Diameter wants it so I call it...! - Oops, okay...but don't call after that, we broke up...! After speaking, I can no longer hear Mihir's voice on the other side. I sat quietly with my phone in my ear, Mishi didn't speak মিMishi broke the silence for about 3 minutes and said with tears - I'm sorry Babu! ! - Why are you sorry? - I'm sorry for everything, am I too bad? No matter how bad I am, please don't leave me, these 7 days are like 7 years to me, I know very well that I can't live without you! ! I keep laughing when I hear Mihir, I have to pretend a little more, I can't go back so soon. - Well? just eh? Excuse me, please……! ! - Please don't be sad and say sorry Mihi, it feels so bad to see you like this...! - Then tell me you're sorry! - I am sorry ! ! - I love you ! ! I didn't say anything when I heard I love you. Michy said again. - Well? I love you say eh? - so? what does i love you mean? - That arch kid, aren't you pretending? What did I say when I said I love you before? I love you 2 balls soon! - ok ok, i love you 2! . Then 1 hour passed... The subtext of that day didn't seem to end, it seemed that years later I was listening to Mihir's voice পর After another 1 hour of talking I said to Mihi - many nights passed Mihi, go to bed! ! - Well, I'll get up and call tomorrow morning, eh? - Well, I will! - Well, by the way, 3-4 days after I left, I saw you in the comment box with a new girl - who was that girl? What's up with him? Didn't you fall in love with him again? Listen, stop all those girls, okay? I don't see any girls in your ID, that's understandable...? ? Hearing this, I looked at the fan spinning above my head with helpless eyes.

Short Story

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