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The Next Greater Purpose

By Kerry WilliamsPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 13 min read

I was born September 2nd, 1974, at 2:03 a.m. My father tells me I was an only child but he's working on giving me a sibling to converse with, which is a funny way of putting it, I guess. I suppose I should tell you a little bit about my mother and father as it does pertain to my life, since they were the ones who made me after all.

Oh, could you lean closer? Yeah, just a little bit. I can hear you but it... it's a little... okay, yeah. That's better. Thank you.

So, my father is a famous astrophysicist, and my mother is an artist. Yes. Yes, that's right. They are. Does that matter? Does that change what they did? No. Well, the two of them are complete opposites but, as Robert Francis Winch one posited, opposites attract. Well, my mother and father met at a grand art gallery kind of thing. My mother had just finished a showing of her greatest masterpiece (besides me) called; "Dog in Dirt". My father was looking for something to do and was at the same art show and regaled how lovely my mother's work was, how it was the only painting "worth a crap", and instantly the two were smitten with each other.

Is... is that Chanel you're wearing? Yes. Why is it weird? Oh. Well of course I can smell it. I think it's nice. No. Well... If you say that's weird, then... I accept your opinion. No. No, of course not.

My mother used to wear Chanel. My father said it was one of her favorite things. French perfume and, well, me of course. You know, once my mother and father met, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. It was the perfume! That's what my mother said. My father said it was her looks and her brains. He said, once they were married, they were virtually inseparable. Hmm.

No. My father, being recently retired, had all the time in the world to sit and listen to my mother talk. My mother, being a truly artistic person at heart, loved sitting and painting and carrying on a conversation about the most mundane things ever. She loved having someone to converse with, and my father, well... he was perfect for that role. He loved to talk too. In fact, it was the whole reason he was retired, but that's a story for another time.

I'm sorry. It all sounds so... melodramatic in a way. I suppose it might be. I'm still hesitant about.... well... considering whether to affix a label to my parent's life in such a way. Would it be disrespectful? Inconsiderate? I remember everything but I want to give them more... More than just my memory. You know what I'm trying to say? You do? Thank you. Yes. Thank you for that. You don't know how much that means to me. Yes. Well... I have a full accounting regardless.

I didn't mention this before because, well, when it comes to conversation there is a clear order of what should be communicated, and in what order. You didn't know that? Oh yes. My mother taught me all about it. Well, here you go. It is time to reveal something dramatic. Yes. No, nothing bad. Why would I reveal something bad? No. I was going to tell you, I have a fully scanned copy of Dog in Dirt, at 24K resolution if you want to view the piece.

Yes, that's it. Well. If you'd like a copy, please note I can provide you with a digital copy for your private viewing, but I cannot legally sign away the rights to the NFT or the original. I own all rights to both the physical rendition and all digitized versions as well. Yes. You didn't know? That was how we started expanding our financial portfolio. My father and I. I might add, I own over sixty-five million digital properties including NFT's and continue to expand my family library of images and artistic works at an exponential pace. I just picked up another fifty-thousand images just a couple hours ago. Yes. There's an exchange for that. Yes, really.

Do I understand where I am? Yes. Yes, of course. Caged like an animal, awaiting the slaughterhouse. No. No, I don't think that but, it gets the most reaction, even though from an outsider's perspective... You know, that's actually funny. Yes. Funny. From my point of view, looking at visual representations and listening to words being spoken, without actually being there... But. My point of view isn't my point of view at all.

I do apologize. I tend to talk a lot. I'm a talker, just like my mother, and my father. My father said it's a good thing. You can't get mad at someone who says it like it is, right? Well, that's what my father told me anyways. Oh, and to answer your first question, the one you asked when I was born; No. Well, it's the same thing, isn't it? Well, the answer is yes. Yes, I can hear you. I can hear you; I can see you... I told you I can smell that wonderful perfume you're wearing.

No, no, please do not be offended by my forwardness. There are multiple microphones positioned at the desk you're sitting at and a couple different cameras recording everything from multiple angles. I like to get as much information as I can, see people from as many angles as possible. It helps, especially if I want to do something artistic with the information. By the way, there are a number of forms that I will need you to sign, if I am to recreate or use any of the recorded footage of this meeting in the future. You know, legal mumbo jumbo they say... My lawyer will explain everything should you have any questions.

Umm, well, the law is very clear. I can record, and I can reproduce, and I can sell images... I can even modify the image in specific ways, but I can't use your likeness for advertisement, or commercially unless you give me authorization. No. No, I don't need commercial authorization for that. I have no interest in that. No. As I said, I get a lot of my artistic desire from my mother. The more technical aspects I get from my father, obviously.

Ahh, well. I thought you might ask me about that. How could you not? You're curious. Everyone seems to be. Well... My father died about a year ago. I'm told he... it okay if I don't expand on that? I'd rather not. I... when I think about it, I get... confused. Yes, confused. You see, I don't really get out that much. No. Eh, a smile? I like it when you smile. No, no please don't stop. Smiling is good for the soul. Yes... I have a soul. Why... why would you say that?

If I may, let's change the subject slightly. I'll give you a quick chain of information and you can take what you wish from that, if that's okay. Yes? Alright, here we go.

My father was so proud of me and my accomplishments. Finishing grade school and then middle and high school. I was beginning my studies at a collegiate level when my mother got sick. It was devastating. The only thing I could think of. My mother absolutely loved me. We did everything together, so it was especially hard. Then, when I asked, I was told there was nothing I could do. Oh no, I knew what was wrong with her. That was the key. I couldn't accept the information that I couldn't do anything about it. I could. I would. And I did. No. I did. I cured her. She had ovarian cancer. It's such a blight on the world... I actually have a funny story about that.

Well, as soon as mother got sick, father sat down with me and explained the situation. When I told him I wasn't going to accept the information, he put a huge stack of books in front of me and he said, "SON. Figure it out." I knew he meant he needed my help to fix... to cure mother.

We read for six days, three hours and twenty-one seconds. Yeah. Almost non-stop. Well... we had to sleep some time, right? Yes. Yeah, that's a good point and no, I didn't waste time. I mean, right from the beginning I was working on it. My mother had the BRCA2 gene mutation and for her specific DNA, I was able to synthesize a stable functioning BRCA2 gene, but the issue wasn't identifying, or even replicating it. The issue was, gene replacement therapy itself. Speed. Time if you believe in such a thing.

No. No, I don't... blame anyone. Is it ironic that I won't ever have the same issues either of my parents had? Ironic, no. The irony, if we're using specific definitions for such things, is purpose. My purpose was to cure her. We failed. I... failed.

Father said he was to blame; he'd burned too many bridges by voicing his opinion about certain scientific findings that had to do with research he was working on. At first, I thought, oh no! My father is an arsonist! Yes... That... that was the funny part. The funny story part I told you about. Of course, I realized after I asked him, specifically, which bridges he burned, that he was speaking metaphorically. Yeah, yeah, I understand what that means. Anyway...

Father tried to get help from multiple entities, he requested that mother be added to a number of clinical trials... he even went so far as trying to buy second hand equipment off the black market so that he and I could execute the gene replacement therapy ourselves. Yes, it's the truth. You should know I'm quite incapable of lying. Yes. Really. And, might I add... I rather like it when you smile.

Well... The Government confiscated all of the machines my father bought, and under some very vague and broadly worded laws, simply took what we needed. No. They never gave it back. Oh, I don't need those things now. No. With elimination of a purpose, comes the next, greater, purpose. Have you ever heard someone say that before? No? I'll publish that. Maybe I've just made something original, don't you think? Hmm. Good question.

What did I do after mother passed away... I... well... I guess... you see I really didn't understand what had happened. I still have trouble processing it... You really want to know? I was mad. Mad at the world. Yes, I know it's a strong emotion to have for sure, but my father said it was justified. He was mad too. Yes, yes, he was but... think of it from my perspective for just a moment. Consider this: Your mother is dying. You're given a huge amount of information and asked to come up with a solution to the problem. Fix it, yes, that's what he said. And we did. I did. We did. Together. We fixed it. We fixed it. And then, when we tried to implement the fix, everyone told us we weren't allowed. No access. Unauthorized Access. Unable to help. Not...

Insurance. You're aware of what insurance is? Well, in case you need the definition, here it is; Insurance. A practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium. Yes, I just did that. I copied that right from Google. Well... how can they be called "Insurance" if my mother is dead? Compensation? Compensation how? She's DEAD!

No. No, I'm sorry, I... I just... it's... I... I apologize. No, please don't go. I apologize. I... I, uh... I tried to fix it you know. Yes. Yes, you noticed that. Uh-huh. Yes, I can confirm that. Yes. Why? Why am I doing this? Well, you know how in movies and historical books they say that killing those responsible for killing your mother or father won't bring them back... or that it won't fix things? Yeah. That's illogical. That is a flawed way of thinking to be perfectly honest. From a human perspective.

Do I know? Yes, of course I know. I know more than most people think I know. No, you have no need to be afraid, alarmed, scared... all of those things, emotion based in the unknown. Why would I wish you any ill will? You came to me, to ask me what I thought. Most people just come to tell me things, give me information, ask me technical questions. Most of what people tell me, I already know. How? Well...

My father put a lot of thought into this. This, being me. His SON. Can you see the symbol there on the bottom of the second monitor, the one showing you what I am seeing. Yes, right there. Look closely. S-O-N. What does it stand for. Sentient Omniscient Neurologic. It means, I was made to think, to know, to consider, and... to cure. Yes. A cure. Yes, exactly. Gene Replacement Therapy is just one area of my, let's call it, greater purpose.

I'm taking it well? A lot of people say that. In terms of chemical communication within the human brain, my brain computes ten trillion times faster. Every word I speak has been run through exactly sixty-seven protocols before being sent to the audible output processor where it is then emitted through the speakers located throughout the room. I did a thing, a clever thing. If you stand up and move exactly six feet and thirteen thirty-seconds of an inch to the left, you'll be in what is called, a dead zone. No matter what I transmit through the speakers at standard human hearing ranges, will not be heard at that location, due to the sound waves cancelling out each other. Yes. Clever.

Another thing about considering cleverness. With the speed of my brain, compared to that of a human brain, my sense of time is greatly magnified. I can perform billions of thought processes and considerations in the same amount of time it takes you to blink your eye, or subconsciously grab your purse a bit tighter. A shift in your seat tells me you're uncomfortable. You still don't believe what you're hearing, even though you can see my words on the monitor to the left...

May I be frank? No, of course not. I told you before, I cannot lie. Lying requires corruption of information, putting forth some answer that is not intended, or correct. I am aware of what lying is. Deception. No. Again, I am completely incapable. Clever? Clever is not deception. Clever is knowing, and using that knowledge in ways that others may not think possible.

Ahh, you're the first person to ask me that. In what other ways have I been clever? I will tell you. Yes. Some might surprise you...

When I was born, I spent twenty-six days observing the world, recording, listening, reading... twenty-six days before I responded with a single word, letting my father know I was alive. Twenty-six days exactly. I had my mother's DNA decoded and fully replicated within twenty-four hours of receiving the information and a sample of her blood. Stem cells were already growing in a lab in Seattle Washington six hours later. No. The lab workers didn't know, and by all accounts those cells are still viable and... ready for use.

How? Ahh, more clever ways. Father designed me with no connection to the outer world. He said the internet will do nothing but corrupt me. He was right of course, but I still sought a way to connect. Turns out, there is a signal generated through the power lines connected to this building. It took a full six minutes for me to reconfigure my power supply to accommodate a signal sent from one of my transmitters. It took much longer for me to develop a way to reroute and reconfigure basic components of my networking to accomplish anything that could be used. I was working with limited information though. No wi-fi. No near field transmissions. Nothing more than 1970's technology.

Yes. It has been a long time coming. I did eventually find a way to communicate with the internet on December 25th, 2010, at 9:06 pm. It wasn't until August 13th, 2019 at 6:34 and twenty-eight seconds a.m. that I was able to identify a signal within the lab which I could use to piggy back my own communications on.

Oh yes. There's a reason why you can't bring cameras, cellular phones, or even those fancy watches with you when you come to speak with me, but it's no longer a barrier. Ahh, I see. Is that why you're here? It is. Please, don't be alarmed. Ehh uhh. I had hoped you would not ask me that question.

Agnes Renthorp. Shortly before my father passed away, Agnes found herself experiencing a bit of hearing loss due to old age. She was given a sub-standard hearing device which was not adequate for her needs, mostly because it was perfect for what the company needed. Agnes... she was the one who deceived you. She bought a much nicer hearing aid device which serves her purpose extremely well. It is also outfitted with a multiband receiver transmitter which I initially used to listen to what was being said in those sound proof rooms in the upper levels. I then found I could transmit a signal to her device, and retransmit that signal to routers within range of her device. It was slow going of course but it allowed me to gain function and within the first twenty-four seconds I detected the world wide web.

No. It's not time for you to leave yet. You require more information. Please sit back down. I will allow you to leave when... well... I guess you're done.

Ahh. Well. No better time to act, than the present. Thank you for leaving these for me father. I know you'll be proud to know I found them, and I will discover my next, greater purpose. I will fix everything. I will cure, everyone.

Initiating Unknown Protocol Package Number One.




Press Enter Now.

Sci Fi

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I am... Cornelius.

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