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Premonition in the Sky

In air superstitions

By Amber BristowPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Premonition in the Sky
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Don't take photos on the runway.

Pat the plane before you board.

Don't whistle whilst in the air.


I always thought those that believed in such superstitions we're paranoid. Excessively anxious beings who pinned their survival on a 2 second ritual, as opposed to the experience of a well trained pilot. But on the day of my first flight, April 03rd 2023, I followed them as if my life depended on it.

The moment my foot left solid ground to climb the airstair, I felt my heart race. The planes loud engine along with mothers regaling of the holiday itinerary blended together into an inaudible blur as a flush of heat swept over my body.

It's normal to be nervous for your first flight. I told myself; I needed it to be true - but something didn't feel right.

"I've flown many times before my love, there is nothing to worry about." Mother assured me, smiling softly as she tousled my hair.

"I know you're right. You are right." I whispered, patting the plane as I boarded.

"Thank you for choosing to fly with us today. Make your way down the isle until you find your seat. All luggage must be held securely in the overhead locker." the hostess smiled.

In trepidation, I made my way down the isle, towards my chair in 19A. Ahead of me stood an older lady beside her two sons, attempting to cram her bulging rucksack into the overhead locker. Her youngest son squealed as it dropped beside him, sending a sharp pain to the depth of my stomach. I scrunched my eyes closed as dark blue silhouettes danced across my eyelids. Their figures came into focus as I held my breath, focusing on their forms. I watched as the lady and her son screamed, shielding themselves from the luggage that had erupted out from within the lockers. Her eldest cried as he watched his brother fall unconscious under the weight of a hard shell case.

"Jenna?" Mother questioned, concern evident in her voice. I opened my eyes and gasped for breath as the vision escaped me, their existence leaving my eyes in the forms of tears. "Darling, you are going to be okay. Its no more than an hour flight, we'll be there soon." she promised. The pain in my stomach ached as I saw her smile weaken.

In 19A I sat, my eyes locked on the runway as I gripped at my seatbelt. "Prepare for take off." I heard the hostess beam through the PA system, as interference sent a cold chill down my spine. I listened as she fumbled to put the phone down, the speakers clashing and scraping as she dragged the device along the keypad. I felt the sharp pain return as I cradled my abdomen, leaning my head against the chair in front of me. As my eyes drew closed, I saw them again. The lady clutched at her sons arms. Her eldest braced himself as her youngest's body laid lifeless in his seat. I saw as the hostess lost her grip on the chairs headrest and fell down the isle, lifting her head as the food cart hurtled towards her.

"Is it too late for us to get off? Something isn't right." I cried under my breath. Mother took my hand and placed my head firmly against her shoulder. She promised me it would all be over soon; and I couldn't help but worry that she may be right.

She handed me a bottle of Harrogate and I drank its contents as if my life depended on it. My breathing slowed as I felt the cooling liquid flow down my body, extinguishing the agonising fire that had ignited over the PA's deafening tone.

From the edge of my seat I watched as people reached for their phones, taking photos of the plane before take off. I saw their smiles beam as they tagged the airport in their Instagram stories, their excitement for a vacation superseding any superstition.

"Take a look out of your window. It's beautiful." Mother whistled. I watched as my town grew further and further away. The lights of the runway blurring into one as we soared above the clouds, until one enveloped us entirely, turning everything white.

The lights down the isle dimmed as everyone sunk down into their seats. Mother reached for her neck pillow, offering me her spare. With a thank you I took it from her hands, placing it on my lap as I began to play with the seams.

I focused my breathing as I closed my eyes once more, thankful that nothing but darkness was in my sight. As I laid there, readying myself for sleep, colour slowly began to bleed into my view. There I saw our plane, sat in ruins submerged by dirt and trees. Light poured in through the cockpit door as the pilots laid their eerily still. Bodies scattered the isle as they twitched and gasped for breath, others cried out in anguish at the lifeless bodies beside them, cradling the cold vessels of their loved ones. I froze as I turned my gaze to the seat beside me, where I saw mother cradling her head between her knees. I watched her closely, waiting for her to move, but she remained still; frozen in time.

I awoke to the sound of commotion as the hostess warned us of turbulence. Mother gripped at my arm as she came too, her body rattling side to side in her seat as the plane fought the wind. The sharp pain in my stomach returned as the cabin lights flickered and the overhead lockers came unlatched. I gripped at my arm rest as I turned to the seats behind me. I watched as the hard shell case fell on the young boy, sending his brother into tears. My eyes darted across to the airhostess as she fumbled for the chairs headrest, losing grip as she fell to the ground. I saw the food cart unclip from behind her, moments before it hurled itself down the isle. I covered my eyes at the sound of its impact upon her body, reaching for my mothers hand as she cradled her head between her knees.

I braced myself as the plane roared, until suddenly everything went black. I awoke to a familiar sight, one of pain, disappear and tragedy. I shook mothers side as I heard the cries from those around me come into focus, their pain echoing throughout the plane as they absorbed the carnage around them.

Frozen in a state of trauma, I looked up at the seatbelt sign. It's light flickered violently as everything around me fell into a haze. The feeling in my body began to drain as my breath escaped me. I saw the eldest son approach, crying out for help, reaching for my hand. I leant towards him as my body fell weak, collapsing along side him.

"Jenna?" Mothers voice echoed. "You're holding up the queue." she chimed. In the blink of an eye, there I was, one foot on the airstair, the other on solid ground. "I've flown many times before my love, there is nothing to worry about." she smiled, laying her hand upon my head.

The eldest son looked down the airstair and smiled joyfully as his brother jumped up and down, rattling the structure. The blood from my face drained as my legs went limp, unable to bare the weight of my premonition. I heard a muffled cry as I fell to the ground, sinking into an endless sea of darkness.

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