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Poorly Wrapped Package

Real Nightmares

By RuthPublished 3 years ago 6 min read

Once again, I was awake from a nightmare. I was lying in bed covered in my own sweat but too lazy to get up and do anything about it. I sighed, eventually sitting up and reaching for the glass of water on my bedstand.

How many times was this? Two, no, three times this week. It also didn’t help that I had work later today. I checked the time. It was almost five in the morning. I decided to make the most of it knowing that I wasn’t going back to sleep.

I got up cringing at the wetness my clothes brought me and decided to take a shower. I also dreaded the shower because then, I could think. I hated thinking. Memories I didn’t want to remember flowed into my head I couldn’t control. Both good and bad. I had to though because I stunk.

I entered the bathroom and ran turned on the shower. While waiting for it to warm up, I brushed my teeth. As I looked in the mirror, I could see the circles around my eyes and I chuckled.

“Wow, they just keep getting bigger,” I said touching each of them.

By now, the water was warm enough for me to get in and I started showering.

As I said, I couldn’t stop my thoughts. They started to flow in. The night. The dreaded night, the reason for my nightmares. To think that it happened a year ago. I showered very quickly, not wanting to break down. I couldn’t afford to.

I got out and was about to wrap my head in the towel when my door rang. I was confused. It was early. Too early for even the mailman to be here. I wrapped the towel quickly around my head and headed towards the door.

I didn’t have any close friends, and even if I did, they wouldn’t be knocking on the door at six in the morning. I checked the pigeon hole, ad saw no one. I rolled my eyes.

“Isn't it too early for pranks?” I said to myself, opening the door. Seeing no one in plain sight, I acknowledged their speed. They ran away so fast. I rolled my eyes once more about to shut the door, but something caught my eye.

It was a package, wrapped in brown paper. It was wet and very poorly tied together. The strings looked like they would come loose immediately.

“Not a member of the scout?” I laughed to myself, carrying the box in and setting it on the table. I went to tidy up myself before coming back to the package.

‘Now, what could this be?’ I thought. I definitely didn’t order anything, well not that I could remember. But then again, I was rather forgetful. I thank my messed-up sleep schedule for that. Besides, what kind of order would it be for it to look so disgusting?

I easily unwrapped the string and set it aside. Now that the string was gone, the box looked a lot less huge. My confusion deepened. What was this? I tore off the paper part of the package and in it was another parcel. It was less opaque but still hard to see through. At least whatever was inside was kept well. This one was harder to pull out and my scissors were too far. I opened with all my strength and it finally came undone but was scattered all over the table now.

They were pictures. I started getting a bad feeling. Pictures of who? Me? Did I have a stalker?

I picked one up and froze at the content. It was me, but not a normal picture.

It was me in the forest, digging.

I started to shake. I was in front of my car so the headlights shone on me and my face from that night looked equally terrified. I threw the picture and it landed on the floor, but I could still see myself digging.

Who was there? I made sure that I was the only one. How did this picture come to exist?

I went out back with all the pictures. There were ones where I was digging, where I was throwing something and when I was leaving. I went to my backyard where my bonfire was. I light it up and dropped them all.

I had to go to work now. I took in a deep breath. “It’s alright. This never happened. It’s okay.” I chanted to myself entering the house. I quickly prepared for work. I couldn’t be late. I would busy myself today. I clearly needed it.

Later that evening, I came back to another package on my door. I sat in my car in shock staring at it, wishing for it to be a hallucination or a normal package. No, it was the same poorly tied package. I quickly entered the house with it and made a beeline for the backyard.

I was getting ready to burn it once more when I felt it. It didn’t feel like pictures in there. It felt hard. I tore it open and found a USB. I was still about to burn it but my curiosity got the best of me. I took it back in and got my laptop. I plugged the USB into my laptop, it scanned for viruses and found none. I went to where the USB was and saw a video. It was only 20 seconds long. The same feeling from yesterday arose within me.

I played it.

It was a video of me throwing two duffel bags, then it fast-forwarded to where I put back the soil to where I drove off. My body felt cold. I didn’t know what to do. I thought only I knew about this, but now I and whoever this person was, knew.

Then a note caught my eye. It was poorly written but still understandable. It wrote two sentences.

“I SAW YOU!!.”


I cried. Hard. My only hope now was to call the number. There was nothing I could do. I couldn’t even guarantee that the person hadn’t already gone to the police,

I got out my phone and shakily dialled the number. It rang. Once. Twice. Thrice.


There was no sound. Only static.

“…H-hello? Are you there?” I finally said.

“…Hello, Kaya.” A distorted voice said. “You must have received my presents. I’m giving you two choices. Do whatever I say and you dint get hurt, or turn yourself in.”

I was silent. I said nothing. “I’m assuming your silence is consent to option one, correct?”

“…Yes,” I said. Then silence once more. “Welcome to your hell, Kaya.”

My nightmares had become my reality.


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