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The Hawaiian Snow Goddess

By Stephanie LauniuPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Her bare feet sank into the icy snow that she loved. This was her daily walk when Mauna Kea’s summit was gift-wrapped in whiteness.

Children squealed delightfully as they slid on snowboards across the glistening expanse. Tourists’ noses pressed against the windows of the Hawaiian Air jetliner as it flew overhead. “Oh my gosh, is that SNOW? In Hawaii?”

A large passenger van parked in a cleared area and a dozen adults climbed out onto the softly-packed ice crystals. “The people back in Minnesota won’t believe this. Who would have thought that I would see snow in Hawaii?” a woman asked. “ But unlike Minnesota, I can be at the beach this evening. Incredible.”

Just as Kaleo, the tour guide, was about to speak, a brief earthquake shook the ground. Clumps of fluffy powder fell off a nearby tree.

“To Native Hawaiians, this is sacred ground. The highest peak in Hawaii. Our legends say that Poli’ahu the Snow Goddess, is sister to Pele the Volcano Goddess. Each has a realm to watch over. There are usually two very cold months when Poli’ahu lives amidst the snow up here”.

As she walked barefoot towards the mountain’s edge, Poli’ahu felt another small quake. She spoke aloud to her sister, Pele, “You are too impatient. My snow will soon melt away and I will leave to return next year. You, on the other hand, can erupt and spew lava anytime. Sister, allow me this time at Mauna Kea without distraction. Aloha e…”


About the Creator

Stephanie Launiu

Stephanie Launiu is a Native Hawaiian writer enjoying life on a live volcano. She shares thoughts and stories from her little corner of Polynesia.

Her compilation of visuals about Hawaii is at:

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  • Harbor Benassa2 months ago

    Great hook at the beginning! I love your characterization of the tourists

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