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Trusting Mat

By Lucy TorralbaPublished 3 months ago 9 min read
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I inhaled sharply as my body curled upward into a fetal position. Utter terror gripped my body as the bell rang in my ears. Having no concept of time I heard a loud knock at my door when the bell finally stopped. Ed's muffled voice said, "Hope you're feeling better, me and Mat aren't going to dinner unless you come with us." Rolling my eyes I got up to yell, "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

After letting my legs go my body naturally inhaled deeply before moving to the door. Standing less than a foot away I commanded my body to stop shivering. Raising my wrist to the outline of the door I heard a small beep before it opened.

Being able to see them a little better now I extended my hand which Ed immediately took. He tugged on my arm gently for me to follow him down the hall while Mat followed behind me. Walking quietly down the hall my mind flooded with thoughts of how to talk with Mat tonight. Knowing that the surveillance team will be watching me as if I was a bug under a microscope will be difficult.

A memory came to mind in a flash, I can change the size of my astral form. How could I have forgotten about that? I mastered the technique a few years after fleeing for my life. Shaking my head to clear my mind I turned to see Mat behind me. I signed "you ok", he nodded his head slightly in response. Ed must've caught that exchange to give my hand a light squeeze, "Did I miss something?" I looked up at him to say, "Just practicing my sign with Mat." Ed stopped dead in his tracks to say, "You know sign? When did that happen?" I took my hand out of his to sign, "Growing up I practiced ASL. I have a good memory." He nodded his head, hearing the sound of the door open for us to enter the main area Ed pushed me to go first. After resisting for a second I walked ahead to not bring any suspicion to me or Mat.

Feeling dread creep into my stomach I had hoped Mat would be next to come through. Seeing Ed instead the feeling spread throughout my body as he took my hand again. When I saw Mat walk through with his head hung on his shoulders tension grew in between my shoulders. Pushing down the urge to crush Ed's hand in mine I took in a deep breath turned on my heels and pulled Ed to follow me this time.

He didn't have any issues keeping up with my stride while Mat struggled behind us. Slowing my steps down my mind raced with thoughts of what to do tonight. First one on the list would be to give Ed a good scare, although I've currently got bigger fish to fry. Looking ahead I saw the tail end of the cafeteria line.

By the time we reached it Ed stepped in front to get his tray first, I next, and Mat last. Ed held his tray with one hand while the other cupped the back of my arm to guide me. It didn't take us long to find a table out of earshot from everyone. Finally being able to sit down I noticed something odd on my tray. It looked to be a case for glasses, as I opened the case my stomach let out a growl in protest.

Leaving the case open as I wolfed down the gruel instead of taking a look inside. Mat said, "It's a pair of sunglasses." Looking towards him I said "thanks" while covering my mouth. Finishing off the last few spoonful's I reached out to the glasses thinking to myself this isn't a peace offering. Feeling the structure of the glasses I could only guess that this pair is a replica of my old ones.

Knowing that I can't resist this supposed gift I closed the case with the glasses still inside. I'll have to find out if there's any spy gear imbedded in them later. Right now these are a necessity, I thought to myself.

Hearing the screech of a chair being moved backwards I heard Ed take mine and his tray away. I reached my hand out to Mat and asked, "Can you take me to the bathroom?" "Sure", he said before the clamp had a chance to cover his mouth again. With my hand in Mat's we walked away from the table.

Holding the case in my other hand I had to keep myself from throwing it in the trash where it belongs. Seeing Ed come closer I squeezed Mat's hand to keep him from letting go. As we all walked passed the guards I felt the tiniest of stings from the collar. Turning to see Edgar with his finger still on the button I thought Just you wait asshole. Hearing Mat say, "The knob is on your right about waist high." I nodded my head before letting go. As I reached out to the knob Ed moved to open the door himself.

I said "thanks" before closing the door behind me. Keeping the light off I opened the case to place the glasses along the counter of the sink. Taking my shirt off to keep the hallway light out, I removed the sash next. With my eyes barely opening I double checked to make sure there was no light to be seen. Completely open I caught my reflection in the mirror. All those years on the run took a bigger toll on my body that I thought. Seeing all the bones poke through my skin for the first time shocked me.

When I saw the red glow of my eyes in the mirror it filled me with malice. Before the attack I used to have my mom's sea green eyes. Now their black with a blood red slit through the middle. A permanent reminder that I'm no longer human. I've become the monster that killed my parents.

Looking down at the glasses I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Deciding not to care if these glasses broadcasted my every movement I have to use them.

Turning around to put my shirt back on I took one last look at the mirror to flip the bird in case anyone is currently watching me. Seeing that Ed and Mat had waited for me I said before either one of them could offer me their hand, "I won't be needing help getting around anymore guys." Ed's face dropped for a second before I walked past him to go back to our rooms. Hearing both of them following behind I kept my pace the same.

Facing the door that leads to our confined area I scanned my wrist. Once the second door opened all that was left to do was wait for the guys to come through. Of course Ed was the first one, we waited for Mat in silence. When he was finally came through I walked a little further to take a seat in the main area. Ed and Mat followed along, Ed asked, "Are you fully healed now?" I looked over at him and asked, "Want proof?" Seeing him shrug along with Mat I closed my eyes before taking my glasses off for them to see my scarred eye lids. Hearing Ed gasp wasn't a surprise. Mat asked, "That's how you got infected? Did it hurt?" Hearing the sound of one of them hitting the other I put my glasses on to see Ed giving Mat a look.

Deciding to entertain them before the last bell rings I said, "I don't remember it hurting, although that might have been due to the shock. What I'll never forget were it's eyes." Seeing Ed look at me then at his hands brought some questions of my own to mind. Before I could ask Mat spoke, "When that thing attacked me it tore my throat out. I just bled out until my eyes closed."

Mat looked to me and then Ed, we both nodded before he continued his story. "I woke up to see it clawing its way inside my body. Every fiber in my body began to burn, that's when I passed out again. When I woke up I thought was a hospital bed. The doctors told me I was safe now, this was a place for them to help me. Been here ever since."

I didn't take my eyes off him for a second. Mat still had more to say, "When the scientist here started testing out my ability, I overheard the director say, 'The way these things enter our bodies may be a way to predict what abilities we get from them.'" Mat pulled his collar low enough for Ed and I to see the end of a nasty scar right above his collarbone.

After taking in a good look I turned my eyes away from him to Ed. His eyes dropped down to look at his hands. Changing the subject I asked, "How long do you guys think we have until the bell rings?" As I finished the question the bell rang. All of us scrambled to our feet to sprint for our rooms. Ed and I watched Mat go into his first, he then waited in the threshold of his room until mine opened. I didn't look back to see if Ed went completely in or not.

Before my door closed I heard the thing from the pit growl ferociously. Standing a few feet away I listened carefully. Waiting for what felt like hours, I turned to see it was only a few minutes. A sigh of relief left my lips while my body fell to the floor. After taking in a few deep breathes I moved toward my comforter on the floor.

My heart hammering against my ribcage, begging to be set free. Looks like I can add PTSD to the list of issues I have now I thought. "In for four, out for five", I repeated this out loud. A memory of my mom began to surface in my mind; she found me hiding under a table shaking with fear. She took my hands in hers to say, "Breathe in, hold for four seconds and let out for five." She didn't let go of my hands until I had finally calmed down. Feeling tears stinging in my eyes I turned to my side. Covering myself fully under the comforter I felt my body begin to shake as if I was still under the table before my mom found me.

Being alone with my thoughts I heard my anger speak, "Get a hold of yourself! You did not run and hide for over 10 years for these dipshits to see you cry now. Stop shaking and make them pay!" With those words ringing in my head I took a deep breathe and held it until I stopped shaking.

Finally feeling in control with my back flat on the floor my concentration moved to leaving my body. While in my astral form changing sizes wasn't that hard to do along with holding the form of a an ant.

Making my way to Mat's room carefully I seeped against the wall to hide under his bed. After enlarging my form for him to hear me I called out, "Mat, Mat, Mat are you awake?" Hearing a grunt from him I replied with, "Mat if you can hear me say a vowel." He replied with "Ah". With that conformation I asked, "Do you trust Ed?" Hearing him turn to his other side to whisper, "Not enough". Asking myself if I should trust him with my plan was replaced by the memory of his ability. As of right now he's the only ally I need.

Deciding to trust my gut I said, "Just so you know, if you lie or rat me out I'll gut you from the inside out." A short silence sat between us before he said, "I know you can and in all honesty I wouldn't mind that if what you're planning goes sideways. I've been in this place long enough to give up on any plans of escaping on my own, although with you I see a way of it working out."

Hearing the truth in his voice I said, "My plan is for all of us to take this island over for ourselves. No more guards, scientist, or Nurse Ratchet. I want all of us to take this island from them to make it our new home."

After a heavy pause Mat asked, "What do you have planned?" I said with a smile, "All anyone needs is a little push to fight back; I'll find a way to disable all of our collars. After that I'll need you to get everyone on our side to fight back and take this place as our own." Mat responded with one word, "When?" That was the only word I needed to make sure he won't do anything against me or our goal. I replied with, "Soon".

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