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Dracula's mansion


By Lucy TorralbaPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Dracula's mansion
Photo by Nathan McDine on Unsplash

Seeing a mansion in the distance I asked, "Is that where you've been staying at all this time?" Seeing Chase just nod from the corner of my eye filled me with so much envy I blurted out, "I hate you so much." Hearing him chuckle made my blood boil, he knew I didn't mean that. Resisting the urge to hit the driver I crossed my arms for the time being.

When the car finally came to a stop I took the chance to hit Chase's arm. "Ow", he said while rubbing his biceps. "I still got it", I said in between chuckles. Before I could escape out of the car the door opened while someone spoke, "Yo Chase...who are you?" Stunned I returned the question, "Who are you?"

Chase spoke from behind me to say, "Billie this Zeke, my friend from the church. Zeke this is Billie one of Dracula's familiars." Seeing the daggers in Billie's eyes told me they didn't like being called familiar. Keeping my eyes on them I used what little wiggle room I hand to extend my hand for proper introductions. When Billie looked down they brought their hand out and gave a stern shake before saying, "So this is the infamous Zeke." After letting go I turned to Chase waiting for an explanation. He defended the statement with, "All good things I promise."

I looked back to Billie who had given me some space when I turned to Chase. With a nod and an outstretched hand I took their hand to get out out of the car. Only to end up seeing someone who was almost as tall as Dracula walking to the car. The first thing that caught my eye was the long black hair, strong jawline to compliment high cheekbones, and a deep velvety voice to top it off by saying, "What's the holdup Chase, Billie grilling you before I could?" Taking in the tall one from head to toe I was glad my eyes were already cast down to keep my flushing checks hidden. Billie stepped in to say, "Peter this is Zeke, Chase's church friend." Seeing an outstretched hand extend I reached mine out to shake. Feeling his hand encompass mine entirely I was really glad our eyes weren't locked.

After a strong shake I felt Peter's hand loosen to catch the keys Chase threw at him. I let out a breathe I didn't know I was holding. Hearing nervous feet coming toward me I looked up to see Chase beside me. He said over his shoulder, "Bring it back with some gas, I almost ran on empty getting to the station earlier today." Hearing Peter's voice again made my spine tingle, "Don't look at me man, Billie drove last time." Turning around to see Billie give Peter a "dude" look made me smile for an unknown reason. Turning my head I followed Chase up the steps. Finally having a chance to calm myself I watched him open the double doors.

Once inside I felt a surge of energy run through me. It left warm and inviting, I almost dropped the blanket around me. Seeing a few people talking with each other while walking around made me even more self conscious of my body and lack of clothing. That's when I heard a voice say, "About time you got back Chase". I looked up to see a goth goddess with a stained-glass window outlining her figure. Feeling my heart skip a beat while my hand held the only piece of clothing closer to my body. Being stunned in place by this beautiful woman who had raven curly hair, flawless skin, big deep sea green eyes, with lips so full and pouty you could just melt if they touched your own.

Seeing her lips move without hearing any words I looked away while saying, "Sorry I didn't catch that." Chase said to her then me, "Celine this is Zeke my friend from the church, Zeke this is Celine my girlfriend." I looked from Celine to Chase to respond with, "You're dating this goddess of a woman?"

Celine laughed at my comment, it sounded like what I imagined angle's would if they had mouths. She said, "Everyone has that same reaction when they see us together for the first time." I looked back at Chase to think what did he do to deserve a goddess like Celine. Hearing her call to me I looked into her perfect eyes, "I've heard a lot about you Zeke." I looked back at Chase again, only to hear Celine finish with, "He wouldn't stop talking about getting you away from that awful church. Saying that, 'I need to keep my promise'". Seeing the truth in both of their eyes I felt my own begin to water. Feeling a cold hand wipe one of tears away I saw that it belonged to Celine. Seeing her bring my tear to her lips reminded me of Dracula.

Looking deeply into her eyes I felt the same pull Dracula had on me. I couldn't and didn't want to look away. "Oh Zeke, I'm so sorry for all the hardship you've gone through in such a young life", she said softly. Feeling my tears turn into rivers was replaced by a tight embrace from Chase and Celine.

Having no idea how long we stayed there holding each other felt like a lifetime of love and security that I so desperately needed. When their grip began to loosen I took hold of the blanket around me before it could fall to the floor. I smiled at Celine and then Chase only to hear, "You don't have any clothes under that blanket do you?" Looking back at Celine I said, "Nope". Celine glared daggers at Chase while saying, "You could have said that before introducing us you bumbling idiot".

I couldn't hide the chuckle that escaped my lips watching them squabble. Celine draped an arm around me to say, "Come with me Zeke, we have plenty of spare clothes you can wear for now. Afterwards we'll take your measurements to find or make clothes that'll fit properly." I couldn't hide the love struck grin that touched my lips. For the first time in my life I felt like I belonged here.

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Lucy Torralba

Just a writer at heart trying to tell some stories of my own. Currently working on one main story, will update whenever I can.

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  • SRenaS3 months ago

    I loved it! I liked the story telling and the imagination used here! Although I have a few questions about the protagonist. Like from what I understood, they have gone through a lot. I would like too know more about their past, it would bring another spice and fun in the story! But that’s just my opinion. It was amazing to read, and worth every second!

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