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The Fortune Teller

By Chayma ChouchenPublished 4 months ago 9 min read

First Chapter: Birthday Girl

Bianca's POV

I looked at the calendar and groaned," No, not my birthday again."

I whined, walking to the bathroom to have a shower. For God's sake I hate my birthday.

What? You are surprised? Of course, you are!

If I announce, " I don’t like my birthday," everyone is quick to assume that something tragic happened on the day I was born, because seriously, how could anyone not like their birthday? What kind of grinch doesn’t want to celebrate the day they came into this beautiful world? Who would dare turn down the opportunity to get presents, cake, and a surplus of Facebook notifications?

Over all these years, I learned that I hate my birthday and here's the reasons why:

First, I never know what to do for my birthday. And there is no way in hell I am throwing MYSELF a party.

Oh gosh, I can barely handle going over to a friends place for a party that they’re throwing, so how am I supposed to handle inviting 20 acquaintances into my tiny apartment? And then having to clean up after them? And what happens if someone accidentally gets chocolate on their pants, and then sits on my couch, and smears chocolate all over my couch, and like, I have to deal with that. And I’m sorry, I’m just not going to. If it’s my day, and I get to choose, I would want to stay inside my apartment all day and not put on a bra and just like, order in pizza. I guess everyone is invited to that…?

Also, I don’t even know WHO to invite to the party I’m (not) throwing.

Moreover, The expectation to have a good birthday is way too high for a normal human to function. When I wake up in the morning I have no idea how my day is going to go. Now add on top of that the fact that I’m SUPPOSED to have a good day on my birthday, and that’s like Murphy’s Law with expecting something to go wrong.

Furthermore, surprises terrify me.

I have no pokerface whatsoever. So if I don’t like something immediately, you will be able to tell. Surprise parties, in general, just terrify me. But also, the surprise of getting something I’m not expecting is also hella scary. In short: Opening presents give me anxiety, and what is wrong with me? So I legit don't need presents.

Finally, I don’t like all the attention.

I’m one of those people who will quietly sit in the back of an event and pray no one realizes I’m even there in the first place so I can quietly sneak out. I can’t do that if all eyes are on me, and also everyone is trying to talk to me and hug me and, gaaaaahhh.

And it’s not that I’m ungrateful for the attention. It’s just A LOT for someone who does not like attention, no?

I wrapped myself into my towel and stepped out the bathtub, all fresh and odorous. Changing into some normal clothes, a black floral print puff sleeve crop top with square neck, black jean and slid my gucci belt into the jean's loops, Gucci bag too and stylized my hair in a half-up-half-down. I spread my cologne and went to the kitchen when I found my mom setting the table.

" Morning mom." I smiled as I sat down

She smiled back at me and said cheerfully, " Good morning, birthday girl. Blessed that you are born, happy birthday my special gift."

" Blessed to have you, mom." I stood up and hugged her

She hugged me back and kissed my cheek. " My precious!"

It's been a long time since I heard that word... From Dad's death... From five years.

Missed you, dad! I missed you so much.

We sat down and carried on having this amazing breakfast till mom said out of nowhere, " Your grandma called me yesterday and she said that she wants to see you."

" She didn't show up for decades. She left when we needed her. She let her son die."

" She was hurt and sad, Bianca."

" We were hurt and sad too, mom."

" Bianca, she stills family, your dad's mother, she's sick."

" Mom, I don't care." I put my mug down and said indifferently

" Believe me you care." Mom sighed as she picked up a bucket of flowers and my favorite chocolate with a card," She sent you this.

I took them from her, and said sarcastically, Ohh, thanks to her." Throwing them in the garbage, " Whoops, they slipped out of my hand."

Mom shook her head.

" Let's close it, I have an exam in few minutes, see you mom." I kissed her cheek and marched to the bus station

I waited for some minutes till the bus arrived. I took a seat and put on my earphones, listening to some music.

Weird! Where is my classmates? Like even Tessa didn't show up. Is she sick or something?

When the bus finally dropped by my college, I stepped out and called Tessa but she didn't pick up the phone.

The heck! Where is she?

I put my phone into my bag and ruched to the class. I found that guy from my class who is very popular but doesn't interact with anyone. He is always annoyed even from the sound of our breathing.

He was walking down the stairs but our class is on the third floor.

" Hey, what are you doing outside we have an exam?"

" It gets postponed." He said as he continued walking without giving me any bit of attention but that's so rude

Huffing, I climbed the stairs and marched to my class. Once I opened the door, I was startled by a loud scream, " Happy birthday!" Even my freaking teacher who postponed the exam was here.

Should I laugh or cry?

I don't know what to do, now. I wanna run away without looking back.

I showed my teeth smiling at them with an awkward smile. From the other side, a whistle broke the awkward moment, Tessa started the music and all of them ran to me for hugs and kisses and wishes. Tessa was looking at me with tears like I am having an open heart operation.

I just wanna kill that girl!

Time skip™

I can't believe that they made me celebrate it and now we are in the park. I enjoyed yes and I am grateful for all this but still I want to leave.

I tried to sneak out of the group but I was held back by my hand while Tessa shouted like crazy," Biancaaa, look!"

I facepalmed myself. I know my best friend won't leave the hell out of me alone. I looked where she pointed.

A little cabinet with a big card hanging on the top, " Come check your luck!"

" Let's do something." Tess suggested with her crazy happy voice

" Not in hell!" I told her with a blank expression

" C'mon! Don't be like this!"

" Like what?"

" Like that. Let's see the Fortune teller."

" I don't believe in them, Tess!" I rolled my eyes

" It's just a joke, nothing serious. Let's try what will you lose?" She tried to convince me

" My time!" I said annoyed

" Come on, just give it a try." Tessa said as she started dragging me to the cabinet

" It's so silly, also a waste of time and money." I tried to free my arm from her grip

" Just for once have fun trying crazy things."

" I don't want to hear any kind of bullshit!" I said loudly as we reached the cabine

" All will start with death. Death will change your life and everything in your life." We heard a voice from behind

We turned to that woman that was looking at a crystal ball.

" Have a seat birthday girl." She said as she looked at me

How? How did she know that I am the birthday girl? Did she know me?

I gazed at Tess, who was holding a shocked expression on her face. Goodness!

I squeezed her hand and so did she. We blinked twice looking at each other, worried and curious at the same time.

We walked to the woman and sat, waiting to hear what else she would say.

" I see that you are holding a big love to your grandma. You missed her, and she did too. What happened is happened and she couldn't save your father. I suggest you to see her and take what's yours. You are chosen, you have to listen to the call."

My father? How did she know about my father?

My grandma? Call? Chosen? Chosen for what?

Take what's mine?

I bet she's crazy, creepy person!

" You are bluffing a lot, I am not buying it." I stood up to walk away frustrated.

Hearing a bang, I flinched. The door locked behind me. I yelped at the sound and looked at the woman," What are you doing? Open the door."

" You need to listen to me!"

" I don't want to listen to you, get up Tess!" I said forcefully as I pulled Tess' hand

Tess' hand was heavy and cold. She didn't answer me. Her face was filled with curiosity, her mouth was wide open and her big eyes, contemplating to hear about my luck. She was frozen like a statue. She didn't hear the door. It was like the time stopped for her.

Chills ran down my spines. I was mixed up. I don't know what's happening right now.

" Tess?" I shook her but she didn't move.

I yelled, " What the hell did you do to my friend?"

She looked at me darkly, " I did nothing but I will if you don't stop being agitated and listen to your fortune."

To be continued...

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