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Night Lights

by Gayle 10 months ago in Sci Fi
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An Adventure Begins

Danny called Susie on the little walkie talkie, “The blue is coming in it just showed up in the north sky.” He didn’t wait for her answer, he had talked to her just a moment ago. Jumping on his bike he took off pedaling as fast as he could.

Susie met him at the gate, she had suspected it would be tonight, they had gone two nights without an appearance. The light always came in fast over Rock Hill then slowed as it approached the tree line, then the green light would appear on top of Payne’s Ridge. The blue light would keep slowing until the green swallowed it up. Within two hours a white light would appear right out of the green and moving fast and disappearing within a minute. Then everything would go dark.

Danny had lightened his backpack, he carried two flashlights, two drinks, cookies, a blanket and four dollars cash. He had planned this with Susie for a while now, Susie was ten and he only nine, but they were bonded, especially over this discovery. Riding hard past the abandoned motel Danny noticed a car parked out back, a nice one too. He shrugged it off and rode harder. The road to Payne’s Ridge was a steady incline the leveled off before the park up there. They ditched their bikes and headed into the trees.

Susie pulled her flashlight then decided against it, the two of them knew these paths well. The fog was heavy, and Danny needed to feel his way, he tried to step lightly so the old leaves and twigs did not crunch. As the trees thinned so did the fog for some reason, then they saw it. Susie grabbed Danny by the arm and squeezed. A very large, sleek, silver craft rested in the middle of the softball field in the park, it was teardrop shaped and seemed to have fins or wings protruding from the rounded part. A circle of green lights that looked like they popped out of the field reflected their light off of the craft. Blue lights winked on and off in succession as they ran from the point in front to the back along a seam that fitted the top to the bottom.

Grinning like a little gremlin Danny led Susie around to the side of the craft, his sandy blond hair bobbing in his eyes. They kept the clubhouse between the craft and themselves. Danny wanted to take a picture, but he knew the flash would give him away. As he was working to turn off the flash a car pulled up, it was the same one he had seen behind the motel. A man climbed out of the driver’s seat. He walked quickly to the passenger’s side, but the woman refused to get out. He squatted down talking to her softly.

Susie slipped around Danny and moved closer, just behind the corner of the building. As she edged closer, she could make out some of the discussion between the man and woman. “I don’t want to leave you,” she said tearfully.

He held her and then kissed her softly. “If you don’t return, they have no idea how long you can survive here. If you return, then in a year you will be able to come back to me. If not I may only have you a little while and lose you forever.” He held her as she wept even more.

“B – But we are in stasis for five years to get home and then a year before returning, and another five years in stasis. How can I expect you to wait e - eleven years?” How can I wait eleven years?” Susie looked at Danny in wonder. There seemed to be no out for the two very much in love.

“You are my wife. I will wait for you. I don’t know why we didn’t conceive, I know we tried.” He smiled at her, and she kissed him.

“I know we tried, and I wanted a baby for you so much. I love you.” She wept some more even as two figures from the ship approached them. The man tugged on her hand guiding her from the car. “Randy, Randy please don’t make me go.” She cried as she clung to him. The figures from the ship appeared to be in human form except they had no hair and their skin shimmered like greens and blues of a deep mountain lake.

Susie and Danny decided she was alien, and the man was human and they had been married but unable to have a baby. “I think this is some kind of experiment.” Danny whispered.

“Maybe” Susie said softly, “but they got married and now she has to go or she will die. That doesn’t seem fair.” She watched the two aliens leading the woman to the ramp. Danny had disappeared from beside her and she had no idea where he had gone. No one seemed to know they were there watching. The man slumped onto the hood of the car unable to watch her go he turned his head towards Susie.

Danny appeared suddenly and the man noticed them there in the shadows. He simply stared, ‘maybe wishing he had a kid,’ Susie thought. The shadows were heavy and the lights strong as the blue continued to integrate the green. The two figures finally managed to lead the struggling woman up the ramp. As they disappeared Danny shocked Susie by bolting over to the man.

“Hey, does you want to go with her?’ He asked blatantly.

The man stared at Danny. “W – What do you mean g – go with her?” He finally managed, his blue eyes glowing in the strange light.

“There is a back ramp, looks like they are unloading their garbage, all liquid. They spread it on the bushes back there. You could get in by that ramp, looks like they are not watching it at all.

The woman had called him Randy, he followed Danny around the outside of the ball field with Susie trailing behind. Randy looked at the silver ramp for only a moment before he made his decision and began climbing up it. Danny and Susie followed. Danny snapped a couple of pictures and then messaged them to his sister. Before they knew what was happening the ramp began retracting and the door slid closed. All three were locked inside.

Susie looked frightened and Danny put his arm around her. “I sent pictures to my sister in eleven years we will return with the best story ever.” This was not exactly what Susie wanted to hear.

Suddenly an argument that had been muted escalated. Randy opened the door to the compartment they were in and immediately was aghast at what he saw. The room was open, there were panels and panels of lights and dozens of vertical tubes, each containing a body in stasis. The two men, or rather aliens, were trying to force the woman into one of the tubes. She was in near hysterics, fighting them. “NO, NO you can’t make me do this. First you tell me I am carrying a child and now you want me to sleep for five years. NO, my baby won’t know I am asleep, it will grow and it will be born . . . and it will die because I am sleeping and not taking care of it!”

One male said forcefully, “You do not know this.”

“You cannot assure me that the embryo will go into stasis, therefore I will not do it!” She was adamant and holding her ground.

Suddenly Randy appeared behind her. “Leave her be!” He ordered. The two aliens immediately let go and stepped back.

Both were shocked. The woman whirled around and fell into her husband’s arms weeping with relief. “H-How did y-you get on board?” One stammered. He stepped back farther when the two children appeared behind Randy.

“You left the back door open mate.” Danny exclaimed. The woman regained some control looking wide eyed at Danny and Susie.

“We have but one hour before the tubes lock and we must make the five-year journey awake.” One of the aliens said firmly.

“There is food, you said so yourself,” The woman said softly. “They won’t need much.” She turned to face Danny and Susie.

Randy smiled then holding tightly to his wife’s waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. “This is my wife, Zora, my morning light.” He suddenly nudged her softly. “Is it true you carry our baby?” She turned in his arms and kissed him all over nodding.

She looked at the two kids suddenly concerned. “What are you two doing here? You should not be on this craft hurtling out in space and bound for a world of water. I – I don’t think they can take you back. The flight is pre-programed, even the stasis units are on timers.” She looked back at Randy tears formed in her deep emerald eyes.

“My name is Danny, and this is Susie and dang we love adventure.” Danny looked back at Susie and saw trepidation.

“Five years, wait no eleven is a long time to be away Danny. What if my momma forgets about me?” She really didn’t want to be forgotten and yet her momma and daddy worked all the time. She spent most of her time with Jenna her babysitter. Danny was a foster child and would likely not be missed for very long.

Danny looked sorry now that he had dragged Susie away. “Well maybe they will spend more time with little Bonnie and Gene, if they know better after you are gone that is.” Danny tried to put a better spin on it. “I texted pictures to my sister in Abilene she will show everyone that there really was a spaceship.” He added. Susie had twin brother and sister. She thought about it and decided it would be a good thing if her parents started paying attention to the two children they had left, and maybe they would love her more when she returned. If she returned. She looked around the ship.

Suddenly all kinds of warning lights came on and one panel lit up in red beeping rhythmically. “What – what is wrong?” Zora asked as the two men scrambled to check all the panels that had lit up.

“Something has interfered in the system!” One of the aliens announced in alarm. “It says it is being scanned.”

“Uh Oh,” said Danny, pulling out his cell phone, sure enough the cell phone was scanning for WiFi. Randy pulled his out and they both shut off the phones. The damage had been done, the ship was on alert and would have to be reprogramed to continue. They all noticed the slowing of the engines and soon they were idling.

The one who seemed to be in charge, Daxon, they would later learn scanned the logs and selected one of the others in stasis. He shut his tube down and slowly the man came around. “Can you fly this cruiser?” Daxon asked. The man looked around and shrugged. “Are you not a pilot?” Daxon asked now alarmed.

“My name is Larson, I traded with Johann so he could move his family.” The being said looking around and now startled to realize the ship was compromised.

“I can learn real quick, I am a commercial pilot, former fighter pilot, where’s your manual?” asked Randy.

“Probably in there” Daxon said pointing to a console. As Randy scrolled through the manuals and log books the kids asked about food.

“Green slushies for the next five years unless we find someplace to obtain something else.” Said Arlington the third being still awake.

“Okay I can get her going, you best know the route, or we are going to wander the Milky Way till we find earth again.” Randy announced.

Daxon shrugged, “You are the pilot, lead on.”

The adventures begins

Sci Fi

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