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My Passion and Success with Women

Juliet's Challenge: Researching New Techniques to Impress Her

By Emmanuel OjenikePublished about a month ago 4 min read

I enjoy pursuing relationships with women, but I find it challenging to initiate conversations or express my feelings towards them. However, I've noticed that by simply snapping my fingers, women are drawn to me, like ants to sugar. It's fascinating how women are attracted to four qualities in a man: good looks, intelligence, wealth, and talent. Fortunately, I possess all of these qualities. I am handsome, highly intelligent, and considered the most brilliant student in my class. Additionally, my father holds a managerial position in a prominent company, and my mother is a nurse at a renowned hospital in Nigeria, which has contributed to my wealth. Moreover, I have impressive skills in dancing, singing, and being a talented football striker.

I had never experienced feelings of being belittled or having low self-esteem until I encountered Juliet . She exemplified an entirely different level of what it means to be a lady. She stood out remarkably compared to the other girls I had encountered.

It was a Sunday morning when I caught sight of Juliet jogging through our neighborhood. She wore a white shorts and a blue vest, with her hair styled in a ponytail. Since it was my first time seeing her in the area, I assumed her family had recently moved into the estate. To my amazement, she possessed natural curves reminiscent of Kim Kardashian, along with Shakira-like flexibility in her hips. Whenever she smiled, her deep dimple had the power to melt hearts like a candle. Her teeth were clean and white, as if meticulously washed with a whitening agent. Juliet stood tall, akin to Agbani Darego, the former most beautiful girl in Nigeria, and her long, straight legs resembled those of Yvonne. In essence, she was a captivating beauty, and no verbal description could compare to witnessing her in person. On that day, I summoned all my methods and skills of courting a lady, and with confidence, I approached her. Walking towards her with my hands in my pockets, head held high, and a bouncy stride, I adjusted the tip of my face cap, complementing my Andrew top, blue jeans, and accentuated height, which added to my appeal.

"Hey! are you?" I greeted with my usual friendly smile, as I would with any other woman. Juliet glanced up from her phone, scrutinized me from head to toe, and let out a dismissive sound.

"Hello...I'm greeting you, beautiful," I persisted, unwilling to give up easily.

"How can I assist you? What do you want? Who are you? What do you need from me?" she asked with a scornful tone. I looked at her in astonishment, contemplating which question to address first. I decided to employ another approach in my pursuit, one that I refer to as the "magic wand."

"Darling, I'm not here to harm you. On the contrary, I want to shower you with wealth. My parents are affluent, and I possess talents in singing and dancing. My social standing is..."

"Be quiet, you fool! You're far too arrogant. Who do you think I am? An extravagant spoiled brat? A gold digger? Let me inform you, my name is Juliet Jonathan Andrew , and I know you very well. You're Roy Vincent . Your mother works at my mother's hospital, Jonathan Medical Center, and my father owns the company where your father is employed, Jonathan Andrew Oil and Gas Company. The car your father drives is the same type of car I drive now. I am beautiful and gifted in singing, dancing, and writing. I have received numerous awards for my talents, published multiple books, and to top it all off, I graduated as a first-class student from the prestigious Lagos State University. Currently, at the age of 24, I am pursuing my Ph.D. in London. So, tell me, what else can you use to woo me besides the qualities you mentioned?" Juliet smiled, enjoying the bewildered expression on my face. I was drenched in sweat, my tongue tied, and I wished the ground would open up and swallow me. She had said it all—her own family is the source of our income and livelihood.

"It's an assignment, my dear. Go and research how else you can win me over," she said, walking confidently with her dog towards a Porsche, which turned out to be her car.

As I took in all this information, I realized the stark contrast between our backgrounds. While I had boasted about my own qualities and attempted to impress her, Juliet effortlessly overshadowed me with her own accomplishments and the sheer weight of her family's influence.

Feeling a mix of admiration, intimidation, and even a tinge of envy, I couldn't help but recognize that her family's wealth and status played a significant role in our lives. It was a humbling moment, as I came to grips with the fact that my attempts to woo Juliet based solely on my personal attributes had been misguided and insufficient.

Her words lingered in the air, leaving me to contemplate how to proceed from this point forward. It was clear that winning Juliet 's affection would require more than just the qualities I had initially mentioned. I needed to reassess my approach and find a way to bridge the gap between our backgrounds, showing her that I was more than just a product of my parents' success.

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