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My Last Wish

by Violet Hamilton 9 months ago in Short Story · updated 20 days ago
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Who Has Been Granting My Wishes?


My last wish. What would it be? I wished for so many things in this world. And I’ve gotten all of them. Now, that I’m about to be 51 years old, I look back at all my life and look what I see; I see someone has granted me all my wishes. Everything I have ever wished for; have been giving to me.

Now I have one last wish…and right before I make it, I wanna make it count. Before I make it; let me ask who? Who is the one next to me who has been granting my wishes before I asked it?

Let me ask you. The one who has been granting my wishes: Why have you?

BOOM! Like the sound of one thunderbolt strikes right in front of me in a small pond of water. And when I looked down, I saw a reflection of myself on the frozen waters.

Then I felt something behind me…’s a wind that doesn’t grow old. Why does the wind whisper in my ear? It says, “Help! Help! Oh the cold has appeared.” Why is she (the wind) so afraid of the cold when the winds are made of cold?….And all of a sudden in the moment…. Boom! I turned around and the Ice Age has returned here.

So right there: I make my wish. I wish to be the salvation of this world-wide disaster that is stealing all men’s and women’s souls. And right there I hear another BOOM! But this time, the thunderbolt strikes me as the winds are carrying me to where I need to go. Now, what has I done? The Ice Age surrounding me, the wind carrying me away, and a bolt of thunder has just struck me. Leaving me baffled; with no pain.

But as it freezes all of China, it’s me untouched. Why does it not hurt me? As I walk through it untouched? Then the wind whispers again, “Follow me! Follow me!” So that a beginning shall save the end.


Set in Chinatown in Manhattan. A man; a Chinese man, a Buddhist hears the Buddha’s voice telling him, “Buddha has blessed you!” It continues, “Buddha has blessed you so that you can bless the daughter of the skies. For she will arrive, when the rains and the ice collide. Then the man sees a magical storm and the magical storm lands in front of a great pond in Chinatown where people make wishes by throwing coins inside. And as it lands, a Buddha appears again and tells the man, “Hold on to this woman that has landed in this pond.”

So the man grabs hold of the woman and takes her to his house. Unconscious, the man revives her by using herbal teas from China. When she comes to, the first thing she does is screams, “Where am I and who are you?” Then, all of a sudden; Thunderbolts! Thunderbolts come crashing out from all over her body but not hurting the man or nothing in his room. But the man is mystified. For some strange reason, he is not scared. Now he turns to the lady and tells her , “Look at the Buddha.” And when she does, she smiles and screams, “Again, you did it!”


Then we both instantly rubbed the Buddha’s stomach and when we both rubbed it, we both heard the Buddah say, “Adam, Eve, you have been resurrected by the forces of God. Now hold hands and say, ‘I am, I am and we are, we are.’ The beginning of the end of evil on earth as it is in heaven.”

Then both of them faced each other and see the heavens they came from. And the thunderbolts of God that bought them down. And as they see the miracle that has bought them together again, they remember the word of God was always inside them saying, “I AM THY SHEPARD AND YOU ARE THY SHEEP.”

All of a sudden, the Ice Age melted. When I grabbed her hand, the Ice Age melted right before it entered Manhattan. And all we heard was the thunder that was coming out of both of us screaming, “God answers prayers!” And also screaming, “When love conquers all, then reincarnation of Adam and Eve happens because their love was too strong. And the one mistake that the world did they forgot. But Adam and Eve are oriental.”


Short Story

About the author

Violet Hamilton

Born in Harlem. Raised in The Bronx. Wrote multiple Award-Winning Cast and Crew screenplay "What If" and "Trickster." Educated. World traveler. I now reside in Long Island, New York. I adore writing. It's the only time I get to play God.

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