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My Broken Valentine

Chapter 5 (The Derek Morgan Chronicles)

By Cynthia FieldsPublished 9 months ago 6 min read
My Broken Valentine
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San Diego PD – Downtown – Evening

It was after seven when the team arrived in San Diego. The large precinct was buzzing with action. Hotch and the others were immediately greeted by Det. Alonzo Garza who had requested their help.

“Welcome to San Diego, I’m Det. Garza.”

Hotch introduced everyone who nodded and shook hands with the detective; all except Reid who simply waved and half-smiled at the detective. The team was amazed that even this late, the place was extremely busy. Without hesitation, Det. Garza led the team to a conference room that would be home until the case was solved.

“Nice,” Dave began.

“Welcome to sunny southern California!” JJ added.

“Well, let’s go to the hotel and get some rest and something to eat and we’ll start fresh in the morning,” Hotch suggested.

Derek lingered behind the others. He wanted to talk to Penelope, he needed to talk to Penelope, so without another thought he pulled his phone from his pocket and pressed, one. He closed his eyes while the phone rang. This was crazy, he thought to himself not sure if she would even answer. She’d insisted on just being friends, but their conversations had changed from flirty to professional and each time he thought about what he had lost, his heart hurt.


He wasn’t sure what to say, hearing her voice in his ear.

“Hey, uh...”

“Derek, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah baby girl, everything is fine. I just...I just wanted to let you know that we made it to San Diego, and we’re headed to the hotel.”

“Oh, okay, fine...I’m glad...get some rest and I guess I’ll head out too.”

“Penelope...I... can we talk when I get back?”

“I’m not sure we have much to talk about, Derek.”

“Penelope, I miss you, I miss us, our friendship, the way we used to be.”

“I can’t talk about this right now, Derek.”

“Yeah okay. I’ll let you go then.”

“Okay, bye Derek.”

“Goodbye, Penelope.”

Just before he hung up...



“I miss you too.”

BAU Headquarters – Quantico, VA – Evening

Penelope held the phone against her chest, closed her eyes and exhaled. It was good to hear his voice and now she was more confused than ever about her decision to distance herself from him. How could she stop loving him and how could she get over the fact that she needed him more than breath or water or...she had it bad and she was fooling herself to think that she could be happy with Sam or anyone else except Derek.

Sam was excited as he stepped off the elevator. Security had cleared him to be there and that made him feel important; to be on the list of civilians allowed on the sixth floor, allowed because he was Penelope Garcia’s boyfriend, now that was something. Sam could barely make it up the steps without tripping. He felt like a winner, he had never felt that way when it came to Penelope, but he’d won her back, and she had chosen him over Derek, now that was something indeed.

Penelope was surprised to see him at her door. She was just about to leave for the evening, and this was so unlike him to show up unexpectantly.

“Surprise beautiful!”

“Sam, what...” then she saw the bouquet appear from behind his back, “...are you doing here?”

“Well, I knew the team was out of town so I thought we could catch a late dinner.”

“I don’t know, Sam,” then reaching for the flowers and grimacing as she surveyed the room for an empty space to sit them, “I’m exhausted and I really...”

“Please, we can grab a burger and head to your house...and I could stay the night and we can have dessert in bed and...”

“...I love this new spontaneous Sam, I really do, but I am not in the mood. How about a raincheck?”

She saw his face drop, she felt bad, but she didn’t have it in her to pretend tonight. Not to be defeated, Sam approached her and pulled her into his arms.

“I really wanted to spend the night with you, Penelope, but I understand if you’re tired,” then kissing her lightly on the lips, “you work too hard, you know that right?”

“I love my job, Sam,” she pulled out of his arms and continued packing her things.

“I know, I know you do.”

“Well then how about you walk me to my car?”

“Of course, my love; of course.”

Home of Savannah Hayes – Evening –

Savannah paced the floor of her bedroom. This was the house that she and Derek had shared together. The night he’d given her the key was still fresh in her mind. He was so serious, so hopeful and even after both of their pagers went off summoning them back to their respective jobs, she saw the hope and sincerity in her eyes. She believed him, he was so convincing, she wanted everything that he had promised and what the shiny keys had meant. Now, the house was too big for her, and her son and she wondered if she could ever be happy here again.

Della placed the last of her things in the trunk of her car. She was determined to see her plan through to the end and teach Derek Morgan a very important lesson and that lesson was that there were consequences for his actions. He had hurt Savannah badly; she didn’t deserve what he had done. Savannah had chosen her without hesitation and included her in her family; she and the baby were her family now...Della never had a real family...she had one at last.

The two younger men stood watching her, exchanging looks, and shrugging their shoulders. They’d known Della since they were teenagers in foster care, growing up in the same house with a half dozen other kids. The three of them had been joined at the hip since day one and had stayed in touch after they had aged out of the system. The men were loyal, perhaps too loyal to the woman who had an unholy control over them. Della was, beautiful, determined, and angry, a deadly triad. As Della hugged them both goodbye, they knew that Derek Morgan was not her first victim...and if she wasn’t stopped, he would not be her last.

Home of Penelope Garcia –

It was good to be home. She was also relieved that Sam did not insist on going to dinner or spending the night. It had been a hard day; one she did not want to make worse by spending time with Sam. She didn’t love him, yet she had given him hope that one day she could. She had judged Derek harshly for what had happened between him, and Savannah and she’d allowed her own guilt to make a decision that she now regretted.

Penelope needed to talk to Derek. It was late but she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep without talking to him first. So, taking a deep breath, she fished her phone from her large leather bag and dialed his number. He answered quickly, he always did; she could tell that he had been asleep, and a twinge of remorse hit her.

“H-hello?” he answered groggily.

“Derek, can we talk?”

He was awake now, pulling himself up in bed.

“Baby Girl, is that you?”

“Yes Derek, it’s me.”

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I adore words and I love what happens when we grab them, sleep with them, holler and scream and laugh at them! I love what happens when we throw them in the air and watch them fall magically from our minds onto paper!

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