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delta echo alpha delta

By Alexandra ZellerPublished 2 years ago • 3 min read
Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

This is Dr. Quintox, Audio log notes number 5-7-5. The current date is September 16th, 2212.

Manifestation chamber delta echo alpha delta seems to have a neurological link to subject 378. 378, also known as James, has developed a close bond to chamber delta echo alpha delta. When exposed to the radius of the chamber, James becomes increasingly more irate. The longer he remains within ten meters, but outside of the yellow rectangular box, the more strength he gains and the more altered his mental state becomes. When within the marked area, the subject's mental state returns to baseline. His mental state also seems to remain baseline when outside of the radius, however, Dr. Uri has noted he seems to become more depressed as days pass.

It is worth noting that the radius in which James is affected seems to be growing larger by the day. Since testing began two weeks ago, the agitation range has increased from four meters to ten. The growth is concerning as soon James will need to be held off the facility. More tracking is encouraged in order to pinpoint the exact growth rate, and if it is a finite or infinite growth.

When within the confines of the yellow box, James is capable of speaking any language. These languages come from both known and unknown origins. We have tried to decipher the ones of unknown origin, but we have yet to make any linguistic connections. Teams are encouraged to incite James into speaking in these languages while carefully watching delta echo alpha delta's town center.

Within the radius and box, anything James speaks comes to life in the room's town center. The town center is a small diorama of an unknown town. It looks remarkably like a small town in rural America during the gold rush period, looks considerably like a town called Sonora, California. Historical research is required on Sonora and other gold rush towns nearby. Please pin up all the current articles we have on Sonora's growth and population over the years.

Some significant actions that have occurred come in the form of births, a running of the bulls, and a myriad of miniature natural disasters. Although these actions seem limited to the town center, all personnel are advised to keep James as calm and neutral as possible while within delta echo alpha delta.

Tranq Corps would like studies to be done in order to see if Jame's powers can be manipulated in such a way as to affect modern-day, and larger-scale, towns. The assumption here being they wish to harness this ability for military purposes. Please keep all studies, photographs, charts, and data surrounding James and delta echo alpha delta classified.

Now, to continue a bit more testing for today. Attempts will now be made to anger James, all security units are on standby in case of emergency.

James, we are going to take away your water, is that ok?

There is notable shuffling, gargling, and eventually a scream from the background. Two guards are called to enter and retrieve the water from James, and after, restrain him. The town center can be seen swaying back and forth, the ground shudders and eventually two large fissures open up. The tiny people within the town can be heard faintly yelling. Eventually, the ground becomes so uneven that sinkholes form. More than half the town is consumed into the ground. Dr. Quintox motions for James to be given a sedative. Within moments he is asleep and all is quiet again. Voices can be heard again as the recording continues.

Uh, Dr. Quintox?


Why are all these population data points blank for Sonora? Past 1850, we have no points. Sonora no longer exists.

Dr. Quintox rushes over to the board. There are blank data points everywhere. No population data, no demographic data, nothing. It was as if Sonora was erased from existence.

Check the history for Sonora, now!

A myriad of movements and clicking can be heard in the background. After a few moments of this, hurried footsteps can be heard approaching the recording device.

Sonora... it was destroyed in an earthquake. Leveled. The fault lines that ran through it completely upended the town. Reports show that there were no survivors.

Sci Fi

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