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A Single Call

More questions than answers follow Sophia

By Alexandra ZellerPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
A Single Call
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

(2nd Part of Scavenger Hunt mini-series)

The police had taken the finger. I had no choice but to get them involved. What if the finger didn't belong to Owen? Was someone else playing games with me?

The bustle at the station was so loud. The lights felt hot and bright as I sat in an interrogation room. Officer Seal had already informed me numerous times to not play into this psychopath's head, and that if I knew what this "P" was talking about I was to report to him immediately. It felt like I had to repeat the same thing ten million times before they would understand that I had no idea what any of it meant.

I couldn't even tell them about his money laundering. I truly had no idea how or why he did it, but there was clearly no other way Owen could have amassed such a fortune to move out here. Not to mention the last thing I needed was an investigation into his dark side, I didn't want the investigation to be stopped short because of it. The town may be small, but the house and the view we paid for were all but frugal.

"Well well, it seems it is your wedding ring based on manufacturing records. The finger also matches his prints. DNA testing will further confirm it." I couldn't help but heave a big sigh, he was alive. Or at least alive recently enough to have had a finger in such good condition.

"That's great news!"

Seal looked taken aback by my sudden and upbeat attitude surrounding the case. A pitiful frown was plastered on her face, but I wouldn't let that stop my hope from bubbling up.

"Ms. Satter-"

"Mrs," I stated politely.

"Mrs... Satterfield, your husband has been missing a long time. There are ways to preserve body parts, until testing is done, I would still mark this case as a body recovery rather than a missing person. I just don't want you to get your hopes up."

A knock on the door preceded another cop's entry.

"Seal, I need to speak with you a moment."

Seal was ushered out and it left me alone in the room. I stood up and watched out the little window as the two stood over a bouquet. From what I could tell, they were buttercup yellow marigolds. My favorite flower, ironically enough. Seal went rummaging through them, ripping a piece of paper from within the bushel. After a momentary pause, she caught a glimpse of me staring from the interrogation room. They both motioned me over, and as soon as I was within arms reach Seal handed me the paper.

'Aren't you all so cute? You didn't need to involve the authorities, but I guess I better say hello to them now. Seal is it? Are you joining in our game too? Tick tock though Sophia, you should've found the next clue by now! How shameful you still don't remember what he saw. I hope you at least enjoy the marigolds, we all know Diana didn't.


The name Diana immediately registered with me. She had been working closely with Owen when he was working as a bank branch manager- almost like an assistant. I was always a bit jealous of their relationship, but Owen assured me it was just work-related and when he retired I had forgotten about her up until now. I guess it was more than just a work relationship, P was sure making it sound that way.

Seal was adamantly staring at me, gesturing lightly with her hands to encourage me to speak up on this ordeal. I furrowed my brow.

"Diana used to work with Owen back at the bank. I forgot she had even existed as they never spoke after he retired."

Both Seal and the other officer began barking orders and making phone calls. Between the hectic rings and shouts, Seal ordered me to return home with an escort. They swept the house before letting me settle in for the night. I was told that an officer would be stationed outside to watch the house for any suspicious activity. The joys of an open and active investigation.

As I rummaged through the bedside drawer I found a phone, and wrapped around it was a beautiful green ribbon fastened in a bow with a note tied to it.

'Go ahead, call, find out what secrets he had.


When the phone blinked to life, I noticed one contact registered into it. It was Diana's number- or so the name read. Part of me wanted to turn the phone into Seal, but part of me needed to know. I needed to know what Owen had done that was so cruel to Diana. What he had touched that wasn't his.

I hit the call button and waited. It took only a moment before an angry voice answered the phone. It was Diana.

"It's about time you called Owen. Your payments have run out."


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A young adult still trying to find her place in this world.

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