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Magic Beauty Brush: A Haunting Glow

An Alluring Brush with Shades of Darkness

By the kitchen sink. Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Magic Beauty Brush: A Haunting Glow
Photo by Zahrin Lukman on Unsplash

In an old, dusty antique store, a forgotten makeup brush sat among other trinkets. Little did anyone know, it held a mysterious power. Whenever it touched a face, it granted flawless beauty beyond imagination. Women flocked to purchase it, unaware of its eerie secret. One fateful night, a woman applied the brush's enchanting strokes. But as she gazed into the mirror, her face transformed into a ghastly visage, her beauty twisted into a haunting nightmare. The brush cackled softly, pleased with its wicked mischief. Its curse had claimed yet another victim, forever trapped behind a monstrous facade.

MysteryShort StoryMicrofictionHorrorFan Fiction

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the kitchen sink.

In the kitchen sink, we look for all things we can consume that benefit our life! Knowledge is power and health is wealth. We’re here to eat and spill the tea. Grab a dish.

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