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Love's Illusion

by Amanda Adkins 3 months ago in Series

Part One of the "Mourning Love" Trilogy

The young boy opened his eyes, doing his best to fight sleep. It was just your typical day the morning everything changed for him. Just as the teacher came into the classroom, a young girl stepped in clearly shy from the nervous fidgeting she was doing waiting to be introduced. Now, the young boy had heard of something called “Love at first sight”, but he had never really believed in it, writing it off as something stories liked to use to give young girls and women a chance to dream of a fantasy love. That skepticism was thrown out the window when the young girl was brought in as their new classmate. The teacher instructed her to sit in the lone empty chair, a couple of seats in front of where he was only adding to his excitement.

Time passed, years changed. The young boy and girl had become good friends in the time since she had first stepped into the classroom. Still, the young boy held on to his feelings growing stronger by the day. Even when everything about them seemed to be opposite as far as compatibility standards, he hoped and dreamed that maybe one day, he’d get the chance to tell her how he felt. This went on until the day that the girl told him that they would have to part from one another, as her parents were moving to another part of the world to continue their work. Despite the time difference, the two of them continued to talk.

But the move had a bigger impact than what the two of them could ever imagine. One day, everything just stopped. No calls, no texts…nothing from the young girl. For days on end, the young boy tried to reach out to her, asking for a response, even if it was a simple “Hello”, but all he got was the same silence. To him, it was as if she had vanished off the face of the earth, as thoughts of horrible deeds plagued his mind, he slowly started to sink into a sort of madness. Pushing away his friends, lashing out at his family, anything to ease the hurt and the worry from his head…but none of it worked.

What the young boy didn’t know is that he wasn’t the only one taken in by the young girl. The girl had caught the eye of one of the local gangsters. This man was well known in the underground for getting what he wanted, when he wanted it. Once he had his gaze on her, most of the locals assumed it was a done deal, coming to fear upsetting her in case it led to retaliation from the gangster. But when the young girl started trying to distance herself from the gangster, he lashed out, threatening to destroy her family and any that she held dear. To her, he truly was a monster…

As more years passed, the both of them finally reached high school age, and with it, the girl was finally given a chance to return to her original hometown. Not once did she think of the boy she had left behind all those years ago, having forgotten that they had been friends in the first place thanks to her forced involvement with the gangster. And, as luck would have it, the two of the former friends wound up by being accepted into the same school, in the same class no less.

Seeing the girl that he had been so in love with for the past few years of his life, the boy perked up, going over to see if she remembered him. But it was clear after a few minutes of talking that there was no memory of him within her heart. That fact alone cut him deeply, and he spent the rest of the day seemingly in a trance. Feeling that it would be best to just cut his feelings out for the girl, he went to bed that night, feeling more lost and hurt than he had before when she had left him hanging without a word.

But forgetting the feelings you’ve held on to for so long is a hard thing to do, some would even say impossible at such a young age. With them being in the same school, the same class, it proved even harder. As months passed and the boy saw more and more people getting close to the girl, he couldn’t help but start to feel jealous. It didn’t help that it seemed like there was nothing she couldn’t do, no matter how complicated the problem proved to be. Through his past actions, he had pushed away everyone around him, and he was starting to regret it now when he saw all the attention she was getting.

As the days grew longer and the year came to an end, the boy made a decision. That he was going to win her over this time, unable to stand the fact that so many others sought her affections. The boy stayed up for many nights, searching for the best way to confess his feelings for the girl he had loved for so long. In the end, he decided to go a classic route of a poem, pouring his heart and soul into every word, even going as far as to combine their known languages together to make it.

Surprisingly, the girl said yes to his poem of confession. Thrilled, the boy felt like he was finally getting his world back to where it needed to be. It wasn’t long before the two of them were the talk of the entire school, especially when word went out somehow that the two of them had been childhood friends. Though the boy wasn’t sure how that had come to light, he didn’t care, for it was true that they had been friends in their youth. Maybe the girl finally remembered their time together back then and had set the record straight with one of her other friends? He didn’t know, but for now, he was back to the same boy he had been all those years ago before she had left.

For the next few months, things went smoothly between them. They seemed to have more in common now than when they were kids, but tastes change with age, so the boy figured that this was the case here. He was excited for the future for the first time in years, going all out on dates and spending as much time as he could with her. But month after month, she started to get less available, more busy. As they were both taking different career paths, the boy didn’t think too much of this, believing that every couple would be going through this critical moment in their high school life. It never stopped him from missing her any less, however.

When the exams came to an end, the boy figured everything would go back to normal, and when it didn’t, he became curious. What was it that she was doing that kept them apart yet again? Determined to find out, the boy took to following the girl from the shadows. For days on end, nothing unusual happened, often times, she simply went home to relax. But by the end of the third week, he found something he wished he could forget.

The gangster had managed to find the girl after she had left the country, and it seemed like he was intent on reclaiming what he had lost for so long. The boy watched the two of them for a while, wanting to make sure with his own eyes that she was seeing this man behind his back. When he felt he had seen enough, he left, frustration and hurt tearing his heart to pieces yet again.

The next day at school, the boy confronted the girl, wanting to know what was going on between her and the gangster. His mind, however, had twisted in the night, and it started warping what she was actually trying to tell him. To him…it had all been fake from her since the beginning.

He was done. Done with the lies, the deceit, the pain. This time, it would be him that ended it. But the girl was hurt by the boy’s words. She argued that he was missing the facts, that he was jumping to conclusions. Still, he wouldn’t listen. They argued like that for some time in front of what seemed like half the school. Finally, with an almost audible snap, the two turned and stormed away from each other, parting the gathered students with ease as they both left the other.

Days, weeks, months, years…everything blurred together as their final year of high school finally came to a close. Both the boy and the girl had tried to move on since the day they broke up in front of the entire school. As the final speech came to a close and the last diploma was handed out, the two came face to face for the first time in years. Both of them more mature, more levelheaded than that day, started talking once more. Simple things at first, things they were glad to get away from with school, what they wanted to do next. And then the conversation took an almost unexpected turn. They both were sorry that they had walked away that day, admitting that if they could turn back the clock, they’d make it so that the argument never happened.

For a moment, the boy and girl just looked at each other. Then, they were both laughing and hugging. From one misunderstanding, they had fallen apart, but maybe if they could pretend it was nothing more than a bad dream, they could return to something like they had back then. No, it would never be the same, but it would be a start. Closing their eyes, almost at the same time, the boy and the girl seemed to block out the world around them, leaving the two of them in the solitude of the darkness that remained behind their closed eyes.


Amanda Adkins

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