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Love quotes for him

Our love story was absolutely filmy. This is love at first sight. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly,love quotes for him.

By Selly NathPublished 2 years ago 10 min read

Love quotes for him

A mistake

Once some students were doing some experiments in a chemistry lab. All the students were so busy with their exams that suddenly a bright bubble came up from a boy's test tube and his scars went in front of the eyes of the girl doing the test. The whole laboratory was abuzz. Everyone was very upset. The girl was rushed to a hospital where doctors said she had lost her eyesight. Upon hearing this, the family members of the girl started cursing the boy and the people of the school kicked the boy out of the school. Now no colour was the main thing in the life of that girl. Even family members cursed the boy for ruining their daughter's life.

In today's world, even if you put a hooter angel in front of someone, boys want more beauty than that. At that time it was impossible to think of adding color to the solitary life of that poor man. Well, time passed and the girl got used to that solitude. Because now there was no chance of light coming from anywhere in his life. Suddenly one day a relative of a great engineer comes to the house of that blind girl, not only that, the boy himself comes with his parents to ask his family members for his hand. The people of the house sat down and were very happy to have a son for their blind girl, but the girl was very sad about this.

Maybe he didn't want to ruin anyone's life. He called the boy inside and said I am blind, I can't do any work in your house.

You will not get any happiness from me, you are an engineer, you will get more than one daughter. Please don't waste your life. The boy went forward, took the girl's hand, knelt down and said, "Let me say yes to atone for this marriage, I am the one who left your life and today I want to atone." Please don't refuse ... the girl starts crying when she hears this, thinking that ... the one who ruined her life wants to marry her !!! ... but ?????? ... think this .. There are people in this world who know how to admit their mistakes ???????

Face me,Love quotes for him

Our love story was absolutely filmy. This is love at first sight. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. We didn't think much before we fell in love, but once we fall in love we start thinking ahead. This is why I was admitted to a journalism institute with a job promise. I was also in a hurry because his family members were looking for the boy. Fate and hard work are reflected. Admitted to the institute. It seemed that everything would be fine now, but a dramatic turn had to come in the form of Hindi film. Her marriage was fixed within a month of being admitted to the course.

She was very nervous. On the contrary, we were both very nervous. I thought I would run away and get married now. But I didn't have a job so I withdrew.

I kept telling him and myself that 'whatever happens will be fine'. The two of them also talked about marriage in their respective homes, but every time our efforts would be wasted due to caste, age, dignity, unemployment etc. Time was running out. I thought I would leave journalism and leave the course and work in a call center. But some experienced people who have already walked the path of love have exacerbated the damage so much that I have not been able to move forward. Our condition became like the sesame of a snake.

We made love but didn't think about the issues ahead. This is why after going out on a love journey, when it came to marriage, sometimes I was afraid of sibling marriage, sometimes I was worried about the honor and future of the family.

Love quotes for himhimhim

Time was running out like riding a fast black horse. He didn't even take the name of stopping. Even if he stopped, it was as if he was walking continuously. The wedding date was approaching and strange helplessness, instability settled in my mind. In such situations, friends give the best and unique options. I also received a lot of advice. Till the day of her marriage, I promised God that I would go to every temple, big or small, barefoot and offer 101 rupees, but in this age of inflation, whatever happens with 101 rupees, then maybe God will not accept it. Was. Disappointed, I moved on to atheism and reality. Attempts to create some commotion by finding out the son's phone number and address from Facebook from the time the marriage was fixed till the day of the marriage also failed. I spent the whole day of her marriage in the temple. Maybe there was still some hope.

However, with the sunset, they also start to decrease rapidly. I have taken a lot of Hindi films in my life, so I reached the wedding stage before evening to say my last salute. Somehow he reached the bride's dressing room and told her I would come on stage, hug me, I would be beaten a little but everything would be fine. The marriage will be annulled. With that I ran out of the house like an arrow. My enthusiasm woke up again. Now this was my Brahmastra. I reached the stage from Jaimal. There was fear of being beaten after the Brahmastra operation, but there was also hope for success. As I approached her on stage, hoping she would hug me, I gestured too but there was no expression on her face. But after pausing for a few minutes, the photographer said, "Brother, get down now." In an instant I came from the film world of my dreams. She has become someone else's wife. I don't know if anyone snatched it from me or I wrote the story of my own defeat.

If I had embraced him,Love quotes for him.

A boy loved a girl very much. But he had a bad habit of not being in the mood to talk. The girl liked him very much but his family did not like him. Because he did not have the courage to speak.

Once the boy said to the girl: "I love you" then the girl's father's phone rang.

Papa: "Where were you with the same boy? How many times have you told me to stay away from that boy?" Saying this, his father cut off the call. Then the girl said I love you ...

The boy understood and left.

The boy had finished his local studies, so he had to go abroad for further studies. The next day he went to the girl and said to her: "I know why your father does not like me. But now I will be fine."

The girl was happy and asked the boy to talk to her father. The boy went to the girl's father and promised him that he would be fine.

The boy got engaged to the girl before the consent of the boy's family members. The two would ring each other, the boy would leave but she would call him every day, text him and say heavy words in love. But one day, the girl was returning home with her mother and father when a car hit the three of them. After a while the girl saw her parents screaming in pain. She wanted to do something but she also suffered a lot. He was admitted to the hospital. Wow the doctor says the girl lost her voice because of the accident and she can't talk anymore. The girl was very shocked. He was brought home. The boy called. The girl did not call or reply to the message even though she gave the message. She didn't want to hurt him.

She wrote a letter to the boy asking him to forget her. She no longer loves him and he returned the engagement ring with the letter. She is now very sad and cries day and night. Her family members thought she might forget if she finished this place. Thinking this, he changed his flat and moved to a new place. There the girl learned the language of gestures and she would tell her father every day that he had forgotten her. A few days later the boy's friend came to the girl and said she wants to meet you. The girl writes a letter to her friend telling her never to tell the boy what I said, and I can't talk now. Hearing this, the boy's friend left. After 2-3 years, the same friend of the boy came to Wahar with the card in his hand. He handed the card to the girl and said: -

"She's getting married now." The girl opened the card in disgust and saw her own name written instead of the bride's. When she looked back, the boy (her boyfriend) was also standing there. He gestured to her, "In these 2-3 years he has only learned gesture language, so it's too late to come. Now I will say whatever you say."

Tears welled up in the girl's eyes, and she hugged him.

My friend's true love story,

Love quotes for him.

My friend's name is Perth. Perth is by nature a good and handsome boy. This story is about the time when Perth fell in love with a girl. The girl's name was Kriya.

Perth and Kriya both went to college and it was there that they first met. They became very good friends. They met every day and their friendship turned into love. They shared their joys and sorrows together. Then one day Perth's birthday came. The action took a lot of preparation. That morning Kriya called Perth and wished him a happy birthday. Kriya tells Perth that she will get to her house immediately. So Perth sat ready.

Even after a long time, when Kriya did not reach Perth's house or get any news from her and Kriya did not even call Perth, Perth became very worried. Then someone knocked on the door. His mouth was open as soon as the Perth door opened. Kriya's friend was standing in front of her. Kriya's friend suddenly started crying. Perth anxiously asked him what was the matter and gave him some water too. After a while, Kriya's friend said that Kriya's car collided with another car. Perth was surprised to hear this news. He asked Kriya's friend which hospital Kriya is in and how she is. She wanted to meet him at the time. Extremely sad, Kriya's friend cried and said that Kriya could not live, she died. Tears welled up in Perth's eyes, and he couldn't control himself.

Kriya's friend left after giving her this sad news and apologizing to her. Perth was alone at home at the time and was crying. There was no one to look after him. Suddenly a thought came to his mind that I had spoken to Kriya a while ago. But now there was no one there. She was very surprised. Then he remembered about the action that he had promised me that he would stay with me. He began to remember all the days of his past.

He could not live without action. My eyes lit up when this happened. But Perth was not sad at all. They say his actions did not cause death. Action will always be in his heart. I was very satisfied to hear this. From that day on, I came to know the meaning of true love. This love will last forever. It is a relationship of two hearts, which lasts even after death.

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