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Love Despite Reality

by Veronica Pollard 4 days ago in Series

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Larissa closes on her condo the following Monday. A little disappointed that West would be spending the better half of the day in meetings with the department heads, unable to join her.

Once everything is finalized and she has her keys, Larissa stops by her place to meet a cleaning crew that she's hired to spruce up the place before her deliveries arrive that evening. In record succession the cleaning crew leaves, and the workers come to install her internet and her furniture is delivered.

As she's standing there enjoying the view of the city her phone rings. Looking at the phone she sees that it's Meghan.

"Hey!" she says answering

"Hey Larissa. How was the closing?" Meghan asks

"Everything went well. I'm here now. I had the place cleaned earlier and the furniture was just delivered." she replies

"That's great, I hate that we weren't able to stay and help." Meghan says

"No worries. Everything's coming along great" Larissa states

"Did West go to the closing with you?" she asks

"No, he had to work"

"What a jerk!" Meghan scoffs


"What, he could've taken an hour off to go with you, this was a big deal!"

"No, it really wasn't. I understand that he was busy, and I know he would have come if he could have." Larissa states

"What is up with you two?" she asks

"Nothing, I just hate the way he treats you. He can be a complete asshole sometimes" Meghan replies

"I don't think that's fair! And how do you know how West treats me, you've only seen us together like what, three times!" Larissa snaps

"Look, I gotta go!" she adds then hangs up

The sun begins to set, and Larissa locks up and heads back to the resort. On the ride over she calls West.

"This is West!" he says answering the phone

"Hey, I'm sorry. Is this a bad time?" she replies

"No, I'm sorry. What's up?" he states in a softer more relaxed tone

"Nothing, I hadn't heard from you since this morning. Are you still working?" she asks

"No, well, not really" he states

"How did everything go today?" he asks

"Great! Did you get a chance to see when the guys are available to move my things?"

"Yeah, any day this week before one." West states

"Awesome, can you let them know that Wednesday around ten would be great."

"Sure, no problem. Anything I can do to help!" he replies sweetly, but she can tell he's distracted

"West, what are you doing?" she asks

"I'm just looking over some plans and projections"

"Look, where are you?" he asks

"Pulling into the parking lot" she says

"Do you have time to stop by?"

"Have you eaten dinner?" he asks before she can answer

"Yes, I have time and no, I haven't"

"We need to talk. Can I take you to dinner?" West asks

"I suppose" Larissa states

"Good, I'm on my way down" he states then hangs up

Two minutes later he's walking out the front door. Walking up to Larissa, he gives her a quick kiss on the cheek then says

"Congrats on your purchase today. I'm sorry I couldn't be there"

"Is that why you wanted to go to dinner?" she asks as they walk to the car

"No, but it doesn't hurt." he smirks

When they get in the car West asks

"Do you have a taste for anything?"

With a raised eyebrow she smiles and says

"Do I!"

They both giggle then, she continues

"Actually, I do. I want some bar-b-que, like ribs and loaded mashed potatoes."

"And a salad" she adds

"Ok, I know just the place!"

They are halfway through dinner when Larissa says

"Ok, so what is it you wanted to talk about."

After taking a drink he replies

"Well, it's about the resort." he pauses

"Another plan for the expansion was brought to my attention and I've been looking at the pros and cons for each. I was really hoping that you'd take a look since we are partners and tell me what you think."

"Whatever you want to do is fine" she replies

West looks at her and asks

"While we're on the subject. What are your plans as far as the resort? Are you coming back to work?"

"West, I" she stops

"I know, you want to take things slow, and I understand that in terms of us. But where does the Utopia fit into all of this"

"I need some time. Let me get situated in my place, then I'll let you know." she replies

"Okay, you have two weeks." West states

"I really need an answer by then. I know that things have been chaotic lately and I get that. But when it comes to the resort, I have to separate things." he adds

"And I'd expect nothing less!"

Walking towards the back door of Utopia Larissa yawns and West says

"Well, I guess that answers my question"

"What question?" she asks

"Nothing" West lies

"What question" she asks again

"I was going to ask if you wanted to come up and look at the plans. I know you've had a long day, so we can do it another time" he states

"No, it's fine. I'll come!" Larissa replies

On the elevator Larissa stands close to West and he says

"I know you're tired, this really could have waited"

"I'm exhausted but, I know you're on a timetable and this is important to me too!" she whispers turning and looking up at him

When the door opens West walks out and she follows him. Inside the penthouse West offers her something to drink and then they head into the office, where West has two models laid out on two separate tables.

"Wow!" Larissa says walking over looking at the models

After a few minutes of looking over them she says

"So, you're torn between expanding the current property and opening a completely new property."

Looking between the two models then at West she continues

"I must say these are two completely different concepts."

Walking next to her West says

"Yes, they are. This one would just add to Utopia and expand the current demographics and meet even more of the needs of those who already love the resort."

"And this one would be much more lucrative. It would be an exclusive new cutting-edge golf club." he adds looking at the other model

Larissa goes over and sits down in the chair. Turning it to face West, then looking at the models she says

"Before I say what I want to say, I have a question"

"What's the question?" he asks

"Where did you get these models?" she asks

"Huh? Why does that matter?" West replies

"You want my opinion. Answer the question. Because I know this isn't Joe's work." she states

"John, he..." West begins

"John, you mean John Murdock?" Larissa replies cutting him off

West unsure how she remembered his name says

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

Standing up Larissa walks back over to West and asks

"Why are you discussing your expansion plans with John? I thought you two were no longer doing business together."

"We aren't, but..." he begins then walks around the desk to sit down

"A couple weeks back he called and said he had some ideas he wanted to run by me. After we met, he had these plans drawn up and sent over"

"And. What aren't you saying?" she asks

"The second model, the more lucrative build, he wants to partner up on"

Larissa walks back over to the desk

"When he first called you, you should have told him to go to hell!" she states

"West, you just got out from under his thumb. This is the same guy that tried to steal this very property right from under you." she states

For a moment they sit in silence

"Since he wasn't able to buy it, he's trying to weasel his way in another way. You don't need him!" Larissa whispers softly

Standing back up she says

"Come here"

Walking back over to the models she says

"First of all, these are terrible renderings." she laughs

"Second, there is no reason why you can't just combine these two ideas."

"In fact, when I look at your plans, I see everything that these models include, only it's all one property. With your plans Utopia could become one of the city's premier golf resorts!"

"Don't let John distract you from your plans and visions!" she says wrapping her arms around his neck

Glancing at the table Larissa says

"Third, you should box these up and send them back to John. Tell him, no thank you. Because you have a new partner with a lot of money to blow!" she states giving him a long passionate kiss

Interrupted by Larissa's phone, they pull apart and when she pulls it out, she quickly silences it.

"No, it's okay. Take it" West states

"No, it's fine. But that reminds me, I wanted to ask you about Meghan" she says then West rolls his eyes

"That's what I'm talking about. Why can you two not stand each other. I must be missing something." she states

"I told you, I don't know her. She does seem to have a problem with me though. Would you know anything about that?" West asks

"What, why would I know anything?" she asks in surprise

West laughs then says

"Just forget it."

Walking back over to the chair Larissa states

"I'm not gonna just forget it!"

"So, either you're going to tell me what the hell is going on or I'll call her on speaker and see if she wants to explain."

West stands glaring at her, then when she starts to pull out her phone he says

"I've barely had any interaction with the girl. But when I flew to Detroit to see you, she treated me like a nobody. She told the nurses not to let me back to see you and wouldn't even tell you that I was there at the hospital."

"Not to mention she threatened to call security on me and called me a bastard, right after we found out that you were pregnant. I don't feel like she knows me, but she has this preconceived notion that I've done something wrong" he adds

"I'm sorry!" she says finally then stands up

"I'll talk to her. We talked earlier today, and she said some things that I didn't really like. So, I really needed to hear your thoughts" she states giving him a quick kiss on the cheek

"It's getting late, I should get going."

"Thanks for dinner." she replies

As she begins to walk past him, he grabs her hand

"It is late, you could just stay here" he whispers leaning his forehead to hers

"West, I really shouldn't" she states as he gently tilts her chin up until their lips touch

When he attempts to deepen their kiss, she pulls away.

"We'll just sleep! That's it."

"I miss waking up next to you!" he adds

After a moment she leans her head on his chest and whispers

"I miss falling asleep in your arms!"

Wednesday morning Noah and Drew arrive at the penthouse to assist with moving the remainder of Larissa's things to her condo. When they load up the dolly and head downstairs Larissa is left standing in the bedroom alone.

Walking up behind her West asks

"You, ok?"

Close to tears she turns and responds

"Yeah" with a halfhearted smile

"Do you want me to come help you unpack?"

Stepping close she looks up and inquires

"Why haven't you come over to see my place yet?"

"Have you invited me to come over?" he smirks wrapping his arms around her

"Well, this is your invitation. You are officially always welcome!" she smiles reaching up giving him a quick smooch, then Noah walks back into the room

"Miss Mathews, is there anything else?" he asks

"Just these two boxes. And please call me Larissa!"

"Yes ma'am!" he replies grabbing the remaining boxes

West laughs then walks out of the room

Once the fellas finish bringing the boxes into the condo, West pays them, then walks them out.

When he finally comes back up Larissa asks

"Are you ready for your tour?"

"Lead the way!" he replies

"I bet this view and that jacuzzi tub are what made you fall in love with this place isn't it" West states as they stand out on the balcony

"Yeah, and the kitchen!" she smiles

Her smile quickly fades and is replaced with remorse. Stepping close to West she whispers

"A few days after I left, I regretted it. I just wasn't sure you'd forgive me again. When you showed up in Detroit, I was so relieved." Larissa begins

"But, from the moment the doctor said I was pregnant, I watched as the sadness in your eyes turn to rage." she continues

"I really do love you and I want things between us to work. But I know you want a family and..." her voice fades

"Babe, I love you too and whatever the situation is, I want us to get through it together!" he replies embracing her

Larissa lays her head on West's chest, and they stand that way for a few minutes.

The two of them spend the entire afternoon unpacking and getting things in place. Surprised to have finished as early as they had. Larissa asks West to go shopping and grab something to eat with her since there's no food at her place. They spend another few hours in the store and as they head towards the register, they stop by the baby section. Ignoring the urge to turn in the other direction Larissa humors West and they walk through and look at clothes, bottles, diapers, and toys.

Relieved to finally get out of the store she changes the subject.

"Have you talked to your brother?" Larissa asks

"Brian and I are fine. Please stop asking me about him" he replies

"Does he know that you're fine?" she states

"I'm flying to Philadelphia next week. I'll be gone for three days." West states changing the subject

"What's in Philadelphia?" she asks

"It's an annual meeting and expo, some type of architectural event. My dad wants me to go with him."

When they've put all the groceries in the cart, they head upstairs. While they put everything away Larissa says

"Friday, I have an appointment with Dr Smith. I'll be fourteen weeks then."

"The last time I went with you to a doctor's appointment, it didn't turn out so well. Just..."

"I know, everything that I know about this pregnancy, you'll know too." she states cutting him off

"If you want to, I'd like for you to come with me" she adds

"Can I think about it?" he asks

"Of course!" Larissa smiles

When they've finished everything and eaten, they sit down to watch a movie. Half an hour into the movie Larissa has dozed off. West gets up and gives her a kiss on the forehead, causing her to wake up.

"Where're you going?" she asks gently grabbing his arm

"It's late and I know you're tired."

"I'm gonna take off" he replies

Sitting up on the couch Larissa says

"Don't go, please!"

West just stands there watching her for a moment, then sits back down on the couch next to her. When she lays her head on his chest, he closes his eyes.

The following day is July first, West's birthday, so Larissa gets up early and makes breakfast. While they sit enjoying the breakfast both of their phones continue to ring. When they finish eating West says

"Thank you so much for breakfast! I appreciate it!"

"I really can't tell. You're being unusually quiet. What's wrong?" she asks

"Nothing, I gotta run!" he states with a glum look in his eyes

"Happy birthday West!" she whispers when he heads toward the door

"Yeah, thanks!" he replies then leaves

This July first was supposed to be their wedding day. With that in mind, West had no intentions of celebrating the day. So, he locks his self in his home office and works all day and all night, not answering any phone calls.

Friday morning Larissa sends him a text with the appointment time, doubting if he'll show up. But to her surprise, when she arrives at the office West is already sitting in the corner of the waiting room scrolling through his phone. After checking in she goes over and sits next to him.

"I didn't think you were gonna come." she whispers

West doesn't respond, instead he gives her a soft kiss on the cheek. They only wait for about five minutes when the nurse calls Larissa back to the exam room. When she gets up to follow the nurse, she stops to see if West's gonna follow, then finally he does.

After the visit they leave the office and West heads straight for his car. Larissa follows him and says

"So, you came, but you're not talking to me!"

"James!" she calls out when he doesn't respond

"Yeah!" he replies finally

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she shouts louder than she intends

Unmoved by her frustration he says

"I'm not gonna fight with you in this parking lot!" then gets in his car and pulls off

Larissa, infuriated, pulls out of the parking lot with her intentions set on driving to the resort and confronting West, but not even a minute down the road she turns around and heads home. Realizing they still haven't talked about where their relationship stands and that just two short days ago, they were supposed to be getting married.

That evening a little after seven Larissa's phone rings and it's West.

"Hello." she says softly answering the phone

"Hey Riss!" he states

"I just wanted to call and apologize for today. I'm sorry" he adds

"I'm sorry about your birthday. West, I know we still haven't really talked about it but..."

"It's ok, I just want to move on." he mutters cutting her off

"We can't just keep moving past things without dealing with them."

"We never really talked about the miscarriage" she pauses

They sit neither saying anything for a moment, then finally West says

"What is there to talk about, it happened."


"What, it's true. And you're pregnant again, so we don't have the luxury of just being able to sit around and dwell on it. We have to move on!" he responds

"West" she says again softly

"Yeah" he replies

"Do you blame me for it?" she whispers

After a brief silence he says

"I did!"

"I blamed you, I blamed myself. I even blamed Josh and my mom" he continues

"I blame myself too!" she says in a faint voice

"West, I gotta go, I'll talk to you later" she states

"Riss!" West calls out, but it's too late, she's already hung up

Twenty minutes later West stands at Larissa's door and rings the doorbell.

"What are you doing here?" she asks with a puzzled look on her face, slowly opening the door

"You seemed..." West begins but stops when he realizes she isn't alone

Looking up West sees a young, tall, handsome dark-skinned guy walking out of Larissa's bedroom. West glares at him for a moment then turns his attention back to Larissa, his glare turning to a confused stare.

"West, this is Rick."

"Rick this is West!" Larissa states as Rick reaches out his hand to West

"Nice to meet you, man" Rick states nicely

West just stands there and continues to look at Rick then back at Larissa.

"Rick lives down the hall and is helping me hang a mirror" she states watching West's reaction

Rick finally puts his hand down and says

"I'll give you two a minute" then walks out the door

Once he closes the door behind him, Larissa asks

"What the hell was that?"

West just continues to glare at her with a raised eyebrow, then finally he says

"You tell me, what the hell that was!"

"That was my neighbor helping me hang a mirror, like I said before!" she replies

"A few minutes ago, you hung up the phone with me, like you were so upset. So, I came to check on you and you got Tyrese helping you hang a mirror, in your bedroom!" West states

"West you are so overreacting!" she states

West laughs then, says

"Why didn't you ask me to hang it?"

Larissa turns and walks into the living room

"Well, you haven't been talking to me. And my neighbor asked if I needed help with anything!"

The doorbell rings before either of them can say anything else. West turns and answers it. When he does Rick is standing there.

"Hey, I just..." he begins

"Thank you, but we can finish on our own!" West states cutting him off

Looking past West, Rick sees Larissa mouthing 'I'm sorry'. West turns and sees her, then closes the door in his face.

"I cannot believe you!" she pouts walking into her room

"Believe it!" he states following her

"That was so rude!" she states shaking her head then sitting down on the bed

"Just show me the mirror and get over it!" he replies walking over to the wall where Rick has placed the screws

"Now I'll have to cook as an apology and invite Rick over for dinner" she states

West turns and looks at her.

"That's not funny!" he says

"I'm not trying to be funny, I'm serious!" he states

"Riss, I don't want him back over here!" he adds

"Excuse me! Who the hell do you think you are?" she asks

West ignores her, he finishes hanging up the mirror. Then turning to face her, he approaches the bed and says

"You tell me, who the hell am I?"

Larissa just sits looking up at him and he gently touches her chin then leaning down he gives her a long intoxicating kiss. He leans her back on the bed, their bodies both yearning to be unleashed. Larissa rolls over so she's mounting West and as much as it pains her to, she pulls away.

"West!" she whispers

West draws her back in, nibbling her ear then slowly down to her neck

"Riss!" he whispers softly

When their lips meet again, every inch of her body's begging to be touched. Climbing down from the bed, still disoriented she says

"I, we can't."

West sits up and reaching for her asks

"What's wrong?"

When he sits up on the edge of the bed she comes and stands between his legs and for a moment they stare into each other's eyes. Drawn in, still craving, West reaches up to kiss her but, she pulls away slowly.

"I just think it's probably safer if we don't" she mutters

"I thought everything was fine" West replies concerned

"It is, but I just" she begins

Leaning his forehead to hers he says


West lands back in Orlando a little after ten Thursday morning. After calling to check in at the resort, he stops by Larissa's. When she finally answers the door, West is surprised to see her in a short pink t-shirt dress.

"Hey Babe!" she states giving him a quick kiss

"Good morning!" he replies closing the door behind him

When she goes and sits back out on the porch, West follows behind her

"How was your trip?" she inquires

"It was ok, I guess. I took a few pictures."

"My dad was in heaven!" he states sitting down on the chair next to her

"I'm sure he was. I can't believe he still goes to those things now that he's retired!"

"He's not retired, he just works when he wants to." West laughs

"I see you finally found some furniture you like out here!" West says taking a look around the balcony

"Yeah, I got it on overstock"

"I like it!" he responds

West sits up in his chair and says

"From the looks of it, you're not going to work today!"

Larissa laughs then says

"What makes you assume that?"

Looking at his watch West says

"It's after eleven and you're wearing that!"

"Oh, you don't like my dress?" she asks sliding the hem up, exposing the top of her thigh

"There just isn't enough of it for the office!" he responds with a raised eyebrow

Larissa stands up and walks over to West and asks

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Water would be great" he states taking her hand, turning her to face him

As she stands there, he gently rubs her baby bump and plants a sweet kiss on the fabric of her dress.

"Aren't you supposed to be using crutches?" West asks

"I don't need them around the house" she replies coming back out with a bottle of water

"It's getting hot out here, come inside and I'll turn on the air." she states closing the doors to the balcony

"I didn't want anything. I just stopped by cause I was in the area." West states as she walks over to him

"I'm glad you stopped by!" she whispers placing her arms around his neck

"Alright, don't keep testing me!" he states

Interrupted by an incoming call, she pulls her phone from her pocket and glancing at the id she whispers

"This guy!" then laughs

West shakes his head and says

"That must be Tyrese!"

"You mean Rick" she laughs

"And yes, thanks to you. I've been avoiding him!" she adds

"Why are you avoiding him? And why does he have your number?" West states

"Don't start!"

"I haven't seen you in days and you haven't even given me a real kiss" she murmurs then begins pulling her arms down

West holds her arms in place, then picks her up. When he does, the doorbell rings. With her in his arms, he heads for the door.

"No, West, just ignore it!" she states

"Are you gonna ignore it when I leave?" he asks

When she doesn't respond West sits her on the kitchen counter, then answers the door. Knowing, she can't just jump down on her leg.

Rick stands there surprised to see him answering the door.

"Hey, I was looking for Larissa!" Rick states

"She's a little busy, can I give her a message?" West asks

Larissa peeks around the corner and seeing his face she says

"West, come here!"

When he comes back into the kitchen, she says

"Get me down!"

He does and she goes to the door. When West walks up behind her she goes out to the hallway then closes the door behind her. A few minutes later she comes back inside, and West is sitting on the couch.

"Why are you so jealous?" Larissa asks walking back into the living room

"Nobody wants the knocked-up girl that just moved into the building!" she adds sitting down next to him

"Tyrese seemed really eager to get ahold of you!" he responds

"West seriously!"

"I am serious! You won't be pregnant forever and that doesn't seem to bother this guy."

"Whatever, just show me the pictures from your trip."

"You sure you have time? Mr. Tall, dark and available must've needed something." West says pulling out his phone

"Will you stop it!" she says taking the phone

"May I use the restroom?"

"Of course!" she replies quickly

"Just scroll sideways to go to the next one" West says showing her the next picture then leaving the room

West stands in the bathroom, washing his hands then remembering the pictures of the baby in his phone, he hurries out of the bathroom. But he's too late, when he walks back out to the living room, Larissa has put his phone down on the couch.

Looking up at him she says

"I need you to leave!"

"Riss, wait!"

"No! I don't wanna hear it!" she states standing up

Grabbing her arm West says


When she snatches her arm away, she goes into her room. West sits down on the couch then picking up his phone, he sees the picture of their stillborn son still on the screen.

After some time, Larissa comes back out of her room and goes into the kitchen. West walks up to the counter and she says

"I asked you to leave!"

She stands there drinking some water and West can tell she's been crying. West walks around the counter and attempts to wrap his arm around her, but she pushes him away.

Stepping back and shaking her head she says

"I really didn't want those images in my head!"

Then closing her eyes, she shakes her head and begins to cry again. West wraps her in his arms and kissing her on the forehead he whispers

"I'm so sorry!"

After standing there for a while Larissa asks

"How did you even get those pictures?"

"Can we go sit down, and I'll answer your questions" he replies

"No, just tell me! How did you get that picture?" she yells

"Riss, calm down!" West says sweetly

"Answer my question or get out now!" she scowls at him

The two of them stand there glowering at each other for a moment then West says

"One of the nurses at the hospital took them for me"

"Them, there's more than one! Why didn't you show them to me?" she asks still trying to shake the image from her head

Not responding West goes back over to the couch.

"It never seemed like a good time"

"It's been almost six months!" she replies coming to sit next to him

"Look, it's not like I was trying to keep anything from you. It just never came up, that's all."

"I'm sorry. It slipped my mind and by the time I remembered, it was too late" he states

"I wouldn't have showed them to me either. I'm sorry!" she replies

"You told me I was always welcome, so kicking me out isn't an option!" West smiles

"Whatever" she responds sitting on his lap

"It's getting late, I gotta get to work." West states after some time passes

"Do you have to?" she asks

"I've been gone all week. I have to at least get there before three"

"When are you coming back to work?" he asks

"Oh, that's why I was glad you stopped by. I wanted to see if Monday was ok."

West gives her a loving kiss then whispers

"Of course, Monday is fine!"

"We've got a lot of work to do!" he says when his phone rings

"I gotta get going!" he adds

After she stands up allowing him to get up, he gives her a quick kiss and says

"I love you!"

"Love you too! You wanna come back over for dinner tonight?" she asks

"I'll cook" she adds

"How about you come with me and cook at my place?" he asks

She stands trying to read his eyes then asks

"Does this have anything to do with Rick?"

Smiling he says

"I'll be back around seven!" giving her another kiss


Veronica Pollard

Loving house wife and mother with a passion for writing. With hopes of one day becoming a published author and script writer. This is the place to find a drama filled love story you'll love! Enjoy!

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Veronica Pollard
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