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Love and Dragons

Chapter Four

By Grace RichardPublished 3 months ago 12 min read
Love and Dragons
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

He kissed her forehead, and she opened her eyes. “Good morning, Brandon.” They kissed again, and he held her close to him. “Good morning; I could stay like this all day.” His stomach then started to growl, and she giggled. “Let’s go to the river, and I’ll catch some fish.” He got dressed and gave her his shirt since her furs were burned off and walked to the river. Brandon couldn’t stop smiling as he walked side by side with her. She tried to hide her happiness but couldn’t stop smiling. When they got to the river, she walked into the water, and started catching fish with her hands. He gathered wood for a fire, and they cooked the fish. After they ate, he went into his backpack, took out the eggshells, and gave them back to her. "Thank you for letting me use these eggshells. I'm surprised your mother let us take them; I heard dragons are extremely possessive of their treasure." She took the shells and looked at him sheepishly. "She is, but these are mine." He looked at her in confusion. "What do you mean yours?" She sat next to him and held his hand. "Remember last night when I told you I wasn't like other girls?" He nodded. "Well, when I was a child, I froze to death after running away. Mother found me and used her magic to re-give birth to me. I was hatched from a dragon egg, and my mother fed me from her breast. Because of that, I have a few draconic abilities." He began to rub her back. "Like what?" She took a deep breath. "I can run fast, see in the dark, break stone with my bare hands, my skin is like steel, and I can breathe fire. That’s why people call me a freak." She looked down at the ground, waiting.

He lifted her head with his fingertips and looked into her eyes. "You are not a freak; all those things are what make you special. Anyone who calls you a freak doesn't see you, but I see you and I did notice when those creeps were threatening me you called me your Brandon." He kissed her passionately, and she cried tears of joy. "I'm sorry I tried to push you away; every other boy I meet in these woods run and call me a freak when they find out I'm the child of a dragon. The truth is I never forgot you, and I was scared if you became afraid of me and ran, it would break my heart." He wiped her tears away. "Don't let fear control your life." She laughed and hugged him. They finished eating and headed back to the mountain. They walked hand in hand, and she instructed the fire golems not to attack him. Tanwen was sleeping on her hoard, and they approached. She went to a pile of furs and got dressed and handed his shirt back to him. She opened her eyes and lifted her head. "Hello, what happened with Ashia?" Darrina sat down next to her. "She's dead. I burned her with dragon fire. Unfortunately, we were not in time to save Brandon's friends." She looked up at him. "Good, that evil witch has killed so many innocent people. I'm sorry about your friends Brandon." He took a deep breath. "Thank you, Tanwen; I will miss them. Your daughter has been a great comfort to me." She smiled at him. "I can smell how she comforted you." She then winked at Darrina, and her face turned bright red. "Mother, please, we have a real connection. It wasn't just physical passion."

He stood in front of Tanwen and kneeled down. "Tanwen, I wanted to ask your permission for Darrina's hand in marriage." She stood up and looked down on him with her eyes narrowed. "So, you did come to steal something from me. Darrina is one of my greatest treasures, and no one takes my treasure!" Her throat started to glow, Darrina ran and stood in-between them. "No, mother, please! I love him!" He put his hand on her shoulders and gently pushed her aside and stood his ground as she prepared her breath weapon. "I am not afraid; I have wanted to marry her since I was a boy. So, burn my body, but my love for Darrina is hotter and brighter than dragon fire." Tanwen then turned into human form, she took his hands and looked into his eyes. "Well done, young man; few men would stand up to a dragon. Most would run and never look back, but I see how much you love my daughter. You have my blessing." He then put his hands in his pockets and realized the bandits had stolen his pants. "Crap! I had a ring to give you, but those bandits stole it." Tanwen turned to Darrina. "Give me your bag." She handed the bag to her mother and took out the eggshells and the vile tears. She breathed a little fire in her hand, melting it and shaping it into a ring; she then took a sapphire from the ceiling and placed it in the center. She then used the vile of tears to cool the ring. "Here, Brandon, now you can propose to my daughter." He took the ring and dropped to one knee. "Darrina, since the day I met you, I have dreamed of the day I would see you again and tell you the feeling of love I have carried in my heart. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Her eyes filled with tears. "Yes, I will marry you." He put the ring on her finger, and they kissed. "I can't wait to introduce you to my parents." She smiled at him and ran her fingers through his golden hair.

They walked out of the cave, and Tanwen transformed into her dragon form. "I'll take you, kids, to the forest edge." They got on her back; he sat behind her, held her waist, and holding her close and breathed her in as Tanwen took off. They looked around and saw the majesty of the countryside. "I'm glad you're not afraid this time. This view is beautiful." He kissed her on the cheek. "Not as beautiful as you." She blushed as they flew, feeling the wind in their hair and the sun warming their skin. Tanwen landed, and they slid off her back and headed to town; he led her to his house. They were led to the den by the servants; they sat in the highchairs while they waited. Brandon's mother and father walked into the room, and he stood up. "It's good to see you home, son. Now you can marry the captain's daughter and forget about the girl in the woods." Brandon reached over to the other chair, and she took his hand and stood up; they both gasped seeing this girl dressed in fur. "Mother, father, this is Darrina, and she has agreed to be my wife." She showed them the ring; her mother took her hand and looked at it. "Oh, my well, you are a beauty. Isn't she Conner?" He stood looking at Darrina, his mouth a gap. "Yes, dear, she is breathtaking. Well, it looks like you two have had a long journey and are in need of rest." Brandon's mom rang a bell for the servants. "Please prepare baths and cloths for the kids here." They were bathed and dressed for dinner, the servants dressed her in a lovely blue dress and heeled shoes. She had never worn a dress or shoes before and felt a little off, she stumbled a little trying to walk. They went to the dining room where his parents were waiting along with Captain Raven and his daughter Alora. Captain Raven was a tall powerful looking man with grey hair and a beard. Alora was tall and beautiful with long black hair and green eyes; she was in a pretty pink dress. "Brandon, I forgot to tell you that we invited the captain and his lovely daughter to dinner tonight." He shook the captain's hand. "Yes, Captain Raven it's nice to see you again. This must be your daughter Alora." He walked over to her and kissed her hand, her eyes then turned to Darrina. "It's very nice to meet you Brandon, and who is this." He took her hand, and she tried walk over without tripping. "This is Darrina my fiancée." Captain Raven looked at her and then his eyes turned to Brandon's dad, he then returned his look, and they sat down to eat. The servants brought the food and Darrina watched everyone use the silverware and she picked up a fork and knife. Alora looked at Darrina's hand and saw her ring. "That is a beautiful ring, I have never seen a sapphire that big. Is that a family ring Brandon?" His father looked up from plate. "No dear, I don't know where he got that ring." Brandon wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Darrina's mother gave it to me after I got her permission to marry her daughter." His mom then took a sip of wine then looked over to Darrina. "Darrina, you live in the forest with your mother. What is she like?" She swallowed her food. "She is a wonderful loving mother." Her eyes softened. "Where in the forest do you live?" She asked. "Well, we live in the Sapphire Mountain." They all looked at her in confusion. "Isn't there a dragon in that mountain? Aren’t you afraid with that fire-breathing monster around?" She gave them a look of anger. "My mother is not a monster!" They look at each other with concern. "Your mother is the dragon?" Alora looked at her in fascination. "You were raised by a dragon, what was that like?" Captain Raven laughed. "Alora don't entertain the girl's delusion, dragons don't raise humans they eat them. She obviously confused." She growled slightly at him. "I'm not confused, I was raised by Tanwen the great golden dragon." He laughed at her and then Brandon's father stood up and picked up a glass of wine. "Brandon, Daniel, can I speak to you two privately?" Brandon, Captain Raven, and his father went to his study, they sat down, and his father looked at him concerningly. "What's wrong, father?"

His father exhaled in frustration. "How much do you know about this girl? She is savage and unrefined; I mean she was dressed in furs and was dirty when you brought her here. How do you know she loves you? How do you know she's not just marrying you for your family money?" He stood up in anger. "She is not a gold-digger! She's the reason I'm standing here, she's sweet, strong and true." His father stood up. "She thinks a dragon is her mother. Listen, son, she is gorgeous, but she will not make a suitable wife, she doesn't even know how the use a fork for God sakes. If you are looking to sow your oats, she's perfect, but you can't marry her. I invited Daniel and Alora here tonight so you could make the right choice." He narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean I can't marry her? You gave me your word." His father crossed his arms. "Brandon, I sent those friends of yours with you to convince you to stop chasing a fantasy and marry Alora. If you decide to be a fool and marry this girl, I will disown you. That means no money and land, so you have a choice to make." Brandon stormed towards the door. "I don't want your money! I thought you were a man of your word, but I guess I was wrong! I love Darrina, and if you can't accept that, this is goodbye!" He stormed out of his father's study and walked into the dining room. "Darrina, we’re leaving!" He took her hand, his mother and Alora looked surprised. "Brandon, what is going on?" He kept walking in silence and slammed the door. They speed walked back to the woods in silence. They got back to Tanwen, as they walked up, she could tell something was wrong. "What's wrong kids?" He started to tear up. "My father didn't approve of our love and said I could not marry her. I had an easier time standing up to you when I thought you would burn me alive." Darrina put her arms around him. "I heard what you said to your father. I love you too." Just then Brandon's family caught up to them with Captain Raven and Alora. They all gasped when they saw Tanwen, she looked over at them in contempt. "So, you have a problem with my daughter human?" He looked up at her completely terrified. "I... I... I didn't think she was telling the truth when she told us you were her mother. I thought she was crazy." Alora looked at Tanwen in awe and walked over to them before her father could stop her. "This is incredible, you are magnificent." Tanwen looked at her with her gold eyes shimmering. "Thank you young lady." She then took Brandon and Darrina's hands. "It's too bad you two can't get married now since everyone is here." Darrina smiled and looked at her mother. "Mother, can you marry us?" She smiled at them. "Of course, I can. Dragons have been called upon to perform wedding for wizards. We are all gathered to unit these two lovers in marriage. Do you both love each other?" They nodded. "Do you two take each other as husband and wife?" They both look at each other lovingly and said at the same time. "I do." She beamed with pride. "You two are now married, you can kiss." Everyone clapped and his father walked towards them. "Son I was wrong." He then hugged his father. "Thank you, father." Alora hugged Darrina and put her lips to her ear. "Congratulations I'm glad you and Brandon found love. To be honest I was not looking forward to marrying a stranger." She smiled at her and Tanwen transformed into human form and hugged her. "Darrina, I have had many children, but I consider you my greatest gift, and now it's time for you to go out into the world and spread your wings just like your brothers and sisters. You and Brandon should explore the world, have adventures, and be happy." She took his hand and pulled him into her. "Why don't we start by going to the hot springs of the bronze valley." She took the dress off and let her planum hair cascade down her body. "Shall we?" He also shed his fancy cloths and took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. "Let's go!" They said their goodbyes and started, walking into the forest hand in hand while Tanwen changed back into a dragon and flew over them into the sunset.



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