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Captain Casey: Time Skimmer to an Old World

By Kent BrindleyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Yong Chuan Tan on Unsplash

In the vastness of space, no one can hear you scream. The events of the day had proven as much to Captain John Casey, abandoned on a one way Skimmer ride back to Lostworld and a time in the past that he could not control.

But in the passage of time, could one man change HISTORY...?

John Casey, Space Captain, was separated from his crew and the Avenger. Treachery had done so. He knew not where the Skimmer mini-ship had taken him; but, if this were the historic Lostworld, it was no longer the present; and certainly not the life of the future...

Skimmer's autopilot obediently set down and Captain John Casey left the ship. The passage of time had left him the same age. But, of course! If he had landed too far back in history, he would not have existed yet!

Casey reached to his holster and, yes, he had his Power Pistol. He retained his communicator insignia as well; but could it really reach out across time? The notion was ludicrous; and the Power Pistol would sooner frighten one of the natives of this time frame than to be very useful. Captain John Casey was alone on unfamiliar terra ferma; a Lostworld that immitated the looks of his own planet Earth from another timeline.

Suddenly, in the distance, Captain Casey saw life. Humans; one dressed in gold who looked as though he could be of use; many dressed in red who looked slightly useless to his cause.

One of the redshirts ran in Captain Casey's direction and he raised a hand to flag him down.

"LINE!" the redshirt shouted, shoving Captain Casey aside as though he were nothing.

Then, Captain Casey noticed a chair occupied by an angry man. Ancient equipment pointed to Captain Casey and seemed to observe him; for what, he did not know.

Finally, the man in gold approached him and helped him up.

"Bloody best thing that happened all scene, my good man!" he chortled. "You alright?"

"I...I believe so." Captain Casey answered. "Is this..."

"...Why, a film set, of course!" the other man retorted over the sounds of the man in the director's chair continuing in his tantrum. "I am..."

The man introduced himself by a strikingly heroic name; Captain John Casey of the good ship, the Avenger, said likewise.

"I shall be on my way now to no longer disrupt this film of yours." Captain Casey finally added. "I do apologize for the disturbance; perhaps I should directly address..."

"...Naw; the director will cool off in time." the actor answered. "Especially if we might use that sleek ship of yours parked over yonder."

The Skimmer; anything short of a laughable ship???

"As a prop to cower behind, yes." Captain Casey conceded. "As an actual ship..."

"My good man," the actor answered with mirth in his voice; then, confidentially: "None of us are actual space explorers! You have a deal."

Captain Casey accepted that and sprinted off...


Captain Casey staggered his way off of the film set in disbelief and only slight embarrassment. The Skimmer, in the meantime, had his permission to make television history as a landmark to cower and cringe behind so long as it wasn't flown about to leave him stranded on Lostworld.

Then, suddenly, Captain Casey saw something else over the horizon. He heard the voices of anger as though he had disrupted another film set; however, these voices sounded more righteous in their indignation...

In the distance, people marched with placards. Their march, and their shouting, were on behalf of Civil Rights for ALL. Captain Casey stood in silent solidarity with their march. However, silent solidarity did not help their cause. He had arrived on Lostworld in order to try to make a change for the future; THIS was his opportunity. Captain Casey found a leftover placard and hopped onto the marching line...

Can one man on one Civil Rights marching line make a difference? Can that difference alter the future? Captain John Casey can only hope so. Meanwhile, he can only hope for the same for the rest of his crew...

Sci Fi

About the Creator

Kent Brindley

Smalltown guy from Southwest Michigan

Lifelong aspiring author here; complete with a few self-published works always looking for more.

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