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Lost Cities Among the Stars

An expedition across the galaxy

By Dyname75Published about a month ago 6 min read

On a quiet night in Sinaran Village, when the dark sky was filled with twinkling stars, a young man named Arka sat on the edge of a small lake on the edge of the village. Arka, a simple farmer's boy, always dreams about big adventures and mysterious places that he has never seen.

That night, when he looked up at the sky, something strange happened. A shooting star crossed the sky and fell somewhere in the dense forest near the village. Unlike the usual shooting stars, this star shines brightly with a stunning bluish color. Arka felt something calling him from within the forest, as if the star was inviting him to discover something extraordinary.

Curious and fearless, Arka decided to follow in the star's footsteps. He walked down a narrow path, accompanied only by the sound of night birds and the rustling of leaves. The light from the falling star was still faintly visible, becoming a direction for Arka.

After walking for some time, Arka arrived at an open area in the middle of the forest. There, he saw something surprising: a lost ancient city, hidden among giant trees. The city looked like it had been abandoned for centuries, but it was well maintained. Its magnificent buildings and winding streets make it look like a fairytale town.

Arka entered the city cautiously. He walked among the tall buildings, feeling as if he was walking in the past. Every corner of the city is filled with stunning architectural beauty and carvings that tell old stories.

In the middle of the city, Arka finds a large statue depicting a king with a shining crown. At the base of the statue, there was an ancient inscription written in an unfamiliar language. However, strangely, he could understand the meaning of those words: "This city is the Lost City Among the Stars. Only those chosen by the stars can find them."

As dawn broke, the first rays of sunlight illuminated the Lost City Among the Stars, exuding a dazzling beauty. Arka, who had been exploring the city all night, decided to look for a place to rest for a while. He found a building that seemed to have once been a library. Inside, he saw ancient books and scrolls neatly arranged on dusty shelves.

Curiously, Arka opened one of the scrolls containing a map of the city. In the corner of the map, he found the same symbol as the one on the inscription under the statue of the king. He felt that the symbol might hold the key to understanding more about this city.

While he was studying the map, he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Arka hid behind a bookcase, feeling a little worried. From the shadows that appeared, an old man in a blue robe entered the library. The man looked calm and thoughtful, with a long white beard and eyes that shone intelligently.

"I know you're there," the old man said in a soft but firm voice. "Get out, don't be afraid."

Arka came out of his hiding carefully. "Who are you?" he asked. "And how do you know I'm here?"

The old man smiled. "My name is Eldrin, and I am the Guardian of this City. I know a lot about this city, including your arrival. The star calling you is a sign that you are the one destined to find the Lost City Among the Stars."

Arka was confused but interested. "Why me? What's so special about this city?"

Eldrin invited Arka to sit at one of the large tables in the library. "This city was built by an ancient civilization that was very advanced. They have an incredible knowledge of the stars and the universe. However, this city disappeared from the world because of a curse that can only be broken by a person chosen by the stars."

Arka listened attentively. "So, what should I do?"

Eldrin pulled out a glittering key from his pocket. "This is the Key to the Star. With this, you can unlock various secret doors in this city that store great knowledge and power. But remember, your journey will not be easy. There are many obstacles and puzzles that you have to face."

Arka accepted the key with respect. "I'm ready to face anything. I want to know more about this city and why I was chosen."

Eldrin smiled. "Your courage is a sign that you are worthy. Let's start with the first place you should visit, which is the Star Temple in the middle of the city. There, you'll find the first clue of your journey."

With renewed vigor, Arka followed Eldrin out of the library and towards the Temple of Stars. In his heart, he felt that this adventure was his destiny and he would do his best to uncover the secrets of the Lost City Among the Stars.

Arka and Eldrin walked down the ancient streets of the Lost City Among the Stars, towards the Temple of Stars located in the center of the city. The temple is the most magnificent building, with tall towers that rise to the sky and walls decorated with intricate carvings depicting stars and constellations.

When they arrived at the temple's grand door, Eldrin took out the Star Key and handed it to Arka. "It's time for you to open this door and start your true journey."

Arka felt nervous but excited. He inserted the key into the keyhole and twisted it. With a soft rumbling sound, the large door opened, revealing a large room filled with glittering starlight. In the center of the room, there was a large altar with crystal balls shining brightly on it.

Eldrin invites Arka to approach the altar. "This crystal ball is the core of the Star Temple. Inside is stored knowledge about this city and the secrets of the universe. But to access it, you have to solve the puzzle given by this crystal ball."

Arka nodded and approached the crystal ball. When he touched it, the ball began to glow brighter and emit light that formed star patterns in the air. The patterns move and change, forming a constellation unknown to Arka.

"The puzzle is to understand these constellations," Eldrin said. "You have to find the meaning of these patterns and how they relate to this city."

Arka watched the constellations closely. He tried to recall lessons about the stars he had learned in the village, but these patterns seemed foreign to him. After a while, he realized that the patterns might be maps showing important locations in this city.

Curiously, Arka began to draw the patterns on paper. He matched those patterns with a map of the city he found in the library. Little by little, he began to understand that the constellations indicated a path that he had to follow to find the places that held the secrets of this city.

"I think I understand," said Arka. "These constellations are clues to finding important places in this city. Maybe every place has a piece of the bigger puzzle."

Eldrin smiled proudly. "You understand it very quickly. Now, your task is to visit every place indicated by this constellation and collect the clues that are there. Each clue will bring you closer to the great secrets of the Lost City Among the Stars."

With a burning spirit, Arka embarks on a new journey. He knew that he had to visit every place indicated by the constellations, gather clues, and face any challenges that might arise. However, he also knew that he was not alone. Eldrin and the Star Key will always be there to help him on this journey.

As Arka stepped out of the Star Temple, he felt more confident and ready to face the great adventure that awaited him. The secrets of the Lost City Among the Stars are getting closer, and he will do whatever it takes to uncover them.

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  • Jane Kattabout a month ago

    What an enchanting story! Loved every bit of Arka's adventure. Thanks for sharing!

Dyname75Written by Dyname75

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