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Little wolf

Little wolf

By Nagesh Kumar Yadav Published 2 months ago 9 min read

Little Wolf

Chapter One


  Being on a medium-size boat for five hours was bound to make most people sick. Although for me, a werewolf, it was practically destroying my soul. I'm mean if another werewolf saw me they would laugh.

  Wolves don't leave the woods.

  Yet here I am, on a medium boat with a grumpy old man as we get closer to the island. It had cost me the last of my savings to even get the man's help so I hope my plan came through.

  I was on the run and heard that the Blood Island had a family of vampires who took in those with dark past and allowed them to work for them without asking questions. Although every person they took in was human and not a werewolf.

  In fact, wolves and vampires didn't get along historically and although there were no wars happening the tension was always there. It was like a reminder that no matter how much time passed the sides wouldn't ever mix and if they did something was bound to go wrong.

  And it did.

  That's why I was eager to get on the island and work for the family. Due to my upbringing, I'd rather work for vampires than ever go near a pack of wolves. I wouldn't make that mistake twice.

  Once and everything I loved was gone.

  "We're here," The old man docked the boat and I immediately climbed out, happy to be on the ground again and not a shaky death trap.

  "Thank you," I politely said with a light smile.

  "Listen here, kid. Are you sure you wanna stay here?" The old man showed a hint of worry in his eyes.

  "I'll be fine," I let a small smile grace my lips.

  "There are a lot of bad people who come here, they lie and end up zombies for them leeches that stay here. It's not the safest," The old man spat out.

  I'm not an angel either.

  "And you look like a good boy that's just a little lost. I don't really think this is the place for you," The old man continued and as much as I appreciated his kindness, he was starting to annoy me.

  "Thank you for the ride. Get back safely, Sir." I turned my back to him and walked away up the docs and followed the signs to the town.

  Walking from the docks to the town wasn't a long walk. It took maybe fifty minutes and that was because I was tired and moving slowly. Although it was all worth it when I could start hearing people talking and things moving.

  I got excited when my eyes began to make out the town even clearer and it helped me pick up my step a bit. Once I saw the sign 'Welcome to Blood Island' with the words 'Main population vampires' under it I was entering the town.

  As I slowly walked through the town looking around, no one even spared me a glance and it felt nice. It was easy to spot humans from the vampires as vampires looked deathly beautiful and moved with a certain grace. I was nervous that one of them might pick up on the fact that I was a werewolf but I guess the bracelet I bought worked.

  It was a beaded bracket that I bought from a witch before coming here. I knew I couldn't risk any vampires founding out about me because despite my lack of hate for them I couldn't say they would share the same views of me. After all, if I was raised in a pack I too would hate vampires as much as they hated my kind. Yet it would seem I hate my kind almost as much as the next vampire.

  The town seemed to be fairly big and I noticed shops littering all over. The area I walked through was more of a flea market, selling clothes and food to people passing by. There were shops selling adult goods, kids' toys, and even candy. I watched as a human kid ran past a vampire with his friends following as the vampire ignored them like they weren't even there.

  It was nice to know that vampires weren't hostile to humans here, but there were many places outside of the island that treated humans like scum. I guess the vampires here figured not to bite the hand that feeds them. Well, they bite them but seeing as no one was scared and seemed to blend I'm guessing they had their own little system going on.

  As I walked from the shopping district, I took a turn and took notice of the different types of inns and apartments. They weren't very big which explained how many there were and it seemed as if they all had a community going on. I notice some people who were about seemed to have tattoos or scars but no one paid them no mind, no matter how scary they looked.

  I let myself completely relax as I moved with more confidence now. I looked around for a pub so that I could sit down and drink and maybe ask around about the vampire family I was looking for. There were many vampire families here and the one I was looking for was above those families. I just had to ask around in order to get the location of their home so I could ask for a job.

  I eventually stumbled on what looked like a couple of pubs and late-night dinners. There even seemed to be a whore house but nicely done and had the sound of music and laughter coming from it. I stared at a vampire that was guiding a human inside, both with a smile on their faces. The vampire seemed to look very expensive and well kept as he pulled the fellow along.

  I noticed a pub that didn't seem as crowded as the others and decided to go in there. The pub was wooden like every other place in town so far. There were a couple of brick buildings but they were majority wooden. When I entered the pub the music was like a low humming to the light chatter you could hear. The tables and booths weren't packed and the bar seemed to only hold a few people.

  I took a seat in a booth to the back and looked around at the place. The air was warm and welcoming as three televisions hung on the walls. I could see pictures of different people behind the bar and even some on the other walls but not as many. As I was looking around I noticed a waitress coming towards me and judging by her smell she was a halfbreed.

  "Hey there, buttercup! What can I get you?" She flashed me a cheerful smile as she flicked some of her hair behind her shoulder.

  "Ummm....can I get a coke and a burger?" I posed as more of a question, unsure of what they served here.

  She raised her eyebrow, "What type of burger?"

  "What kind do you guys have?" I asked.

  "Well if you look at the menu card there's a list," She gestured with her pen at the card laying at the other end of the booth against the wall.

  I felt a blush coming up my neck as I reached for the card to look over it. It didn't have a whole lot of options on it but it had something on both the back and the front. I took notice of the three burgers they offered before looking back at the lady.

  "I'll take the meat-lover burger, size medium."

  "Sure thing! I'll be back with your drink and your food will be out shortly," With that, she turned away and walked back with a bounce in her step like the way she came over.

  I twiddled with the menu until she came back and sat my coke down with a straw. I put the menu back against the wall and nursed my cook in my hands, welcoming the cold feeling seeping into my hands. Werewolves naturally ran warmer than others and sometimes a little chill didn't hurt, especially when we got sick. A sick werewolf was like a heatwave that took over our bodies and made us practically useless until it passed, luckily that was only four days at the most.

  As I was sipping my coke someone else slid into the opposite booth of me. I looked up to see a boy who looked to be around my age, 19. He stared at me with a smirk as I took note of his beauty and the smell of vanilla coming off of him. He was most definitely a vampire and probably hadn't stopped aging yet.

  Any vampires born by natural birth, rather half breed or no, all stopped aging before the age of thirty.

  "I haven't seen you around here before," His voice came out smoothly.

  "Maybe you just haven't been paying attention," I suggested, putting my guard up.

  He laughed quietly, "I pay attention to all the good-looking fellas on this island and you are very much new. Nothing wrong with that though."

  I had to bite back my smile at the fact that he was trying to hit on me. I didn't mind seeing as I was bisexual but he was far from my type. I didn't like guys who seemed to have the same build as me. I also didn't like guys my age, they always seemed to lack something I needed. I didn't know what it was but they didn't have it.

  "You're right. I'm new here and hoping to settle here for a while," I told him, dropping my defenses as he seemed harmless.

  "A while, huh? So enough time for us to get close?" he wiggled his eyebrows at me as a grin took over his lips.

  I laughed, "No, Sorry, but you're not my type."

  "Damn! I was so sure I was everyone's type," He gave a fake pout.

  "Better luck on the next new guy," We both chuckled at that before he dropped the flirting and looked at me with curiosity.

  "So, what brings you here? You don't have to answer that."

  I took a sip from my pop before responding, "I'm looking for the Adelmund family."

  I could see the shock on his face before he masked it with a smile, "I can help with that although they don't take visitors in the evening."

  "That's fine I'm sure I can find a place to camp out for the night," I shrugged my shoulders, finishing off my coke just as the waitress came by to drop off my food before scurrying to another table to take their order.

  "You can stay at my place tonight," He offered.

  I smiled, "I don't even know your name and you were just hitting on me."

  He rolled his eyes, "I believe in consent, and the name's Malco."

  "Nice to meet you, Malco. I'm Sebastian," I tossed a fry in my mouth.

  "Well, Sebastian, how about it? It beats paying to stay at an inn or with one of the workers at the whorehouse."

  "You're not gonna attack or kill me?" I teased.

  He reached over and snatched a fry, "Only if you consent to either of those."

  I laughed, "Deal."


  | unedited |

  I smell the start of a great friendship between these two and I hope you guys do too. Although I get the feeling that some of you might try to ship them together but let's just say, "two bottoms don't make a top" and leave it at that lol.

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