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Kingdom Forgotten

Curse of Mordred

By Desiree WetzPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Kingdom Forgotten
Photo by kiwi thompson on Unsplash

In the old age of heroes, endeavors such as the one before Seraphina now would be possible but that age seems to have gone. It's been a time since Arthur and his knights had saved the broken kingdom. Merlin has gone into hiding or so they would have people believe.

Seraphina brushed her locks away from her face and tied it back. The wind felt especially harsh against her face, her nose going numb. "Should have brought the fur." She mimicked her father. She was suddenly glad he decided to stay back so he couldn't say as much. The skies boomed and the beginning of the storm made itself known.

Her father mentioned the lake so many times before but the Lady could not be beckoned. Her aid is sorely needed.

Seraphina stretched her fingers against the cold, trying to get the stiffness from them. She sat on the misty grass next to the lake. The damp soaked through her skirts. As she watched the lake closely, nothing happened. Just a dead cold stillness, not even the wind could stir a ripple. The trees around the lake swayed and leaves stirred but no motion touched the water.

She closed her eyes. "My lady, please, we are in dire need of help. I don't need a sword, I ask instead for some direction as to where I can find the hero we need. There is unrest in this kingdom."

Only the silence answered her back. Her eyes shot open and with her ears burning in anger she threw off her shoes and removed her knapsack She dipped the toes of her left foot in and hissed. It felt like nothing but pure ice as though needles poked the bottom of her toes. She was nothing if not stubborn though. She plunged her feet into the water and forced herself to bite down onto her back molars instead of releasing a shout. Her skirts were definitely ruined but it mattered not if she could not solve this problem.

She moved deeper into the lake. "My lady." She pleaded as she shivered. "Please. This kingdom has been left in ruin. A necromancer has taken over the court and whispers in the ears of the royal line."

"The people starve and the evil come to rape and pillage the villages where people already suffer." The silence that answered made her shake in anger and tears leaked from the corner of her eyes.

"Fine." She puffed and turned away. "I'll find a hero myself. I don't need you!" She turned to look back as she shouted.

Her eyes grew wide as she watched two crystal-like eyes stating back at her under a crown of golden hair.

Seraphina turned to face the woman. "So you will only answer to my ire?"

The Lady's face broke the surface of the lake and now the wind sent ripples across the water. She wore a patient smile. "I will not answer to all who call. I answer when I'm needed."

" I have come everyday for four years. First at the behest of my father and then because I understood the severity." Seraphina shivered.

The Lady stood to her full height. Water fell from her in heavy rivulets. The white robes the Lady wore did not hide her nudity. " I am aware how long it has been, Seraphina. Just as I am aware of what the world faces now. A hero of royal blood is needed."

Seraphina sighed in defeat. "King Arthur left no trace of bloodline behind. They are all dead."

The Lady twirled her fingers across the lake. "I didn't say they couldn't be naturally born. Nor did I say they would be of Arthur's line. Bring me the one that hides behind a silver rose. He does not have time to dally any longer."

Ravens began to caw in the distance. The Lady looked around with what looked like unease. "Seraphina, you have overstayed."

"But I.." She tried to protest.

"RUN NOW!" The Lady shouted before quickly diving into the lake.

Seraphina turned and tried her best to run. Her skirts weighed her down and the water felt like it was dragging her down.

She pulled herself onto the tall grasses and grabbed her dagger from the knapsack. She hastily chopped at her skirts and fled with only her dagger. She left everything else behind.

Swiftly now she ran, paying no heed to the thorns and thistles bleeding her feet. The whistles of arrows whizzed past her body until one struck her right shoulder. " Hauld fuil." She commanded, making the bleeding slow.

She dove into her hideout. A cavern deep into a tree and held her breath. The arrow dug deeper into her shoulder. A tear l was asked from her eyes but she bit down on her lips.

The unmistakable sound of dogs sniffing could be heard. She pricked her finger and dug below her for the tree's roots. The dogs were barking now. The winds blew her scent towards their noses. Frantically she searched now. The sound of them getting closer drove her search.

Finally as they were about to discover the tree, she found the roots. "I bhfolach." She implored.

Suddenly the world was cut from her. The sound of her assailants vanished. She put her forehead on the tree. "Thank you." She whispered.

She bit down on her jaw as she broke the arrow in her shoulder. She let out a whimper and laid her head against the tree again. She would have to worry about the rest of it later. She risked infection but she had to wait for assailants to leave.

She cast a spell for a small hole in the tree, just enough for her to breath. She laid her head against the tree and closed her eyes.

She woke a ways later to the sound of the owl and crickets in the dense forest. No sounds of hounds or their keepers.

She laid her hand on the roots of the tree. "Reveal." She whispered. The tree opened up like it was taking a breath.

Seraphina moved stiffly from the tree and glanced around. There was no sign of the hunting party except broken bushes. No sign of smoke from a fire or even the howl of a hound.

A large white owl revealed itself above her. She smiled at her friend. "Come, Ghoul."

Ghoul glided from his perch. And landed softly on the arm Seraphina offered him. He lifted one claw. A black armband with the green sigil of two half moons was held in Ghost’s talons.

"Lokan." She swallowed. The necromancer knew someone was looking for answers.

Her heart stopped. Does he know who is looking for the Lady?

“Father.” She breathed, the winds hurried to swallow it but she was already running.


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Desiree Wetz

I have been intrigued with writing since I was twelve years old. At first, it was poetry but then in morphed into a love of fiction, fantasy, and adventure. When I'm not writing stories, I am running wild with my family.

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  • Sherry Arellanes2 years ago

    Wow, your story was so beautiful and brilliantly written, you should write a book on this story and it should be made into a movie, because I wanted to hear more and I wanted to hear how it ended.

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