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Keziah's Will Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (Fictional romance)

By AngiePublished 28 days ago 10 min read

Keziah’s P.O.V

“I was so mad when I heard the news, Keziah. I mean, we kind of expected it, though. After all the news that we heard about him in high school, it’s safe to say that we are in hot soup. This is so annoying, though.” Amani grunted and stamped her foot on the floor, and her eyebrows furrowed with each word she spoke.

“How does he expect everyone to get an A in mathematics?” I palmed my face and rubbed my temples to ward off my frustration.

Amani shrugged her shoulders. “I feel bad that I will find this semester easier than you. I just have to paint, and I will be fine.”

I grabbed a pillow from the armchair and pressed it tightly to my chest, “I know, right? Lucky you.”

“Have you decided to go to Saint Clark’s?”

“Going to St Clark’s means I can fulfil my dreams and ambitions, at least some of them. But it also means that I will never be able to discover the truth about the past.” I thought about all the late nights I spent studying for the exam. Well, half of those late nights were spent watching movies, too.

Still, it hurts that I would not be able to solve the mysteries of my past if I couldn’t get into St Claire’s.

“I understand. You know what, damn Principal Phillips and the whole school. We are in this together and will enjoy this Grade 13 before we advance to our second year in University.” Amani threw a fist bump in the air.

“Positive energy all year,” I replied. I needed all the positive vibes that I could get. I let out a small laugh, although I was really sad.

Amani was my best friend, trying her best to comfort me. However, I wanted to nestle in my grandma’s arms and let her comfort me. That was something I knew had never happened in the past and would probably never happen in the present or future.

Grandma was a creature of habit- she woke up and went to bed at the same time every day. She applied her habit to her social life as well. Once she cut people off, she never brought them back into her life. There was no way she would forgive me.

Amani side-eyed the covered dishes on the double-duty bedside table in my bedroom. “Those roast garlic potatoes and poached eggs have been calling my name since.” Amani’s voice rescued me from my thoughts, and I beamed at her.

“Help yourself, dear, although I don’t have the energy to eat anything after everything I have heard.” I watched as Amani dished some roast garlic potatoes onto a plate and used the kitchen tongs to place the poached eggs on them.

She tore into the poached eggs with her fork, and we both watched as the eggs’ runny consistency drizzled on the potatoes. “This meal is chef’s kiss. It’s so damn good”, she talked in between mouthfuls of her food.

“By the way, there is a new kid in school. I heard he is very good at maths. maybe you can ask him to teach you. His name is Sean Carter, he looks snobbish though. I have never had a chat with him, sha.”

“You never ‘chat’ with anyone, Amani.” She rolled her eyes when I countered her.


She continued, “He is handsome, though; he just doesn’t smile a lot. I met him during the brief summer school program.”

“Why is his name Sean Carter? Doesn’t he have any indigenous names? Even Melanie has a Yoruba surname.” I furrowed my brows at the audacious name. It was unusual for students to have two foreign names.

Amani shrugged her shoulders and bit a piece of roast potatoes off her fork, chewing slower than usual, “I don’t know. Everything about him is just different. He came to school during the time you were gone, and he has become the most popular person in our school,”

I guffawed loudly and fell off the chair, “Melanie allowed someone else to win the position of the most popular person in school without throwing a tantrum? Did she hit her head on the ground while I was gone?” I held my belly because it felt like my organs were going to burst out of my stomach.

Amani dropped her fork momentarily on the plate and plopped on the floor to join me, “That’s the weird part. They seem to know each other, and Melanie is always extra touchy around him,”

I rubbed my palms to tamp my growing irritation, “Amani, why do you think the most popular guy in school would help me with my assignment?”

Amani fiddled with her earring and lowered her eyelids to avoid meeting my eyes, “Keziah, you used to be popular, too. So, I thought maybe you could connect with your friends, and they could put in a good word for you,”

I bit my lips as a wave of emotions surged through me and occupied my brain with nostalgic elements of the past.

I got up from the floor and dusted invisible dust from my bottoms, “Hmm, maybe I will ask Sean to help me with my assignment. Anyway, I should get ready; we have a class today.” I scrolled through my phone and double-checked my schedule.

“yep, I have a class. It happens to be mathematics. The stars are misaligning today.” I cast a quick glance at my disorganized suitcase and made a mental note to arrange them after class today. I could hear my grandmother cursing in my head. She would have thrown a fit if she saw my suitcase.

“Okay, Kez, have a great day at school!” Amani yelled into my ears again and ran to the front door before I could react. Crazy girl.

“Amani!!!” I yelled, but I was too lazy to run after her. I smiled when I noticed that she had forgotten her bag. I wore the clothes I picked up last night and headed to my lecture room.

The massive theatre room where the mathematics class will take place took me aback for a second. I blinked twice and double checked the inscription post inscribed on the entrance of the classroom…lecture room I mean. I walked slowly to the lecture room and looked for a seat in the middle row. I found a spot, and after what seemed like a minute of tiptoeing to avoid tripping on other students’ toes, I finally got in front of the chair I wanted.

“This seat is taken.” I searched around me to find the curt voice that spoke to me coldly. I saw the speaker seated beside me. Well, the seat I wanted to claim. Hey, don’t blame me. It’s a large lecture hall.

Plus, with the noise from a student chewing bubble gum or the identical twins chatting with each other about the next rated artiste, it’s safe to say my brain was fried because of everything that was happening around me. I was not ready to part with this seat as I saw the seats filling up quickly. Dang, I didn’t know that people loved school this much.

“I got here first. There’s also nobody’s name written on it, and no one is sitting here.” I asserted to this individual. I felt a little dumb because I don’t know why I am explaining myself to this stranger.

“Well, look who we have here. Keziah Adeyemi.” I recognized that distinct high-pitched soprano voice anytime, anywhere.

“Melanie Akanda.” I was so happy to see the smug smile fade after I called her a name that I am sure no one has called her in a long time. She wore a white cami top tucked in neatly on a short red checkered knife-pleated skirt. She looked more like a high school student than a college student. The only contrast in her fashion sense that suggested she wasn’t in high school was her diamond-stoned high-heeled boots that would have been confiscated if she had been in a proper school setting.

“Get away from my seat.” She swatted her fingers to shoo me, but I didn’t budge. I had almost nothing to lose since we weren’t friends anymore.

“Melanie, I got here first, so you can’t ask me to leave.” I placed my hand akimbo on my hips and stared at her in the eye to prove that she didn’t intimidate me.

Melanie’s eyebrows crinkled, and she wagged her right finger in my eye, “Are you out of your mind, Keziah?” Yes, I am out of my mind because normal people don’t confront people with connections. I didn't think I was okay with everything that had happened during my summer. Still, I did not want Melanie to win in this instant.

Melanie clucked her teeth, and a lazy pout formed on her face, “Do you realize who you are talking to? It’s me, Melanie, the queen of the school. Just because I gave you fame in the past doesn’t mean you are important,”

I rolled my eyes and hissed softly. At first, I was enjoying my tiff with Melanie, but I wanted to rest my tired, jiggly legs since I still had jetlag from my trip.

“Boo-boo, My dear ex-friend went on a long vacation, and she doesn’t realize that things have changed since she left.” Melanie turned to address the guy that I was arguing with earlier. The guy hunched his shoulders and stared at his phone, uninterested in the conversation. I couldn’t conceal the soft smile that broke from my face when it appeared like Melanie was talking to herself.

When Melanie noticed my reaction, she sat on my chair, placed a hand on the guy’s shoulder and trailed her fingers down his shoulder blade. He flinched a little but didn’t withdraw from her half-embrace; He did not look up from his phone either.

Melanie threw a braid over her shoulders and hissed loudly, “As I was saying, It makes me cringe that I have to use my beautiful mouth to utter that we used to know each other, but honey, scoot off before you make a fool of yourself.”

“Melanie, what’s your problem? I got here first.” I wanted to leave the seat for Melanie, but it was the perfect spot for the maths class- the middle. I would fall asleep if I sat at the back and was too shy to grab a seat at the front. Plus, Melanie liked poking at me at every situation, I won’t let her and her Robin win at this situation. I needed Mathematics to fulfil my dreams.

“Melanie, you-”

“Excuse me, young lady. Do you mind telling me and the class about the discussion you are holding over there that it is so important you can’t wait till the end of my class?” I was stunned for a while. His authoritative voice confirmed that he was the Mathematics Instructor. When did the teacher come in? Why was he targeting me even though I saw other students still talking? I struggled to find words to apologize.

“Are you talking to me?” I cringed immediately after I spoke. It didn’t help that the whole class burst into laughter. Also, I forgot I was talking, and my back was still turned to the professor.

“No, I was talking to the wall.” Gosh, I already know that I am going to hate the class. I turned to see a lanky man dressed in black suspenders that went around his blue long-sleeved shirt and held onto his grey gathered pants.

“I am sorry for disrupting your class, Teacher.” I bowed my head and held my hand to stop it from shaking.

“Professor.” The teacher touched the middle of the glasses and moved it to the bridge of his nose.

“Huh?” I snapped my head to look in the man’s direction.

“You shall address me as Professor because you are in grade 13. a.k.a pre-university,” He smoothed a big purple tie that hung loosely on his neck. This man was really correcting me in front of the class. I bit my tongue to refrain from retorting that he should mind his business.

“I will find a seat, Professor. Sorry once again.” I scanned the large lecture hall that was fully occupied now. Every student was silent now. I guess they weren’t expecting the professor to be this…direct. Plus, it feels good to know I am not the only one needing Mathematics.

“Welcome back, students; today is the first day of class. I do not tolerate lateness, I hate seeing cellphones, any kind of phones. Don’t mess with me, and I won’t mess with you… if I am in a good mood.” The professor went on and on about the rules. Can this man just stop ranting? I felt like my brain was melting as the day progressed; all I saw on the projector was a bunch of complicated numbers and a-

I felt a vibrating sensation tingling my legs. I hid my phone in my lap to check my phone notifications.

“Hey, Kez, do you wanna hang out at Andys’ for lunch? I hear they have a new menu.” I got a text from Amani.

“Sure thing, babes.” I loved Andys’ with all my heart. It was the lounge where all the students hung out after school. The place was divided into two sections: the VIP and the VVIP. The VIP section was for high school students, while the VVIP section was for grade 13 and post-secondary students.

“Keziah Adeyemi, why don’t you come to the front of the class and start the debate on how your cell phone is more important than my mathematics class.”

I flinched when the teacher… no… professor called me out. I blurted out the first thing I could think, “You know my name?” The whole class burst into laughter.

“Oh, you have nothing to say? Then, get out of my class, young lady,” the professor quipped like it was the most natural thing to do. I was too ashamed to plead. How on earth did I mess up my first day at school? I dumped my phone in my bag and silently walked out of the class, dragging my feet slowly to see if the teacher would call me back.

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