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Junior Year V

Junior Year Chapter 5: Awkward Hunger

By Emily BinkleyPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Junior Year V
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Chapter 5: Awkward Hunger

Mrs.Anderson finally got into her car. “Can we still get something to eat”, Shy asked as her mom was putting on her seatbelt.

“Yes”, Mrs. Anderson replied with a eye roll as Mia laughed, while shaking her head.

-What so funny Mia?

-You Shy,girl you crazy.

“Man leave me alone “, Shy said while smacking her lips.

“You didn’t even let her get in the car good enough”, Andy whisper .

-What you say?!


“Girl who you be talking too ? While you always be talking to yourself?” Asked Mrs.Anderson.

“ I wasn’t even talking to myself”, Andy said in her high squeaky voice.

-Well okay you said something.

Once they pulled into King Jacks, Mrs.Anderson park the car in front of the bushes on the back row of parking spaces.

-You ain’t going through the drive- thru

-No you see how long that line is. You can get out and go get it.

- Okay, what do y’all want?

“Give me a number 4, with no lettuce”, said Mrs. Anderson.

“I want chicken tenders,” said Andy.

-Uhhh you can get out with them, all three of y’all can go.

Mrs.Anderson gave some money to Mia, while the the three girls unbuckled their seatbelts.They walked into the restaurant and got in line.

As their was waiting Andy notice a group of girls from her elementary school.

-Haha. Ewe look it’s Andy.

-She look like a ugly duck.

-Haha. Boo, why you staring at us?

-See always staring at people,that’s why nobody likes her.

“Well I wouldn’t be staring if y’all didn’t say my name,”Andy said to herself in her head. She then rolled her eyes and turned around.

-You better stop rolling your eyes before they get stuck.

“Hey don’t be rolling your eyes at my daughter “, a lady said with a nose ring and about ten arms tattoos. Andy just shook her head yes, and remain looking at the backs of her sister and cousin.

“Next”, said Trevor.

“Oh, you work here?!”Shy asked.

-Yes.What can I get you all today?

-Can I have a number 4 with no lettuce and a number 13 with barbecue sauce.

-And what would you like for the drink on both?

-A strawberry soda and a orange soda.

-I will like your kids meal chicken tenders with barbecue sauce.

-Would you like the four or six pice?

-umm 4. With apple juice.

“And a number 12 with no onions, with a sweet tea for you , right Mia.” Trevor said with a smirk.

Mia just shook her her yes, while not really looking at him.

“You okay Mia?” He asked.

She shook her head yes a ran to the bathroom.

-Okay, your total will be twenty-three, fifty seven.

“Okay, a dollar and forty three is your change,” Trevor said while giving the receipt to Shy.

Shy took Andy, and went to go sit down.

“Where did Mia go?”ask Andy.

-To the bathroom!

-Uhhh, she must really had to pe.

“Ya okay”, Shy said while looking at her phone.

-What are you doing on your phone Shy?


-Can I see?


Andy went behind her sister chair to look at her phone.

-Ah. Who’s he?

-No one , go sit down!

“He looks like Mr.Wartrat”, Andy said as she went back to her sit.

Mia finally came back from the restroom and sat with her cousin.

-If we went to the drive through we would had been at home by now.

Mia just shook her head yes and just put her head down on the table.

“Are you okay Mia”, Andy asked her sick cousin.

-Yes,I just have a headache and feel nauseous.

-Me too.

-Andy, Your head hurts and you feel nauseous too?haha.

- Not the nauseous part but I do have a headache.Only because I didn’t eat my lunch.

-Y’all don’t eat enough.

-Who is y’all!

-You and your sister.

“Well you eat too much”, said Andy in reply to her cousin comment.

“Andy that’s mean!”, Shouthed both Mia and Shy.

-I’m telling mama.

-No don’t tell mama I was just kidding, I’m sorry Mia.

-Wait ! I have a ideal what to write about for my poem.

-What are you going to write about Shy?

-I’m going to compare life to a car crash.

-Okay you should put it in your phone before you forget it.

-Okay, thanks for your help Mia.

“Order three-fifteen “, yelled Trevor as he was setting a tray of drinks on the counter top.

“That’s us !” Shy said as she got up from the table.

-Do y’all want ketchup?

-Yes and can we have barbecue sauce

-Thank you.Have a nice day.

“Hey Mia, I’ll call you later tonight”, said her boyfriend Trevor.

As they was walking back to the car, Mrs.Anderson looked back at them and whispered to herself.

“Man I hope that girl ain’t pregnant “, she said while shaking her head.

As they were putting on the seatbelt, Andy decided to tell her mama about the incident that happened between her and her school friend.

- Mama they were laughing at me and making fun of me;so I just rolled my eyes at them.Then there mama was all like: ‘Don’t be rolling your eyes at my child’.

-So what did they say about you?

- They was all like: ‘Eww it’s Andy’ and they were laughing at me.They also made fun of me starring.

- Well don’t stare at them next time,then they won’t make fun of you.

“Okay,” Andy replied with a sigh.


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