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Junior Year IV

Chapter IV: The Accident

By Emily BinkleyPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

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Chapter 4:The Accident

As they pull out of the school into the street, Ms.Bennett yelled at her misbehaving child Ashland.

-Now Ashland, I’m not about to play with you this year. You know I’m going through a lot dealing with this divorce.

-But that have nothing to do with me.Yall was the ones who decided to get a divorce.

“Girl don’t get smart with me”, Ms.Bennett said as she reached her arm back to hit Ashland on the leg.

“Ouch”, Ashland cried.

-I didn’t even do anything.

-Shut up! When you get home you're getting a whooping.

-But I wasn’t even the only one talking loud. Ugh!Man he get on my nerves.

“Who get on your nerves?!” Ms. Bennett asked as she hit her child on her leg again.

Screech, boom , the car went as she hit the back of a red car with four girls in it . Both cars pulled to the side of the road.

“Girls you alright”,asked Mrs.Anderson.

“Ugh, yes I think so”, replied Andy.

“Yeah”, said Shy.

Mia just stared at the empty space in the road.Eventually her eyes met with little glass pieces on the side of the road, leftover from another accident. She then went into deep thought.

-I hate you !

-Well your dumb ass shouldn’t had married me then!

-You always fucking complaining!

-Can you two stop fighting please.

Beep,Honk,Screech,Boom! A three wheeler truck hit a red pickup truck killing two out of three people in it about a year ago.



“I’ll been calling you.Are you okay sweetheart”, asked Mia aunt . Mia just shook her head yes,as she was trying to hold in her tears.

“We will talk about it later tonight ,Mia”, Mrs Anderson told Mia, as she saw tears drops on her nieces face.

“Okay”, Mrs.Anderson said as she got out of the car looking at Mia.

“Mia are you okay”,asked Shy.

“I don’t know,I just miss my parents”, Mia sobbed.

Shy then stick half of her body in the front of the car to console her.

-It’s okay Mia, just take deep breaths.

Andy just sat in the back biting her nails nervously.

Shy looked up in the rearview mirror and saw Andy biting her thumb nail.

“Look at Andy.”Shy laugh to Mia.

“Haha, why you sucking your thumb”, Mia asked Andy while laughing at her.

“Girl you are too old for that”, added Shy.

“I wasn’t sucking my thumb for your information. I was just biting my nail.” Andy said with a attitude as she rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

-Haha, I’m telling mama that you were sucking your thumb when she get back in here.

Mrs.Bennett finally got out of truck and approaches Mrs.Anderson who was waiting outside already.

-Ma’am I am so sorry for hitting your car. I was too busy dealing with that misbehaved child back there.

-I wasn’t misbehaving!

-Shut up ! You’re getting a whooping when you get home!

-Hey do you have insurance?

-Yes ma’am I sure do. It’s a shame how people drive with no insurance and license theses days.

-It sure is.

-There go the cop.

-Hey ya I saw y’all crash as I was in the middle of giving someone a speeding ticket . I call for backup but there never came, I’m sorry about that.

-It’s fine everyone is okay.

-So what happened?

-Well I hit the back of her car by accident.

-Can I see y’all license?

-okay everything check out y’all are good to go.

-Okay thank you sir And Mrs.Anderson I’ll bet you will be hearing from my insurance company real soon.

-Okay yes ma’am.Have a nice day

- You too bye.


🌟Thanks for reading my first novel so far. Come back next week for chapter 5.

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