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Join the Space Force they said….it will be fun they said….

by Brian Pehrson 12 months ago in Sci Fi
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Adventures in Space Force

Join the Space Force they said….it will be fun they said…. the training is unparalleled and the opportunities are never ending they said. Lies…. all lies is what Sal was thinking as he piloted the Emergency Escape Vehicle from the exploding ship. “stupid freaking officers…. they should have listened to me, but noooo they knew better.” He mumbled under his breath. “O MY GOD the ship is about to blow up! Hurry Sal! Why re you not flying faster!” yelled First Officer Roger, who used to be the second in command of the Space Force Ship Exploration. You see, the First Officer and Captain should have listened to Sal…they never would have been in this situation. If only they raised their shields.

Sal did quickly glance at the control panel to make sure his speed and trajectory were ok. All within safe limits according to Space Force Regulation 478.15d. Course Sal new that regulation was written by some Officer who probably never piloted the M-463 Emergency Escape Vehicle. SO, Sal did what any good pilot would do, he reminded First Officer Roger that Space Force Regulation 478.15d stated that he must remain within certain speed parameters while conducting a reentry into a planets atmosphere or the ship may burn up upon entry. Of course, Sal did this with the most passive aggressive tone possible in the situation. To top it off he remained calm as three-legged Rock Giant he played a game of poker against a few days back. Where was that guy anyway?

As the ship was entering, the atmosphere Sal heard more terrified screams from the few remaining survivors on his ship. Something about a large piece of the Exploration off to their starboard side. This piece of the ship was huge and headed straight for them! If that piece connected with them it would mean certain death and well Sal would not have to listen to these Officers complaining anymore at least. That was a good thing. Right?

Ok maybe not good.

Sal performed an emergency roll maneuver followed by an immediate pullup of the nose of the craft to add more drag and slow their decent. This, again, created an outcry of panic and terror from his passengers in the back. It was like they never been in an Emergency Escape Vehicle while their ship was falling apart into a foreign planet’s atmosphere. Rookies. The smile on Sal’s face grew larger and larger as he heard the Officers in the back scream and some even started crying.

As the large chunk of the USS Exploration passed them Sal accelerated to keep pace with it in the atmosphere about a mile to its port side for safety. First Officer Roger started again to yell at Sal saying “Master Piolet Sal! You have no clue what you are doing! You are putting the remaining crew in immediate danger by flying so close to the debris. You have ignored all my commands I gave you and I am taking over.” Admittedly this was the first time Sal really paid any attention to what the First Officer was saying. He took a moment, breathed in deep, turned to the automatic controlled decent program and activated it then unbuckled his harness. It was time to set things straight.

Sal quickly stood up and was mere inches away from First officer Roger nose. Well, what would be his nose if he was a human at least. “You think you can do better? Where is the ship you where second in command of? Where is most of the crew? Why in the hell did you not raise any shields when the Korvacian battle ship appeared in the system with us?”

“I uhh…I was following protocol.”

“O Shut it! All you Officers are the same, I was following protocol, I was making a good command decision for the betterment of the ship.” Sal said in a mocking voice. “Guess what Rogers! Your ship is destroyed to out starboard. This is my ship! So put your fourth point of contact in that seat and shut your pie hole!” Rogers was stunned someone spoke to him like that. His face drained of confidence and he sat down. The rest of the crew on board heard all this and quickly stopped their screaming and crying. Sal sat back down. Took control of the ship and announced to everyone. As Sal was about to make an announcement the three-legged rock giant bounced off the front of the Emergency Escape Vehicle. Huh…. there is he.

“Welcome to my FOURTH time being stranded on a planet some 150 lightyears from Earth after some Officer made a bad choice. I am landing us a half mile away from the remains of the Exploration. When we land, we need to take inventory of everything, set up communications and a small party will head to the wreckage to find anything we can use and bury our dead. Follow me and you will get through this. Follow Rogers and well…see how that did you.”

No one had any idea what to say or do so their Space Force training kicked in and they all said “Always Above!” The Space Force motto. Even Rogers said it. Sal knew they were going to be ok. This was his fourth time being stranded after all. Just as long as those Korvacian’s did not follow them.

Just as they landed Sal saw the telltale flash in the sky of the remains of the USS Exploration being destroyed and the hyperspace portal opening for the Korvacian ship to leave. Time yet again For Master Pilot Sal to lead Officers to safety. They should make a regulation about his career he thought. Might save some lives. You see these officers may have education but they have little to no real experience. When the Escape Vehicle landed and inventory was done. Sal broke the remaining crew into teams to complete the tasks he knew where important. Once that was done Sal told them his favorite historical quote for motivation. “remember, we are here to chew bubble gum and get off this planet. And we’re all out of bubble gum.” The crew looked around confused and walked away muttering something about the ship idiot being in charge. Sal loved messing with people. It allowed him to not be put in any real positions of authority. Sal just liked to be Sal. Just not stranded on planets after the ship he was assigned to exploded…. again.

Sci Fi

About the author

Brian Pehrson

I am a 38 year old retired Army Military Police Officer. I am married to my absolute best friend and the most amazing, supportive and intelligent woman I know. We have three children and currently live in Virginia.

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