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In a Pickle

Creating Pickle Paradise

By Jessica C.Published 2 years ago 6 min read

Trinity and Tamara sauntered into the cafeteria, ready to take on the world and invigorated. It was early, but the duo didn't seem to realize it. Granted, they were typically brimming with energy, so it wasn't that surprising if Serena thought about it.

Tamara stopped Serena, pulling her in close as if to divulge a secret. "I adore pickles," she revealed in a faux whisper.

Trinity immediately chimed in with her agreement, vigorously nodding her. "They're the best!" she declared.

The sisters were passionate about their love of pickles. They were pickle fanatics, demanding that the school be filled with pickles. The pair argued that without pickles, the school was incomplete. Without pickles, they insisted, the school was not worth being called a school. Without pickles, the school might as well not exist. The school ought to be overflowing with pickles because nothing less would ever be enough.

"I'm not sure how your principal would appreciate an onslaught of pickles," Serena remarked, trying not to disempower their enthusiasm while helping the pair recognize others may not share their ideals. "It's bound to be a mess if the school were completely filled with pickles, and your principal would not been keen on the potential safety hazards it would create."

Trinity and Tamara decided they would hire a lawyer to confront the principal and ensure their demands were met. Acquiring a lawyer would force the principal's hand, ensuring she complied with the pickle-loving wishes. Plan of action decided, they set out to make their fantasy a reality.

Tamara picked up the phone and proceeded to "call" their "lawyer," laying out all their demands. Failure was not an option, and they were prepared to do whatever it took. She vowed to flood the school with pickles, their conviction lighting a powerful fire in her eyes.

Twirling a finger in her hair, she "listened" to the lawyer's advice as Trinity grinned from ear to ear. The pair of sisters were ecstatic by the prospect, and Serena watched as their plan continued to grow. They really are going all out for this, pretending to call a lawyer and everything, Serena mused, impressed with the accurate attention to detail in their pretend play.

Their pickle utopia kept growing. It started off with 2,000 jars of pickles, grew to 3,000 jars of pickles, expanded to 500,000 jars of pickles, and ended with infinity jars of pickles. The lawyer then "agreed" to the terms, which only served to fuel the sisters' passions even further. They were on a mission, and nothing would stop them from executing it. It was now or never, and they would create their dream school.

With their lawyer’s backing, Tamara then "called" the principal to inform her of the upcoming school remodels. She eagerly revealed how the school would become a pickle paradise.

Upon hearing the sisters' demands, the principal was shocked and dismayed. She declined to give in to the terms, but the duo refused to be deterred. They were determined and confident their plan would be executed without a hitch. Despite the principal trying to shut down their pickle aspirations, Tamara revealed that they already had a lawyer fulfilling their wishes. Despite all her efforts, the principal was powerless to stop the sisters and, ultimately, defeated.

Elated by their victory, Trinity and Tamara cheered and celebrated. They daydreamed about how awesome it would be once the school was finally filled with pickles. It would change everything.

They recognized that there needed to be upgrades to the school building in order to optimize their new pickle environment. Having pickle jars line the hallways and classrooms would be a great start, but it wasn't nearly enough. It couldn't even come close to fulfilling their pickle passion, and they wanted to be completely immersed in what they loved. The sisters shared a look and announced that they needed a new pool.

This pool would be no ordinary pool. Oh, no, while the school lacked a pool, they declared it would be a massive pool full of pickle juice and pickles so they could swim amongst their favorite snack. It would be fully equipped with a twisty slide for creating a big splash. They were determined to enjoy pickles in every conceivable way. It wouldn't stop there, either; the possibilities were endless.

Mountains of pickles would line the cafeteria for all students to enjoy. This would ensure all-you-can-eat pickles for everyone. Trinity insisted there could never be enough pickles. Nothing would be safe from the remodels, and the sisters were eager to share their ambitious plans.

The school hallways would be forever altered, freely flowing with pickle juice. Serena mused that they would end up resembling the canals of Venice. It would be quite the sight to behold. Streams of pickle juice would carry giant pickle boats throughout the school, gliding effortlessly throughout the building. The duo assured that it would be the most exciting thing ever to happen to the school, leaving the students in awe.

These would be no ordinary boats, though, as Serena soon found out. Tamara giggled, disclosing that the boats were sentient and could talk. Serena was unsure how to take this, as she found it rather unsettling. The sisters assured her that it would be the best thing ever.

Glee glistening in her eyes, Tamara whispered mischievously, "If the pickle boats pass by the passenger's crush, they will tell the crush you like them." She burst out into laughter before continuing, "If it's a guy, the pickle would say, 'Hey, this girl likes you.' If it's a girl, the pickle would say, 'Hey, this guy likes you.'"

Tamara's cackles filled the cafeteria as tears of mirth filled her eyes. She found the image to be the most hilarious thing ever and enthusiastically insisted it needed to happen. Trinity seemed rather neutral on this point, but she wasn't going to argue if it meant that the school would soon be full of pickles.

There would even be pickle fountains in all common areas and lobbies. Tamara proclaimed that this would help create a new pickle aesthetic and allow everyone to truly immerse themselves in what they loved.

They proclaimed the plan to be brilliant and foolproof. Serena was less sure, but she was willing to go along with their musings and see where their creativity took them. If nothing else, Trinity and Tamara had vivid imaginations.

The sister pair couldn't wait to get started. They were brimming with excitement, eager for the day their dream would become reality. Their school would never be the same again, and they couldn't wait to see it happen. They were going to make history.


About the Creator

Jessica C.

I've always enjoyed creating, whether it be art or stories. I've enjoyed creating art from a young age and have worked in a variety of schools. I adore anime & cats. Over the summer we adopted baby Tsuki/Tsukihime, my moon princess kitten.

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