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Improbable Paradise

fiction story about an unlikely pair that meets on a tropical island.

By Saravanakumar ThangarajPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The Angel

This is true based storie,

One of the beautiful Morning, he is wake up and see the wonderful sky and sunrise, and her pet karlo also wake up with him. And he is make a Coffee and move gently on the sand in beach, yes your thinking right. That is the Beautiful Island beach . And that the hero name is Shravan. Okay lets go…

As usual One day Shravan and his friend pet karlo walking through the beach ,he is saw the one mysterious glittering green reflected stone in front of the rock, he is so excited and he is went and looked, the surprised to see this.

That’s not a Rock, that is the Big Treasure box look like Awesome. He is try to open it but Can’t do it, because the box is locked . then he is took the box his hut. And karlo play with it,

few days ago Shravan go and hunt some fish, then return his hut and see the box , he is got shock The shock is that box is Open and nothing inside of box. He is so confused , who is open the box , he have no idea who is open it. And go and ask him pet karlo , hey karlo who is open this box, karlo make some sound like I don’t know , I’m also come with so how I know this.

Shravan Confused and move out the hut through the beach , he is hear some Beautiful Flute sounds through the air, he was Mesmerized the flute sound, gentle and so Pleasant flute sound, he is move on the flute sound direction .

Suddenly he is stop moving , and see the Beautiful girl and her hair wave on the Beach air, and he is went near to her. Ask to her “Hi, I’m shravan, May I know Who are You” And she Looked Back, he is Completely forget about him, Because she is Very beautiful and Glorious Faces, Her Eyes shines brighter that sun shines, Her lips its looked like strawberry, her chins perfect marshmallow, totally she is Nature Wonder,

Shravn Came out of his stupor, and asked to her where you coming from! How did you came here, tell me I will help you. But she is not answering shravn questions . On the contrary she is go again play her flutes.

Shravan move to her hut and think about her and the Mysterious box also. He opened the box and Search again any items is there the box , but he is thinking right , he is find some old precocious leaf notes .and shravan Started reading it, They mention her in that Notes ,

That is What it is she is angel who lives in heaven, and she is that because of the curse locked inside of the box and through it in deep sea. And abandonments is one day one boy is find this box and he is help to her came again the heaven. That the boy is Shravan.

Shravan Was Surprised because she is a Angel of Heaven, And Shravan See her eyes and it’s make shravan heart feeling about love. Yes he is love at first sight, but she is an angel, Shravan heart struggle with their owing mind. He is ran to see her , she is sitting at the same place .

I’m sorry , Her Name is Misiri Flora. Shravan ran and see her and call Misiri. She is Looked Back. And shravan told her I know who you are, Please Come to my hut I will help you. He is Earn her Trust, she is say to shravan Thank you. And Both went to That hut. And He is Asked to her how can I help you?

She said I want a boat to go to my House , can you arrange it? And shravan Yes I can. Wait for me I will make a beautiful boat for you. She is so happy and she is say to him What wish you want for that help. And shravan Smiled and left here.

Shravan cut and collect some tree particles and Make a Beautiful Boat with in a Days. The angel misiri flora come and ask again What you want tell me , I can do anything for you this world,

But shravan asked to her , I want to live with you , He said he wants you to be with me till I die,

That angel saw his good heart and agreed to stay with him, Shravan So happy. And Every day in his life became like a Beautiful paradise.

Love is Make a Heaven in this World.

It’s just a my dream Story……………………….

The End……

Thank You !!!!

Saravanakumar Thangaraj....................

Young AdultSeriesLoveFantasyfamilyAdventure

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  • Pryor Da costa2 months ago

    Great story!! I post similar stuff and fiction stories like this one, you should check it out!! Have a good day!

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