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I am a street light

by MerleVillalobos 4 months ago in Fable
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When I woke up, I sneezed and was ready to get up. At that moment, however

I am a street light
Photo by Fawazlul Rizqi on Unsplash

When I woke up, I sneezed and was ready to get up. At that moment, however, I found myself unable to move and was so anxious that I wanted to call my mother, but I couldn't make a sound ...... what was going on? I hastily opened my eyes and found myself standing straight by the road, with this coming and going of pedestrians in front of me, next to neatly trimmed flowers and plants ...... Huh, how come I am here? When I looked down, I was surprised to find my body was a long, thin, long iron rod, also plated with a layer of black paint, with a light bulb overhead. Oh! I came to my senses, so I turned into a street lamp. I struggled in a panic, but in vain, I had to comfort myself: perhaps this is the arrangement of God so that I can experience the feeling of being a street lamp.

This morning, a young man with his head down playing with his cell phone accidentally bumped into my hard body, and he immediately lifted his head and touched the painful head. He also apologized to me repeatedly: "Oh, sorry! I'm sorry! ......" Ugh! Nowadays, young people are poisoned by cell phones, the typical "low-headed people" ......

Oh, at this time, another drunken man came to me, the spray is alcoholic mouth net nonsense, he put his wobbly body against my body. "Vomit ...... you're smelling me! You get up, I don't want to carry your weight!" But he couldn't hear me. I hurriedly sent a message to the street light, hurry up and turn green. The light finally turned green, and the man leaning on me was staggering across the street again, so I was worried for him! Alas, men, men, do not drink so much wine! Hundreds of harmless, the world is not "a drunken solution to a thousand sorrows", will only worry more sorrow! Men ah have to bear!

In the blink of an eye, it's afternoon again, and the time for school has arrived, the students are lined up in a neat line, chattering like birds out of the cage happily from the school gate. At that moment, a little girl with two crooks came up behind me, and the red light was on across the street, so she stopped by my side and waited patiently for the light to turn green. While waiting, she raised her hand and stretched out the tender and long fingers gently tapping my hollow body, as the fingers rise and fall my body issued a beautiful melody, hey! So my voice is also so good ah! The little girl also seems to be intoxicated, she tapped and hummed a little tune at the same time. The sweet music drew the wind to accompany her, the grass and flowers also danced for her, and the birds also came to harmonize for her ...... is we are immersed in the joy, suddenly, floating childish voice: "Little Fang, so you are here ah! The green light is on and you're not leaving yet, look at you, you're a 'piano fan', you can play anywhere, you're going to be late for piano class! Our piano teacher will be anxious." The girl's hand was taken and she left, and the crocheted braid was flung around, full of energy. Oh, it turned out to be a pair of students who went to piano class together after school! Tsk ...... are hardworking kids! Praise them! And think about myself, homework procrastination, teachers, parents, subject representatives for my homework also changed the name "rush", alas! It's a shame to think about it!

Gradually the sky is getting darker and darker, and my head is getting brighter and brighter with the sky. People always need me and my compatriots at night, because we will light up a path to their homes. The night is getting deeper and deeper, those stray cats and dogs and so on came over, one, two, three ...... they all crowded around me and lay down as if this is their warm home. Gradually they all fell asleep, I used the warm light to gently cover them with a layer of quilts. Don't worry, I will keep watch over you until dawn ......


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