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Gravity Pulled Me Apart

Lila and Bran

By Praveen PkPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Gravity Pulled Me Apart
Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

The leaf, born of the same tree, finds its heart entwined with the branches above it, sharing a bond that transcends mere proximity.

Each morning, the leaf stretches its veins towards the light, yearning for the warmth that the branches generously offer.

In the gentle breeze, they sway together, a symphony of rustling whispers that speak of secrets shared and dreams woven.

The leaf finds solace in the sturdy arms of the branches, finding strength in their unwavering support. As the seasons change, so too does their love.

In springtime, the leaf blossoms with newfound vitality, unfurling its tender form in celebration of the awakening world. The branches, ever nurturing, cradle the leaf in their embrace, showering it with the sustenance it needs to thrive. In summer, the leaf basks in the warmth of the branches, reveling in the joy of being so close to the source of life itself.

As the days grow shorter and the air grows chill, the leaf feels a pang of sorrow deep within its veins. As the first frost kisses the earth, the leaf clings to the branches with all its might, knowing that soon it must let go. As it drifts gently to the ground below, the leaf whispers a silent promise to the branches above: though they may be separated by distance, their love will endure.

In the depths of winter, the memory of their love will burn bright, a beacon of hope in the darkness. When spring returns, the leaf will rise again, ready to dance in the arms of the branches it holds so dear.

In a vast forest, a love story unfolded between a leaf named Lila and a sturdy branch named Bran. Lila, a delicate creation of nature, emerged from a tiny bud in spring, and Bran, who had been patiently waiting for this moment, was drawn to her beauty. As days turned into weeks, Lila and Bran grew closer, sharing whispered conversations about their dreams and desires.

As the seasons changed, their bond faced its first trial as the leaves around them began to wither and fall, casting a shadow of doubt over their future. Lila feared that she would soon be swept away by the wind, leaving Bran behind. Despite her fears, Bran remained steadfast, refusing to let go of their bond.

Winter descended upon the forest, enveloping it in a blanket of frost and snow. Lila and Bran found solace in their shared warmth, whispering words of love and hope.

However, as the first hints of spring began to stir, Lila felt her strength waning and her fragile form crumbling beneath the weight of time. With a soft sigh, she whispered her final farewell to Bran, knowing that their love would endure long after she was gone.

For days, Bran stood vigil over Lila's fallen form, his branches a silent tribute to the love they had shared. Though he knew that she was gone, he could still feel her presence lingering in the air, reminding him of the beauty they had known together.

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