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The Midnight Halt

By Artist of procedurePublished 3 years ago 6 min read
Photo by Brandable Box on Unsplash

I'm sitting there wondering to myself how did I get into this mess. I'm the only one working at two in the morning at a pie shop.


I said this out loud I am used to saying my thoughts in my head, conversating feels like a script to read off the same old same old. I stare at my station the whole kitchen glistening clean and neat just how I like it. I look to my left to see the big brown box of shipment of pie filling. That's right got to make the latest pies Glazed Donut Dump. We dump the donut crumbs in the pie to replace the fruit, smart choice it's bad enough these pies are addicting no need to go into a sugar coma. There is a thing as too sweet ladies and gentlemen just ask me and the holes in my teeth. As I go over to take the box the square sliding across the smooth silver surface the smell in my nose tickling trying to pull me forward to the box I tell myself in a firm commanding voice

" No way I'm letting myself get done in by smell. I drink smoothies! I am healthy."

Finally collecting all the sense I needed I noticed it didn't have the companies logo or even a opening with tape over it. Uhm it was strange just a perfect square all connected together. Welp this calls for my handy dandy pocket knife. Pulling out my old friend still rusted from the carelessness from youth it makes me feel guilty you truly don't know how to appreciate something till you know how to care for it.

"One more stab best bud."

I jam my knife deep into the box I felt a puncture but felt no mark pulling out the blade didn't see one either. Man, it's that dull alright new knife time. Where is this opening, I keep looking at every side flipping it like I'm putting in a lottery ticket waiting to hit the jackpot.

"Time to call my boss on this one not a single opening."

I move out of the kitchen to the dining area I see the ancient historic mark payphone. I see the clock as well showing twelve sharp. They need to update the technology here. Crazy enough the boss got a degree in engineering got the payphone to work again and everything was like a mad scientist. I call him hearing the gruffed voice.

"Hey, boss boss. I need to know how to unlock this mystery box with the uhhh donut dump."

"....Bud you're not suppose to do that in the next two hours clean your station one step at a time like I taught you."

I was confused and irritated like I was once again given a thousand tasks because I'm the yes man of the job willing to do my minimum wage to the fullest. So I did what I always do calmly answer anyways.

"I thought you wanted me to do it at two what about labeling all the products and making sauces? It's gonna pile one me by the time I get out by six. Please spare me, sir."

"I don't have time for this I appreciate the charm kid but check the the time again it's twelve if you somehow miraculously finished less than a nanosecond find more work. Don't call back unless it's serious I'm asleep have a goodnight." *Click*

"Well, that was quite pleasant for my boss he even complimented me."

I look back towards the box determined this time pounding my fist together. I ran back to the box through the shiny jungle gym of silverware and tables I slammed my knuckles into the box punching over and over it felt like I was punching water the box had no damage still. I grabbed as hard as I could a solid attempt to rip a chunk out to finally get the gooey goodness not so solid end result as my fingers slipped through somehow. I just stared at it in amazement. Well done well done box, I felt a buzz in my pocket knowing it was my phone I was looking to the ceiling hoping it was not another scam call because no one else would call at this time. I pulled out my phone I see a notification for my alarm set for nine P.M. Not A.M. but the sign for earlier this evening with the little side note get to work stupid to stop myself from continuing my many late arrivals to work.

"Ok so not only does my boss know how to tell time but I guess my phone loves messing with me. But seriously what's going on now the clock by the phone is saying nine too I can't be dreaming because this is when people wake up due to the sensation. Plus my phone updates automatically with the cost of hour-long system updates. Ok, let's take a walk real quick outside just take a breather. I casually walk outside forgetting to lock the door but being outside feeling the night air and wind feels amazing I can't replace nighttime for anything only benefit to working these graveyard hours. Feeling the moonlight shine upon me gives me a sense of adrenaline almost like I'm truly whole. Walking outside I noticed that it's still dark when there was just barely a sunset around that time gotta love summer. Ok time changes but not the scenery so since I study fiction stuff like crazy I would say I'm in a pocket dimension but the boss can still talk to me like I'm still in my reality. So pockets of time? Yes or no I'm claiming if this is real or if I can even get out I'm taking going crazy too easy who knows. So no customers as I look into the shop maybe it was slow but we get people trying to break the glass to get in right when we close at eleven so not likely. It seems the boss was aware of the time what about? I pick back up my phone calling the only person who would answer at this time.


"Hey, Dad."

"Oh hey for some reason I can't see your contact."

"Hey what time is it for you?"

"You have your own clock on your phone it's nine come down stairs for some food before you go"

"Thing is I'm already here at work"

"It's not serious to lie about where you are I hear you coming down the stairs right no-" *Click*

Ok I don't live with anyone except my father that's creepy it's like events still play out no matter where I'm at I definitely remember racing down the stairs for food. I'm two places at once am I existing outside of time? Nothing strange happened till I touched that box for two hours so that's my only option. Who knows what'll happen if I try to walk to down the street with all this time interruption I got on me. Gotta solve this conundrum to the box I GO.

I walk back in looking at the box the scent came with heat now I picked up sniffing and sniffing till I heard a faint crackle almost like it was baking. I couldn't hold the urge to lick the box waiting for the consequences to my dumb decision I tasted the cream of the donut. It's like it's the donut itself, the smell of the sweet bread feeling my stomach as it growled impatiently, a true dessert trap. It's like the universe was the oven and I was the timer.


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