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Gloomy Waters

High Tide

By Monet GrahamPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Gloomy Waters
Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

Time. For everyone it's different. Most take advantage living every second open to all possibilities, while others try to grasp on tight and never let go, only to find their attempts blundered. And years and years have passed without any real progress.

Blackforest, is a small fishing town located in Rhode Island. Where the name originates no one ever has a full explanation of the history. However, Blackforest is known for their fresh fish markets, alluring sceneries and friendly "towns folk".... That is until the last 5 or so years.

Five years ago, there was a family called the Ableton's that lived on the largest plot of land in Blackforest. The father George was a diplomat from Albania, and the Wife Elizabeth was a beautiful homemaker, who took joy in raising their 6 children; Abigail, Lorenzo, Stacy, Adam, Bridgit, and Clementine.

Looking from the outside, you would think this family had it all. They were always seen around town flying down the roads in their sports cars, luxury SUV's. They took weekly family trips to the local beach, Haze bay. They just seemed happy all the time, and always flourishing.

Life took a drastic course one Friday evening that would shake the Ableton's to their core, and they would never be the same.

It started with George Ableton, leaving for work as he typically did every day at 7:30am, he was seen spotted driving along his usual route by several neighbors.... Unexpectedly, he never made it to his destination.

This information was not initially discovered by the other family members. The children split off in their own directions, going to school, meeting a boyfriend for lunch, and Clementine who was 16 at the time, decided to skip school and spend the day with her mother instead, citing she had this weird feeling in her stomach.

It wasn't until later in the day that Elizabeth realized, her husband did not send his daily "I Love You" text. Startled, by her husbands quietness, she decided to phone in and see how the love of her life for over 25 years was doing. To her dismay, she was greeted by George's secretary Barbara, and the unsettling message that George never arrived to his office that morning.

With a flutter in her chest, and the dryness in her mouth she let out a blood chilling screech for Clementine to join her in the study. Once Clementine was caught up on the uncertainty of her father's whereabouts, she fell to the floor. She immediately ran up to her bedroom, grabbed her cell phone and started dialing her siblings. Confused and overwhelmed, Clementine ran back into her parent's study, to relay the information that she was able to alert her siblings of her father's disappearance, all except for Adam.

Once all the siblings, minus Adam and regrouped back at the Ableton's residence, they immediately started a search party. The initial thoughts of everyone was he MUST have been involved in a car accident. So they took the the nearby roads, and slowly drove up and down, back and forth hoping to catch a glimpse of their father or at the very least, his 2017 BMW.

To no avail, they were not able to locate any signs of their beloved father. Hours passed, and with no contact the Ableton's decided it was time to alert the police. Now that the police were involved, witness statements were taken, from every family member, well except for Adam. The police quickly caught on that everyone was accounted for except George and Adam. Elizabeth, thought she saw a look in one of the policemen's eyes but she told herself she was just overly emotional and was probably imagining it all.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth was right. As soon as the police stepped outside of the Ableton's house, they huddled together next to a squad car and immediately started passing around ideas of why Adam has not been found yet.

As the police were driving back to headquarters, they were stopped by a young disheveled man waving his arms back in forth standing in the middle of the road. Once the police, pulled off to the side of the road, the man ran to the window and yelled out he just saw a body floating in Haze Bay.

Shocked the police cars, immediately did a U-turn, and headed off to the infamous Haze Bay. Strolling in the hot sand, flashlights beaming on grit and the beach's waters after one and a half hours, they stumbled upon what appeared to be a jacket floating on top of the water. A police officer ran towards the jacket and immediately yelled out, "It's him!! OMG! It's George Ableton!!"

Shocked and horrified the ambulance and emergency back up was dispatched to the scene by the dumbfounded officers. Once the body had been retrieved and taken to the local hospital the body underwent a full autopsy and it was determined the cause of death of poor George Ableton was two gunshots in the chest. However, it was also noted that there were signs of possible strangulation attempt as well.

Once this information was learned, the Chief of Police, Brian White, gathered his men together and started a manhunt for Adam Ableton. The reasoning was, due to the extent someone went to make sure George Ableton was deceased means it was someone close to him, and had to be of a certain physique.

It took them 2 months, and in the end Adam Ableton was discovered hiding at a friends house in Massachusetts. For the reasoning, behind this senseless murder, the only response the police were able to get from Adam was his father had discovered his underground "drug operation" and was afraid his own father would rat him out. However, Adam would never answer the questions about what was used to attempt to strangle his father. The gun used in this senseless act was later recovered, at one of Adam's girlfriends houses who was also later convicted of a crime as an accessory to murder as she knew the whole time of what occurred.

A sad story, of a once beautiful family now split in half. Those who want nothing to do with Adam, and those who feel family is family no matter what.

" In life, choices are inevitable. Although they start small, as we age we are presented with monumental choices that have the power to shape the course of our everyday life." -


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Monet Graham

Full time mom. Entrepreneur. Spiritualist. Over thinker.

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