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By DEVASENAN SUBRAMANIPublished 8 months ago 5 min read

In episode 1 of the first season of Gen V, Marie Moreau was playing with her younger sister while her family was watching the news. She suddenly had an attack in her midsection and went to the bathroom. Her mom followed her to make sure she was okay, but Marie shut the door. She didn't know what a period was and was grossed out by the blood. A few minutes later, her mom pushed down the door and saw the blood suspending there. The blood rushed towards her and cut her throat, causing her to pass out and fall to the floor. Her dad came in and saw the blood, and Marie started screaming, causing a huge blood spill and killing her dad. Her sister showed up and saw both her parents on the floor, covered in blood.

At the beginning of the day, Marie wakes up in her spot of refuge, ready to check out the news that she's been accepted to Godolkin school. She goes through her usual routine, keeping everything under control until 4 p.m. At that point, she goes through her superhero work, showing her dominance over controlling blood. At 4 p.m., she sees a young girl with superpowers getting taken care of by trained professionals. Finally, she signs in to find out she's got into Godolkin school, and has a chat with Vanessa about the confirmation, but she's reluctant to let her go. At the end of the day, a business comes in and celebrates Godolkin school, saying they're going to turn tomorrow's kids into superheroes.

Emma is in her room and she's shrunk to a more modest size, so she's shooting a video for her YouTube channel. But when she walks into the room, she's shocked to see someone so much bigger than her. She goes back to her room and refreshes her pet, her YouTube channel, and everyone else in the room.

Emma takes her to see the top players in the tournament, and she shows her all the amazing stuff. Luke Riordan talks about his sweetheart Cate Dunlap and they start to make out on the track. Then Luke's biggest rival shows up and the fight starts. Marie tells her she's going to the field soon, but she gets distracted when she sees Luke ripping his opponent's arms off.

After the match, Marie takes a look at her schedule on her phone and realizes something's wrong.

She went to meet the teacher but ended up meeting Jordan instead, who told her she hadn't been chosen for Prologue. The two got into a fight before the teacher walked away. Horse tried to convince him, but the teacher also told her to keep up with her classes and keep up with her articulations. When she left, she saw a student running around with a bunch of cops looking for him. She figured out he was a meth addict, so she used her power to trip him. She heard the kid screaming that he wasn't coming back to the woods before the cops got him and took him away. The next day, Jordan showed Emma what happened, but Emma only remembered the electronic diversion she thought she had used up. She also asked Marie to make friends, but later Marie pulled out of the conversation when she realized she couldn't fit in with Emma. She and Emma talked about their experiences at Godolkin, and how they both had different goals.

Luke Riordan was talking about his bad dreams to his girlfriend, Cate, and they ended up kissing on the track. But then his biggest rival showed up and they had to fight. Marie was supposed to be in the field right away, but she got distracted when she saw Luke ripping her arms off. After the fight, Marie looked at Emma's schedule and noticed something was wrong. Luke and Edge got along and had a chat about when they first met. Edge showed Luke his new suit, which had a special hafnium-carbide mix in it to keep it from burning too hot. Luke was asked to take Mayva's old office and Starlight's, and he was asked to join the Seven. Then he heard a voice calling him.

At some point, Andre Anderson comes to see Marie and her cases from the night before, and he invites her to go out with his friends, including Luke. She says yes, but then excuses herself. He tells her to come to the Bad behavior battle party if she wants to change her attitude. Emma tries to talk her out of it and convinces her to go, and Marie gets some clothes from Emma and heads off to the party with Luke and Cate. Emma is resting at home and gets a text from Liam saying they're hanging out.

At the construction site, Jordan and the others are sitting on the patio while Marie looks off in the distance. Luke stops by to chat with her and get to know her better. He asks her how she knew about her abilities and she admits she was lying. She continues to teach him about her people, and he enlightens her about his family. He reveals the hidden side of her legend. Emma invites Liam over and gets ready to have sex. He asks her to get nothing to satisfy her kink, and she hesitates. She rushes to the bathroom to plan, regurgitate, and shrink.

The story follows Marie and her companions as they enter the club, utilizing Cate's abilities to deceive the bouncer. Meanwhile, Emma and Liam attempt a few unexpected tasks, and Liam's weaknesses become apparent. Luke, Andre, and Jordan discuss the seating system and Edge, attempting to portray the two or three days they spent there. Cate and Maria dance on the dance floor. Luke leaves the area, but Marie remains, having flashbacks to her mother's death. Andre rushes to speak with a young woman, stunning her. He then flips a coin and transforms it into a bird, and upon request, takes the bird to an old person's glass and drops it there. Unfortunately, he is moved by someone, which causes the bird to remain in the woman's vein, causing her to channel sumptuous blood. The club erupts in alarm, and Luke and the others leave the area.

The next morning, Free Thinker sends her to Come Close's office, and she looks great but ends up getting accused of slitting the woman's throat. She's more than aware that she's been eliminated, but the other kids won't be hurt since the school is protecting them. Marie stops by a construction site to think about it all and decides to go back to Come Close To's office and talk to him eventually. As she's leaving, she sees Jordan and has a temper tantrum, but she keeps going towards Edge's office anyway. When she leaves the design, Emma catches sight of her and takes offense. Luke hears someone yelling for him and opens the door to find him in the timberland, with Sam coming up and asking for help.

When Maria shows up, she sees Luke and Edge in a passionate embrace. Marie is shocked by what's happening, but she agrees to keep it quiet. Luke doesn't trust her and starts to follow her. Marie goes over to Jordan, who's trying to keep her safe and make sure Luke doesn't ruin his reputation. Luke thinks that Jordan is part of Nervous's plan too, so they get into a fight. Luke pulls Jordan down and tries to follow Marie out into the yard, where other students can spot him. Andre steps in and tries to help, and the two embrace. Luke gets upset and starts to fly up into the sky, where he explodes and leaves blood and tissue all over the place.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 8 months ago

    Great job! Well worked out! Good work!

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